The Hanna Hilton Math Does Add Up

Something just isn’t right here about this Hanna Hilton hooker story.  It’s been bugging me for days, since I posted that story I found about her being a call girl or escort or whatever you want to call it these days.  Here is what is bugging me about this story, my momma always said when all else fails common sense will prevail.  Common sense in this story is what is failing.

Hanna Hilton either makes $750 or $2,000 to spend 1 hour with a client as a hooker.   This may or may not be true, not saying if it is, just hear me out on the math behind it because something isn’t adding up.

So as a Vivid girl we are told she probably earns around $80,000 to $100,000 a year for her contract, which is typically paid out every two weeks, like as if she had a job.  That’s not bad money but considering she only has to work about 3 to 4 days a month for the entire year, it’s even better.

Considering the fact that she was a former Penthouse pet and popular Internet model before coming to Vivid she probably got the higher end of the new girl contract so we can safely assume she’s not doing so bad with her weekly paychecks.

This also doesn’t account for the money she makes from her own personal website.  If you take the average earnings of an membership website, assume her traffic based on data found at sites like and, and guessing she probably makes a 50/50 cut with whoever is running it minus 20% administrative costs, you can pretty much guess she makes about $1,500 a month or maybe as much as $2,000 on her personal website.  That’s not bad, on top of the money she makes from her Vivid contract.  On the low end we are now talking an estimated $8,000 a month here.

That being said we also know that a Vivid girl and former Penthouse Pet and popular Internet model no doubt has quite a few requests for personal appearances.  These she can expect to make about $2,500 to $5,000 to show up to a location and be there for an hour or two.   This doesn’t account for the extra money she will make on selling her DVDs that she signs, etc.  Girls always make good money.  One girl I think it was Racquel Darrian was said to make $1 million a year alone on just personal appearances and feature dancing.  Obviously Hanna Hilton isn’t that famous yet but let’s say she makes about $5,000 a day with her sales and fees and does about 3 a year.  That’s not much but it’s also known that she doesn’t tend to do a lot of these things.  But even at only a few each year that’s still roughly an extra $15,000 – but let’s round it down to $12,000 since we don’t really know FOR SURE her schedule.  That gives her $1,000 a month in personal appearance fees and related earnings.  That puts her salary at about $9,000 a month.

Now this is the part that gets me confused.   Why would you make $750 to $2,000 when you could make $2,500 to $5,000 and not even have to have sex?  Nobody is that stupid.  I mean think about it.  Would you take $2,000 or $2,500?  I mean duh!  Of course you would want the most money and no doubt so does she.

So then why would she spend her free time making $750 to $2,000 when she could be making personal appearances and earning $2,500 to $5,000?  It doesn’t make sense.

When it comes to Vivid we are all laughing it up about how much we don’t like their movies or whatever but let me tell you this, their shit sales.  Their movies are seen in hotel rooms across America as well as on cable TV versions and PPV specials.   And that’s why someone with the Vivid Girl title can command major cash just to show up and sign autographs at your store.  May sound insane to you and me but the Vivid girls have well known faces and names in mainstream society and that is what retailers want — it draws in the fans and fans that come in are likely to buy shit.

So then we factor in any money she makes which we can basically estimate to be about $9,000 a month, not including what her boyfriend was making prior to going to jail, she couldn’t have been hurting to much?  I mean $9,000 a month?  Hello?!  That’s great fucking money by any standards.  Why would she also be hooking?  It doesn’t add up my friends.

I’m going to go on the record as saying I just don’t buy the story that she’s a part time hooker.  The numbers aren’t computing. No matter how you do the math, $2,000 an hour to blow some dumb ass you don’t know is never as great as $2,500 to stand around and smile while people kiss your ass. What do you think she would chose?

5 thoughts on “The Hanna Hilton Math Does Add Up

  1. Your logic overlooks a few things –

    $750 is a great hourly rate for a top NY Tax Attorney. Annualized it is $1,500,000 per year. Before you get huffy, I know she isn’t working full time, but that is solid money for when she isn’t doing her other stuff. Plus it is not like she had to go to school to do what she does.

    And it is tax FREE.

  2. I don’t really care if she is a hooker or not but in the end you have to ask why would she or anyone for that matter do something for less money when they could do even less work for significantly more money? It’s just beyond logic.

  3. Ryan,
    I see what you are saying, but I think you overlook the fact that even as a Vivid Girl she cannot book unlimited appearances to fill her bank account, there are just not that many places willing to pay $5,000 appearance fees, especially with this economy. And even if you make $9,000/month, making $11,000 with one additional hour of work is probably nicer. But maybe there is also some other reason for her than the money, who knows. All I do know is, there are many more too, where based on your math it might not be logical either, but they are doing it anyway.

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