Print Media Confusion starring Meggan Mallone

I confess I’m not much for looking at men’s magazines.  I mean sure I know the big ones like Penthouse, Playboy and Hustler but apparently there are quite a few more.  I caught a glance of a web page featuring Vivid’s newest tartlet, Meggan Mallone.  On this page it said that this year alone Meggan Mallone has either been on the cover or featured in 6 different magazines.   My any standards that’s pretty fucking impressive but that’s not what caught my attention.  What caught my attention is that just two hours earlier I was reading a story about how ad sales are down as much as 23% in traditional print media and that circulation has plummeted.  You hear this kind of thing all the time.  Instead of reading a real magazine people just prefer to go online and see what they can find.  In fact some magazines have gone all digital as a result.

So back to men’s magazine’s.  I had no idea how many of them there really are.  I think this has to contribute to lacking sales figures.  Quite frankly there are just to fucking many of them.  I read in one place there are some 318 different men’s magazines currently in circulation.  THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN?!!! So can we name some of these?  Sure but I promise I can’t name many.  Here are some of the more successful ones.  And out of this short life, I must ask, do we really really need even this many?

Playboy College Girls
Playboy Vixens
Playboy Lingerie
Girls of Penthouse
Hustler Beach Girls
18 Teen Angels
Asian Beauties
Barley Legal
Girls of Barely Legal
Club Confidential
Club International
Bust Out
Just 18
Easy Riders
High Society
Just 18
Legs & Tail
Leg Show
Leg Tease
Perfect 10
Tigh Squeeze

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