Jack Venice still a rapist

As being reported on the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, former porn star and now ex-boyfriend of former Vivid girl Hanna Hilton, who is in jail for rape, filed and appeal and and lost. His rape conviction is upheld.

Breaking News – Reid’s rape conviction upheld
April 20, 2010, 10:46 am

The rape conviction of porn star Christopher Reid, also known as “Jack Venice,” was upheld today in the State of Washington Court of Appeals in Spokane.  Reid, 28, was convicted of second degree rape Oct. 24, 2008, after he broke into the Washington State University Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and sexually assaulted a sleeping 21-year-old woman.

Reid was accompanied by Kyle M. Schott during the rape and during a string a break-ins at WSU sororities in September 2007. Schott testified against Reid during Reid’s 2008 trial. Reid was sentenced to a minimum of nine years and a maximum of life imprisonment in 2008.

Shane’s World Responds to Devon

I got a letter today about the ongoing Devon story in which she claims while on a Shane’s World set of her movie Devon Does Baja she was raped by Jack Venice, who is now himself serving life in prison for an unrelated rape.

Shane’s World has read the false and unfortunate defamatory posting of Devon as relates to the alleged actions of Jack Venice. Shane’s World categorically denies the statements made by Devon, and intends to vigorously pursue all legal avenues to redress Devon’s improper and defamatory statements.

While it is not the custom or practice of Shane’s World to comment upon such matters, given the severity of the allegations Shane’s World is compelled to respond in this instance. First, at no time whatsoever did Devon ever report, state or even suggest that she was physically or sexually assaulted at any time by Mr. Venice. This is the first suggestion of such inappropriate conduct. One would think that Devon would have reported the matter to law enforcement, but she glaringly fails to make any mention of doing so. Shane’s World can only assume that Devon is attempting to malign Shane’s World’s reputation in retaliation for her own misgivings and decline in her career.

Shane’s World/Hush Hush Entertainment

Did Jack Venice Rape Devon?

You won’t believe this story. Well maybe you will. It wasn’t to long ago that we learned Shane’s World has control of Devon’s official website, won’t release it back to her and recently turned in into a tranny links list, presumably out of revenge. This was also about the same time that Casey Parker left Shane’s World and the other rumors about the company having serious problems were coming out. Since then nobody has really heard a word. That is, until now.



Devon blogs on her official myspace page — Wednesday, May 06, 2009 – YES, IT IS TRUE… Category: Life

For everyone who has asked over the last 2 years, YES, it is indeed TRUE, the rumors of what occored during the shooting of Devon does Baja, was by far the WORST experience imaginable….(take a look @ the track records of some of the performers they continue 2 promote…such as, convicted, imprisoned, sex offenders.)

The rumors were that i was raped, by jack venice, who is now serving life in prison 4 raping a collage girl, in i think, sandiego, n also that there was very severe physical, n verball abouse, all of wich is indeed true. even the owners of the company shanes world, new about it, yet did nothing….that would b y i never did another movie 4 shanes world. if u get a chance, check out their site, they r still promting jack venice, who has been convicted of rape, n is now serving a life sentance. will not be up 4 paroll 4 at least 10 years….so karma really is a bitch, cuz it came back around n got that piece of shit! xoxo, Devon.

You can find out more news about what is going on with Devon’s career at DearDevon.com.

Hanna Hilton taking a break from hooking

I notice the official Hanna Hilton hooker website recently got updated.   This is the website that handles all of the Hanna Hilton escorting business, which I am told is run by her pimp, former porn star Pamela Peaks.  This site is where she will tell you about who she is and how you can book her for escorting / hooking gigs.

Hanna Hilton Hooking

The first thing I noticed was that she moved from Houston when her man Jack Venice went to jail. Jack Venice you may remember was recently sentenced to life in prison for rape.  So what is this update?  Well it seems that our Hanna Hilton has decided to take a break from hooking and is on vacation until further notice.

Hanna Hilton Escort

Previously I reported about her rates of $750 an hour but I was later informed that I was sadly mistaken.  Her rates in fact start at $1,500 an hour.  But hey apparently she does take credit cards.

I personally don’t believe this shit is real but everyone keeps telling me how fucking wrong I am. That I’m naive and stupid to think that just because she’s a Vivid girl doesn’t mean she isn’t hooking on the side. I don’t know but the site has been confirmed to be owned and operated by Pamela Peaks who is a known escort / call girl and has for years helped other young, budding starlets get into the prostitution game.

Jack Venice Gets Life

The Seattle Times is reporting that Jack Venice was given a life sentence today. I can honestly say I’m a little shocked on this one, with so much of the evidence against him being flimsy including non matching DNA and a witness who was present at the crime and only testified against him in order to get a lesser sentence himself for the very same crime as well as another crime and a victim who wasn’t able to identify him until the very day of the trial. At least twice prior she wasn’t even able to tell you if he was short or tall, brown here or brunette. I’m all for convicting someone of rape, but something just isn’t right with this shit.


Porn actor gets life sentence for WSU rape

The pornographic film actor known as Jack Venice was given a life sentence for raping a woman at a Washington State University sorority.

COLFAX, Wash. —
The pornographic film actor known as Jack Venice was given a life sentence for raping a woman at a Washington State University sorority.

Under the sentence he received Friday in Whitman County Superior Court, the 26-year-old native of Houston, Christopher Jack Reid, will be eligible for parole in nine years.

Reid was convicted in October of second-degree rape and three burglary counts.

KRPL reports Reid told the court he is sorry for what happened to the victim but maintains his innocence. His lawyer plans an appeal.

The victim told the court she is afraid of being attacked again and sleeps with the lights on.

Prosecutors say Reid and a WSU student got drunk and broke into several sororities in search of women to co-star in sex videos.

Jack Venice Rape Sentencing Postponed

This just in …… the Jack Venice rape sentencing postponed

The sentencing portion of the case for Jack Venice was scheduled for Friday December 5th however my secret sources tell me that has now been moved to Friday December 19th and that “no other information is available at this time”.

His family, along with Hanna Hilton is said to be expected at the upcoming court hearings.

Jack Venice is not a rapist

Hello.  My name is Kelli and I have asked my friend for permission to post my views on this website regarding a very serious subject.   I should point out that my views are that of my own and may or may not reflect the owners of this website.  That being said, do let me begin my little rant about the Jack Venice rape conviction.

As a female intimately familiar with the concept of RAPE, I stand in protest of the Jack Venice conviction, because what he did wasn’t rape and if you are going to nail someone to the wall, I think you should do it for the right reasons.  I have asked the owners of this website to let me post my story because I feel someone from within our industry besides his girlfriend needs to stand up and say what the fuck!

I have looked over a great number of documents regarding the Jack Venice ordeal.  I have read stories, interviews and depositions that have been made public by several parties involved in the case.

First let us define what we think rape is.  To me, rape is when you force someone to have sex with you.  I think any reasonable person would agree with me on that being the defining factor of rape.   Wouldn’t you?

But apparently no in the state of WA as that is not the case here at all.  He didn’t have sex with her and yet he still sits in jail for rape.

This “victim” was passed out drunk as a sorority party.  She was possibly high, we don’t know for sure, so in court they called her condition as being in a “dream like state”.  This apparently is acceptable behavior in WA yet being a porn star is evil.

Because of her condition she couldn’t identify what anyone in that room looked like, nor could she say for sure how many people where even in the room.  She didn’t even know if she had sex.  Later a rape kit would come back negative.   How drunk or high do you have to be to not know if you just had sex with somebody.  She gave at least two different accounts of what happened that night to authorities, with a slight twist on the story during the trial.  So in all there are at least three variations of the story from the victim herself.

Again I use the word victim loosely here. I mean I get that it’s scary to wake up from being passed out cold at a party to find men in your room but how do you go from that to rape?

Well that’s where the story gets rather interesting.

See the girl didn’t know if anyone touched her or not.  So then if that is the case how is Jack Venice now convicted of rape?

Easy enough, we have a witness.  There was another person in the room that night and this is a friend of Jack’s who himself was in a world of trouble so instead of facing the music on charges they had him for, which we know was at least two counts of Grand Theft that carried the possibility of ten years in prison, he decided to turn on Jack.  I mean wouldn’t you?

Well, I wouldn’t but I know many others would.  Especially considering the fact that he didn’t really know the guy all that well so why not?

By his own account, the police asked questions, he agreed that was what happened.  He told them what they wanted to hear in exchange for a deal.  Mind you he’s already been in jail for awhile now and he wanted to get out.  He knew telling the cops what they wanted to hear about Jack Venice was his quick pass out of the slammer.

So what does he tell the cops? Well here too we have at least two versions of the story with a lot of confusion sub text.  In the end what it turns out he told them was that he and Jack Venice went to a frat party where Jack was going on about what a big time porn star he was and like a dumb fuck pulled out his penis to show some girls.  The girls got all grossed out and ran off and the frat boys kicked them out of the party.  Egos no longer in check they decided it would be easy to rip off those rich little fuckers who just made them look like fags so they made their way down fraternity row looking for houses to rob.  They found one sorority house having a party.  Knowing everyone was drunk downstairs they quietly worked their way upstairs to see they could steal.  The found a chick passed out on the bed so they decided to have a little fun with her.  Jack Venice grabbed her head and put it in his crock, simulating a blow job. Keep in mind this is what the witness was telling the cops, well my summary of his words – not a word for word account mind you   Next he said Jack Venice pulled her up again, this time from behind, simulating that he was having doggy style sex with her.  They laughed it up and she never woke up.  She was clearly “out of it”.  He may or may not have groped her breasts or her vagina area.  Either way, at this point all parties are still fully clothed.  Nobody has had any “sex”.  No blow jobs, no putting his cock in her pussy.  None of that stuff.   But the witness said at this point he was ordered by Jack Venice to hand him a condom so he could have sex with this lifeless body, aka the drunk chick passed out on the bed and it was the sound of the condom wrapper that apparently finally woke her up.

So if Jack Venice didn’t RAPE the girl, why did he get convicted of it?  I think the answer to that question is a complex one but I know a large part of it had to do with the fact that he was a porn star.  During the trial they paid a lot of attention to the work that he does as if somehow it was relevant to what he was accused of.

So in the end you have to ask yourself, if a man didn’t force a woman to have sex with him, how is he sitting in jail for rape?

And even worse, how are we as an industry not supporting him when it was our industry that they nailed him for.

I’m not saying you have to like the guy or that he’s not a total dumb ass for thinking of the whole robbery thing in the first place but nail a guy for what he did, not for rape.  It’s total and complete bullshit.



PULLMAN, WA — Pullman police are looking for a self-described porn star in connection with a sexual assault at a Washington State University sorority.

Twenty-five-year-old Christopher Jack Reid, also known as “Jack Venice,” is wanted for investigation of rape and burglary.

Police believe he met WSU student Kyle M. Schott at a bar and together they broke into three sororities early Thursday.

The 23-year-old Schott was arrested Friday. He appeared in Whitman County Superior Court yesterday on rape and burglary charges and was released from jail on $100,000 bail.

A woman staying at the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority says she awoke early Thursday to find two men in her room, attempting to rape her. They fled down a fire escape.

Police says there were break-ins the same day at two other sororities — Pi Beta Phi and Delta Gamma. Police say a third man may have been outside, serving as a lookout.

Reid’s last known address was in Los Angeles. He is 5-foot-8, 150 pounds, and has green eyes and buzz-cut blond hair. He has a tattoo of a triangle on the back of his neck.