Devon Responds to the Drama

Devon made another blog post about all the drama around her last post.  I don’t know if this newest blog post from Devon is in direct response to the letter from Shane’s  World or the overall nasty comments coming her way from her original post.


Devon blogs Telling the truth, really seems 2 have caused a stirr…& honestly the reason ive distanced myself from the whole porno scene, is BECAUSE of the incodences that occored on that unimaginably awfull trip 2 mexico, nearly 2 years ago…come on…would that not make sense……thats all i have 2 say on this subject rt now. Except, Thank u, 2 all friends, n fans who have sent me many messages of luv, & support! Thank u. xoxo, Dev.

In the mean time, thanks to a cute little birdie, I came across another interesting rape related story regarding Shane’s World over at PornNewz. Count just how many times the word “rape” is used in this one very short story.

From PornNewz Post -Girlfriends Films has hired industry veteran Megan Stokes as the new VP of New Project Development. I heard the “new project” is a weapons-grade plutonium factory in Northern Lithunia. But now that Megan has departed from Shane’s World, I feel safe to air our dirty laundry. Here it goes. On more than one occasion…Megan raped me. She wasn’t pleasant about it either, it was a love-less rape, almost like being in a Max Hardcore movie where I was playing the role of Catalina complete with speculums and she even had her own Yellow Couch of Doom. She was brutal and her rapes were meticulously planned out to humiliate me to the highest degree. Her rape-style was a combination of Max Hardcore and Khan Tusion mixed with Eli Roth and Celine Dion. And she kept me chained up in the basement of Shane’s World where I was forced to watch Disney movies and read catalogs about shoes. Megan also would randomly slap people at Shane’s World for no reason whatsoever, she’d just backhand ya right in the middle of a conversation. She had a penchant for going all “Jerry Springer” on us on more than one occasion. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull her and Valerie See apart as they argued over which one was going to rape me next. It was pure hell. So that being said…I’d like to wish Megan all the best in her future endeavors, which I’m sure will include raping Moose and TJ over at Girlfriends. Watch yer cornhole guys.

Shane’s World Responds to Devon

I got a letter today about the ongoing Devon story in which she claims while on a Shane’s World set of her movie Devon Does Baja she was raped by Jack Venice, who is now himself serving life in prison for an unrelated rape.

Shane’s World has read the false and unfortunate defamatory posting of Devon as relates to the alleged actions of Jack Venice. Shane’s World categorically denies the statements made by Devon, and intends to vigorously pursue all legal avenues to redress Devon’s improper and defamatory statements.

While it is not the custom or practice of Shane’s World to comment upon such matters, given the severity of the allegations Shane’s World is compelled to respond in this instance. First, at no time whatsoever did Devon ever report, state or even suggest that she was physically or sexually assaulted at any time by Mr. Venice. This is the first suggestion of such inappropriate conduct. One would think that Devon would have reported the matter to law enforcement, but she glaringly fails to make any mention of doing so. Shane’s World can only assume that Devon is attempting to malign Shane’s World’s reputation in retaliation for her own misgivings and decline in her career.

Shane’s World/Hush Hush Entertainment

Did Jack Venice Rape Devon?

You won’t believe this story. Well maybe you will. It wasn’t to long ago that we learned Shane’s World has control of Devon’s official website, won’t release it back to her and recently turned in into a tranny links list, presumably out of revenge. This was also about the same time that Casey Parker left Shane’s World and the other rumors about the company having serious problems were coming out. Since then nobody has really heard a word. That is, until now.



Devon blogs on her official myspace page — Wednesday, May 06, 2009 – YES, IT IS TRUE… Category: Life

For everyone who has asked over the last 2 years, YES, it is indeed TRUE, the rumors of what occored during the shooting of Devon does Baja, was by far the WORST experience imaginable….(take a look @ the track records of some of the performers they continue 2 promote…such as, convicted, imprisoned, sex offenders.)

The rumors were that i was raped, by jack venice, who is now serving life in prison 4 raping a collage girl, in i think, sandiego, n also that there was very severe physical, n verball abouse, all of wich is indeed true. even the owners of the company shanes world, new about it, yet did nothing….that would b y i never did another movie 4 shanes world. if u get a chance, check out their site, they r still promting jack venice, who has been convicted of rape, n is now serving a life sentance. will not be up 4 paroll 4 at least 10 years….so karma really is a bitch, cuz it came back around n got that piece of shit! xoxo, Devon.

You can find out more news about what is going on with Devon’s career at

Shane’s World makes it official about Casey Parker

Shane’s World releases Casey Parker from contract.

On January 13, 2009, 3 days after I told the world about hearing it in Vegas Shane’s world issues a short press release regarding the subject to say …

Shane’s World has released performer Casey Parker from her exclusive contract. After citing creative and artistic differences, Shane’s World CEO Andrew S. stated that the company “felt it was time to go in a new direction”.

We had a great run,” added Andrew S. We appreciate everything Casey did to promote the Shane’s World name and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

What the fuck is going on over at Shane’s world?

First we hear news that one of their long time VPs leaves Shane’s World for a job over at Girlfriend films. Next thing is we hear that Casey Parker left them. Next I notice something very strange and that was that they now control Devon’s official website and instead of developing it, they make into a links list for trannies, shemales and interracial porn.    That’s some fucked up shit man.  I don’t care how pissed you are at a former client, you don’t do shit like that.  It’s low brow and down right unprofessional.   What the fuck is wrong with people today?  Here is a screen capture of what they put up at her official website.


From what I was told this was done without her knowledge or permission.   Devon who is currently represented by Goldstar Modeling, took a short break at the end of last year (From August 2008 – Dec 2008), only to recently return to working just this month.  From what I have been able to gather, Devon turned over control of her domain name after she left Digital Playground.   The folks over at Shane’s World said if she did that they would develop a new official website for her and so she released control of the domain name for the sole purpose of them creating a new website for her. Despite many promises to do so, they never actually did.

Here is a screen capture of the whois record of ownership for the domain name.


Devon began working with a webmaster and graphics company on her own but something with that deal fell through.  We can only speculate as to what is going on over at Shane’s World but the rumor mill has it that Shane’s World isn’t doing well and by their recent unprofessional behavior with the handeling of Devon’s official website, who mind you only turned it over to them because they promised to develop it with her, we can see there just may be some truth behind these rumors of their imminent demise.

The Making of a Porn Star

Our good friends over at LIB have been discussing what is a porn STAR and the making of one.  Curiously enough I touched on this very subject last June with my porn star vs porn starlet post.  Anyway, the story over at LIB starts off by displaying a photo of the newest Vivid girl named Meggan Mallone with the headline listed below which sort of leads one to believe that the author of the post might not feel this new girl really all that hot.  This keep in mind however was one of the first ever “official” photos given out of the lovely new starlet.

THIS is Vivid’s new star Meggan Mallone?
or so says LIB

But quickly someone pointed out that not all girls were born stars, that some of them have to be made into something bigger than they are or may have been on their own. Case in point (or so the first case made in the LIB story) is Devon.  Devon first came onto the scene in 1998.  Since then she’s been under exclusive for Vivid, Digital Playground, Jill Kelly Productions and even Shane’s World.  Devon has probably held more contracts than any other starlet and every one seems to end badly.

Devon’s first movie was Country Comfort.  This was back when she was with Vivid.  She went on to star in major hits like Island Fever 2 with Tera Patrick and Stormy Daniels as well as Pirates with mega stars like Janine and Jesse Jane.  Long and short of it is, Devon became a porn star and 10 years later her name and face on a box cover still moves product.  That is after all what really defines a “star”, at least in this business.  But this spunky little blonde wasn’t always a star.  Before she was Devon the Porn Star she was a nobody from New Jersey.  Below is a picture of Devon I got from, before she became a porn star.


Devon’s still cute, not so bad but a far cry from the mega STAR she would become.  The photo below is what Devon looked like after become a porn star.    You can see by the two images that become a STAR isn’t just about throwing some hot girl in a few movies but it’s about giving her a total and complete makeover and throwing a whole hell of a lot of press her way.


In the end the newest flock of Vivid girls, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne will be no different than Devon was 10 years prior.  They take a hot girl and make her a star. That’s their job and by the looks of the photos above, some companies do a pretty damn good job at it.

Devon is not the only example of this porn star makeover.  Jenna Jameson is arguably the world’s most famous porn star and well she too had her humble beginnings.  Years ago there was a young, aspiring starlet who wanted to make it big.  She couldn’t wait to be a star and that little blonde was none other than Jenna Jameson.  Sure we all know what she looks like now but how about 10 years ago?

First we had Jenna Jameson Before She Was a Star

Jenna Jameson before she was a famous porn star

Then we had Jenna Jameson The Porn Star

Porn Star Jenna Jameson

And now today we have Jenna Jameson The Hollywood Celebrity

Porn Star Jenna Jameson

Casey Parker gives some sex advice to co-eds

Shane’s World contract star and “girl next door” Casey Parker has been tapped by CO-ED Magazine to be the magazine’s resident sex advice columnist.

“I am very excited to be able to help college students with any sex questions they might have. I remember when I was first discovering my sexuality, there was a lot of stuff I had questions about, but I was too shy to ask. Now, it feels great that I am going to be able to help someone else out.” Says Parker.

Robert, President of CO-ED Magazine was equally excited. “We featured Casey on the front cover of CO-ED Magazine and have always had a great relationship with her. We wanted to do something that was both fun and educational, but also very interactive. We figured, with Casey’s appeal and bubbly persona, she’s the perfect person to give advice to college kids, she gets it, she’s in college, she understands what these kids are going through and can relate to them.” Says Robert.

“I always say that our generation should be more open about their sexuality. Everybody has sex. We might as well talk about it, and improve ourselves so we can get the maximum pleasure out of the act, and please our partners as well.” Adds Parker.

To submit your own sex question go to and click “Sex-ed with Casey Parker.” Or just write her directly at:

To enjoy more of Casey Parker check out her official site:

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