Harsh fan reaction to Devon

After Devon made her post on MySpace, that I reported on yesterday she has since had some brutal fan reaction.


This one comment from a fan pretty much sums it up.

Either someone has taken over this myspace page again or you – DEVON – really are nuts. You put your fans through some big time crap with those allegations a few months ago. Then you said you would explain it all. Tha never happened. You just disappeared for months and months. Now here you are again with the same crap.

Is someone writing this for you?

Does this page belong to porn star Devon or is some idiot making this stuff and putting it on your page?

Did something really happen to you while on that Shane’s shoot or did you just not the like contract you signed and you decided to be a flake again…which you have done all your career?

Well Devon, are you ever going to really set things straight? Just come out and do it. Tell us if this is your page. Tell us this isn’t your page. Tell us the truth if there is a real story out there.

Because im tired of this and its hard being your fan with all this crap.

You know the sad truth is, there seems to be some strong sources out there to back up Devon’s story and like the lack of support she got from Shane’s world, she is now also getting no support from her own fans. Is this sort of a side effect of being a porn star? Are these girls just supposed to accept sexual abuse as well? I feel bad for Devon. I don’t know if any part of any story is true or not. Did Jack Vencie rape Devon? Fuck if I know. But what I do know is, Devon may be a famous porn star but she’s a human being too and she clearly needs someone in her corner and obviously that isn’t what she has. That’s kind of fucked up if you ask me.

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