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Tasha Reign featured in special Penthouse Video

Our very own Tasha Reign was named the Penthouse Pet of the month for May 2011. Over the years she has continued to work with Penthouse and most recently did a special video for the Penthouse website, exploring the mystery of anal bleaching.

Check out the exclusive at the Penthouse site

Tasha Reign

Tasha Reign shares an experience intimate, even for a porn star. The rest of us mostly cringe, but we admire her bravery.

Tasha Reign is available exclusively through LA Direct Models and you can view her full profile page here.

You can follow her on twitter @TashaReign.



Downtown & Dirty: Jessa Rhodes New Penthouse Cover & More

Hustler’s Girl of Summer, XBIZ Feature

VENICE, CA – Another week means another amazing cover from gorgeous adult star Jessa Rhodes. This time it’s Penthouse bestowing the honors on the buxom blond. Jessa stars in Downtown and Dirty, a Skye Blue-directed title, turning in a blistering B/G performance. Jessa insists the direction has as much to do with it as the casting.

“Skye Blue is an incredible director,” Jessa boasts. “She really knows how to set the mood and let the performers take control. I always have the best scenes in her movies and Downtown and Dirty was no exception!”

In other Jessa news Hustler recently announced that she was their face of summer. Miss Rhodes will be on Hustler billboards including one on Sunset Blvd., will soon be on the cover of Hustler, has a Day in the Life feature in the latest issue, and recently helped open the new Hollywood & Vine store with Larry Flynt himself.

Last but not least her recent revealing XBIZ interview can be found at http://www.xbiz.com/news/video/207381.

Follow Jessa on Twitter (@MissJessaRhodes), Instagram (www.instagram.com/missjessarhodes/) and Sextpanther (http://sextpanther.com/jessa-rhodes). To book her contact OC Modeling at http://ocmodeling.com/model/jessa-rhodes/ and A-List Features at http://www.alistfeatures.com. For everything Jessa go to http://risingstarpr.com/clients/jessa-rhodes/.

Meet Kenna James

There are a lot of hot chicks in porn and then there are some that are well above the bar. Kenna James is one of those chicks who are just hot as fuck.

Meet Kenna James – the hottest girl/ girl porn star out there right now, if I do say so myself.

You can follow Kenna James on twitter @kennajames21

Kenna James - Penthouse Kenna James

Kenna James - 3


  • Age: 20 years old
  • Ht:5’8”
  • Wt: 120lbs
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyse: Hazel
  • Bra: 34B
  • Dress:1-2
  • Shoe: 8 ½

Producers interested in working with Kenna James can book her through Matrix Models.

Things are heating up in Houston


Adult entertainment star Nicole Aniston will perform at Vivid Live Men’s Club in Houston November 20-22. Vivid Live, operated under a license from leading adult company Vivid Entertainment, is located at 2618 Winrock Blvd., just off Westheimer Rd. in the Briargrove area.

nicole aniston

Petite and shapely blonde bombshell Nicole is a San Diego native who was raised on a horse ranch and worked as a bank teller before she began modeling and started performing in adult movies. She was named Penthouse Pet of the Month in August, 2012 and Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2013.  She has made over 100 movies for top studios and has been nominated for the New Starlet of the Year and Female Performer of the Year by XBiz and for Most Outrageous Sex Scene by AVN.

“The adult industry taught me to be more of a woman,” says Nicole, who likes to cook, camp, hunt and fish. “I’m definitely more into my sexuality as a result of making adult movies . I can’t wait to get to Houston and have already been in touch with fans who will be meeting me at Vivid Live.”

Nicole will be performing nightly at the club and looks forward to meeting fans, posing for snapshots and signing autographs.

Guests at Vivid Live enjoy a complimentary gourmet lunch/dinner from 11 am to 7 pm, Mon.-Fri. and a breakfast buffet from 2-4 am on Thurs., Fri. and Sat.  With bar drinks, wine and domestic beer daily at $2.75 until 9pm, the club offers the hest Happy Hour in Houston.  The 12,000 ft club sports a new state-of-the-art light show, the hottest DJs, lavish new furnishings, three stages on the main floor and another in the VIP bar.  The multi-level club also features a Champagne Room, Private Dance Room and Sky Boxes.


The Starr Sisters Head to Club Northern

Penthouse Pets The Starr Sisters Get Ready for Some Sexy “Northern” Exposure! Natasha and Natalia Starr Perform at The Northern in Fargo, ND October 31 through November 2

The Starr Sisters Northern

July-August Penthouse Pets Natasha and Natalia Starr otherwise known as The Starr Sisters will be heating up Fargo, North Dakota when they perform at The Northern Thursday, October 31 through Saturday, November 2. For more information go to www.clubnorthern.com.

“The colder it gets outside the hotter it will be when we hit the stage,” says Natasha Starr.

Since they signed with Continental and A-List the two beautiful Polish blondes have been travelling on a weekly basis and kid sister Natalia couldn’t be happier with their new lifestyle. “I love meeting our fans in each city we visit because they make me feel like a superstar, coming just to see us. It’s awesome and we always want to put on a show you will talk about when you go back to work on Monday.”

The Northern is located on 325 10th Street Norther, Fargo, ND 58102 and you can call the club directly at 701-237-5410.

Fans can follow Natasha Starr on Twitter at www.twitter.com/natashstar69 and at www.natashastarr.com. Fans can follow Natalia Starr on Twitter at www.twitter.com/itsnataliastarr. You can also follow both sisters on Twitter at www.twitter.com/thestarrsisters.


Enough already Wicked Pictures with your Fake “Sex Expert”

I hate to be a bitch and I’ve quite honestly fought really hard with the other posters and owners of this site to clean up the kind of articles that get released lately at LukeFord.com.  I want the site to be an informative news source about the adult industry and not a pile of bullshit posts with rumors, slander and pissing matches that this site really used to be.  I’m really happy to say that over the last year things have really cleaned up the site.  But that doesn’t mean from time to time we have to speak out and point out some negative issues that go on in our industry and today is a perfect example of that.

It’s an election year and that means porn is always in the spotlight and anything any of us do can be a huge problem because the media or some jack ass politician looking for an easy target can make it out to be a bigger issue than it really is.
I’ve been seeing a lot of press releases lately from Wicked Pictures promoting one of their contract stars as a sex expert.  Today I seen a blog post calling her an “Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority”.  That bothers me.

Turns out it is a felony for anyone to pretend to be a medical expert when they are not.  You can’t just going around saying you are a doctor when you aren’t or in this particular case without actually saying “doctor” they are instead implying expert or authoritative knowledge in this specific area of study which is usually attributed to those with a degree in psychology or related area of study.  So telling people you are an authority when you aren’t really can be a very big deal … perhaps even fraud and a felony.

So today when I seen this porn star promoting them self as an “Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority” it really bugged me a lot.  This bothers me greatly because in the end the actions of those in the spotlight in our industry has great influence over all of our lives and careers.

If someone goes around pretending they are an expert or promotes themselves as a doctor or some kind of actual medical expert and they aren’t, then it can have a negative impact on all of us.  Because much like the condom issue, we have all seen how quickly an issue can get out of hand.  All it takes is the right fuck up in the wrong hands and things can get ugly really quick.

I have 52 different press releases from Wicked Pictures that in some way shape or form refer to Jessica Drake as a “sexual wellness authority”.  Not 1, not 2, not 10 but FIFTY TWO!!!!!!!

I looked into it before making this post just to make sure I’m not mistaken but as I suspected, it turns out Jessica Dake, who has been promoting themselves as a “sexual wellness authority” doesn’t have a degree in that area of study or actually any degree at all from what I can find.

Despite some people in our industry like say Dr. Victoria Zdrok who actually has a PhD in Clinical Psychology who also happens to be a former Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet of the Year.  She also did a few adult movies as well.  But again she has a PhD and that makes her an actual AUTHORITY on sexual wellness.

Apparently just having sex with a lot of men makes this porn star and Wicked Pictures and their related PR team feel entitled to call her an “Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority” and that is a huge problem.

We have enough issues in our industry right now … do we really need to add to it by letting the mainstream media or politicians know that a porn star who no degree in this area of study and has spent years in a damaging relationship with a married man, is claiming to be an “authority on sexual wellness”?

She isn’t a doctor.  She has no degree of study in this field.  SO QUIT PROMOTING HER AS AN AUTHORITY IN THIS FIELD!  SHE’S A PORN STAR NOT A CERTIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL  Believe it or not there is a major difference between the two.

Sucking a lot of cock doesn’t make you an authority on sexual wellness.  Nor does sleeping with a married man make you an expert of relationships.  It actually kinda makes you just the opposite but that’s another story for another day.

I have no problem with porn stars.  Love them.    In fact, I’ve worked very hard to help many of them improve their lives for years now.  Think what they do is great but trying to saying a porn star is an expert on sexual wellness is just asking for trouble and more government regulation or other related troubles for our industry.

There are a lot of porn stars out there who are highly educated with advanced degrees.  And to those girls I say good for them!   I truly hope that one day you can use those advanced degrees like Victoria Zdrok has done and combine what she has learned in the porn industry with her degrees to write books and even get hired as a legal expert and she regularity speaks on the talk show circuit and I think writes article son sexual wellness for Penthouse too – well at least she did for awhile.

But for those of you who don’t have a degree in clinical psychology or a related field, just being a porn star doesn’t make you an authority on all matters.  You make be able to suck a hell of a cock but that’s a far cry from an authority on sexual wellness.

So to make this clear so there is no confusion … while there are porn stars with advanced degrees, Jessica Drake does not seem to have one, at least not one that I found after reading numerous published biographies and interviews about her.  She most especially does not have a degree in psychology or any related medical field that make make her an expert or authority on sexual wellness.  She’s a porn star.  Making porn is her area of expertise.  Sexual wellness is not and continuing to say you are is fraudulent and quite possibly criminal.

And calling me a bitch doesn’t make this fact any less true.  Fraud is fraud and liking me or not liking me doesn’t really change that.




That’s one long court case!

Six Years Later, Jill Kelly Productions Bankruptcy Case Closes

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Jill Kelly Productions filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy six years ago, but,according to www.xbiz.com the final decree closing the case was just signed off.

After accounting and legal fees were added up and paid out, only $109,000 remained to pay off unsecured claims.

Numerous secured claims were disallowed, including those from adult studio X-Gen LLC and International Video Innovations, as well as Canyon Capital Marketing Inc., American Suzuki Financial Services and Chrysler Capital Marketing Inc.

X-Gen, owned by Frank and Michael Koretsky, who also own International Video Distributors, had about $500,000 in secured claims.

After the Chapter 11 filing in 2005, Penthouse agreed to pay $1.765 million at a bankruptcy court auction for the major assets of JKP. Those assets included more than 200,000 burned and packaged DVDs, as well as 65 unreleased masters.



Beware of making cross sale deals with Penthouse or AFF

You would assume that now that Adult Friend Finder is owned by Penthouse you wouldn’t still be hearing about them scamming people still, but you would be wrong.   After what I heard today, it really makes one think twice now about having anything to do with any division of Penthouse, not just the blatant scammers like Adult Friend Finder.  I really thought much more highly of Penthouse … well, until now.  I guess looking back on it, when I heard the story on TMZ about Penthouse being busted for hiring men to pretend like they are women online, and they have been doing it since the day they launched their site, duping who knows how many thousands and thousands of consumers into thinking they were talking to real women, that I should have suspected they were just as shady as AFF but for some reason I just had more faith in the Penthouse brand.

There is a thing in the adult industry known as cross sales.   A lot of times these cross sale deals are made in a sort of, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours kind of deal.

In short, website A offers a consumer the opportunity to join website B for a great discount, sometimes free for 1 to 3 days, sometimes for just a $1.  In return website B pays website A a kickback or commission of typically $20 to $25.  Website B is banking on the fact that the consumer in question will love their website so much they will stay a member and in return, they will make their money back on the full membership price and any recurring months they may stay a member after that.

Sounds simple enough, right?  Well really it is, but the problem with this system is when you have a company like Adult Friend Finder, who will go to people and trade favors for things they want of rather good value, say for example if a company owned a content company as well and AFF might say, reduce my cost on this huge amount of content I just bought from you and in return I’ll send you a ton of new members through a cross sale deal.   The problem is AFF sends over fake sales.

So now the guy just gave AFF a huge discount, losing thousands of dollars on content in return for, nothing.  Actually worse than nothing, in return for a large number of chargebacks.

What AFF is doing is bullying new members into joining a series of websites, as many as 8 “FREE TRIALS” to activate their membership and talk to other members.  They promise, you won’t have to pay for anything, just join and then cancel right away.

See what they just did there?  Now website B just got themselves a whole bunch of members fraudulently.

How fucked up is that?

So before you sit down and consider making any deals with any Penthouse owned websites including Penthouse, Adult Friend Finder or Danni.com, just keep in mind this story you just heard because you could be the sucker who gets scammed by them next!


Ryan Keely Revs Heads to Sturgis

Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely Revs Up Sturgis Bike Rally  – Appearance at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota Wows Bikers from Around the World

2011 Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-Up Ryan Keely heated up Sturgis, South Dakota this past weekend with Nikki Benz before heading off to Germany for an overseas appearance.

Talking about Sturgis, Ms. Keely said, “I am so excited to have finally made it to Sturgis representing Penthouse with Nikki Benz. We had a full schedule of fun events and I had a blast meeting all of the hardcore bikers and bike fans that have traveled from all over the world to attend this event.”

“I want to thank Cadillac Jack’s for bringing me out to Deadwood to experience the notorious Sturgis Biker Rally. I was excited to explore the historic town, party like a biker and host a bikini car wash and blackjack tournament in the same day. One of the highlights was coming in 3rd place in the poker tournament!”

Up next for the brunette vixen – an appearance in Germany. “I can’t wait to get to Germany and geek out with all the gamers at the biggest interactive games and entertainment show. It’s going to be a blast.” More information on her excursion to Germany will be released shortly.

For more information on Ryan and up to date appearance and signing schedules, please visit: www.ryankeely.com.

About Ryan Keely:  A multi-talented entertainment dynamo, 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-up Ryan Keely is one of the most sought-after female performers in the adult industry. With her own brand of hardcore fetishism and a devoted legion of fans, Keely recently aroused the curiosity of mainstream audiences as well, appearing in M. Night Shyamalan’s spoof trailer “Escalation” and the HBO original Series Life on Top. In addition to her adult film credentials and recent mainstream appearances, Keely is also the sex advice writer for Penthouse Forum and a frequent guest expert on IGN’s gamer dating and sex advice show “Knockin’ Boots.” Keely recently spoke out against internet piracy at Wesleyan University. Prior to appearing in front of the camera Keely hosted radio programs for KSEXRadio.com and Playboy Radio, and worked as a buyer, for companies selling adult merchandise. Ryan Keely is bi-coastal living in New York and Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.ryankeely.com or www.twitter.com/ryankeely.