One Ticket To Pound Town! Ricky’s Room Bows Hot New Baby Gemini Scene

Damion Dayski Fulfills Curvy Blonde Beauty’s Desire to Be Slutted Out

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Ricky’s Room has a scorching hot new scene out featuring hung stud Damion Dayski fulfilling curvy beauty Baby Gemini’s deep, dark desire to be slutted out! Ricky Johnson knows that the only way for her to scratch that itch is to be fucked like a filthy whore in heat by a pro. That’s why he hooks her up with One Ticket To Pound Town’!

“Baby Gemini is back in Ricky’s Room and her only wish was to be slutted out,” Ricky explains. “Lucky for her, I had the perfect partner to make her wish come true – Damion Dayski!”

The incredible new release features the big tit blonde teasing in sexy lingerie before sucking her lover’s massive cock. Damion eats her pussy out then fucks her in cowgirl, doggy, standing doggy,  and more! Gemini squirts her approval as he takes her pussy to a new level. When he cums in her grateful mouth she happily swallows his load.

“Baby Gemini definitely got her fill as Damion was determined to get every inch, and that’s a lot, all the way inside of her,” Ricky said afterward.

“I’ve never been fucked like that before!” Baby Gemini added with glee.

But her praise didn’t end there!

“Whew, this scene was intense from start to finish,” Baby continued. “The chemistry, the energy, and the desire to make each other cum was out of this world. I’m so pleased about every aspect of this scene, I think it’s my best one yet ! Huge thank you to Ricky, Janae, Lexi, Riley and everyone else on set. Ricky’s Room is THE room to be in!”

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Dirty Little Duo! Gianna Dior & Rara Knupps Star in Hot New Ricky’s Room Release

Lovely Ladies Charm Ricky’s Johnson in Sizzling New Threesome

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Gianna Dior is back for a second week at Ricky’s Room. This time she’s brought some sexy company with her in the form of blonde beauty Rara Knupps! The pair of perfect tens put on a petrifying performance, ensnaring Ricky with their effortless erotic charms.

“Gianna Dior is a regular visitor here at Ricky’s Room, and today, she brought along a friend, Rara Knupps,” Ricky shared. “I could just sit back and watch these two ravage each other with delight and not have to join in, but lucky me, I got to be the meat in the middle of this hot vixen sandwich. And it was everything wonderful.”

But Ricky wasn’t the only one enjoying himself. The lovely ladies later divulged they both believe this to be their best scene of the year up to this point.

“This is my 3rd time being on Ricky’s Room and it’s always one of my favorite scenes to shoot,” Gianna said. “This is also my first BGG with Rara Knupps and I think my best scene of the year so far!”

“This was my first-time filming for Ricky’s Room and oh my God it was so much hotter than I even prepared for!” Rara shared. “This is also my first time shooting a boy-girl-girl with Gianna Dior. I would have to agree with her that I think it’s my best scene of the year so far! I literally forgot the camera was there most of the time.”

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Gorgeous Gianna Dior Returns to Ricky’s Room in Scorching New Release

“Round Two TKO” ft. Award-Winning Adult Stars in Sex Battle

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Gorgeous Gianna Dior makes her return to Ricky’s Room this week with the release of their latest new scene, “Round Two TKO.” Gianna, who earned 2022 AVN Performer of the Year after being named AVN Best New Starlet in a previous year, is also the 2019 Penthouse Pet of the Year.

A formidable lover, Gianna’s first appearance blew both Ricky and his fans away! She’s well-matched with Ricky, a multi-award winner himself, who holds Gianna and her extraordinary abilities in the highest regard!

“Who has the face of an angel and a body built for sin? Gianna Dior, that’s who!” Ricky said. “This gorgeous goddess and I had so much fun her first time at Ricky’s Room that I had to have her back for round two. She definitely won this round!”

The undefeatable sex goddess shared that she always enjoys working with Ricky.

“Shooting for Ricky’s Room is always one of my favorite days on set!” Gianna shared. “He’s an amazing performer and always gives me a lot of freedom to do whatever I want to do. All my scenes with him are full of energy and chemistry!”

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Daisy Diva’s 1st BDSM Gangbang Now Live on The Flourish XXX!

Busty Blonde Beauty Calls Hardcore Scene

the Wildest Time of Her Career

HOLLYWOOD – Daisy Diva may be a newbie on the porn scene, but she’s well established in the BDSM scene. When she approached The Flourish XXX, she wanted to take her career to a new level and push the envelope. The gorgeous blonde brand ambassadors latest release, Daisy Diva 1st BDSM Gangbang, does all that and more!

The hardcore scene combines the bondage and fetish world with the Flourish brand of group sex for a whirlwind ride with tons of cum shots! Daisy got more than she bargained for, but in the best way possible. According to the rising starlet, it topped anything that came before the shoot – ever!

“This was the wildest time of my entire porn and personal life,” said Daisy. “I am so thankful it came together the way it did. It’s one thing to be bound, cuffed, spanked, flogged, gagged, but the guys took it to higher level than even I was expecting.

The sex was so good, I came like three times, and had never had bukkake before. I now want to do those all over the USA, bring my style to different parts and make amazing content for my fans and audience.”

Signed to The Flourish, Daisy can still shoot with other companies as part of her deal. From the minute he laid eyes on her, CEO TJ saw her true potential. According to him, their chemistry is paying off.

“I know when I met her and we signed her to a brand management deal she was special,” said TJ. “She had an idea, and I came up with the vision. Love a plan when it comes together as teamwork makes the dream work. A true statement as I have ever heard.”

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Hot Southern Freedom is on The Flourish! Flourish Amateurs Releases Hotwife Lani Rails Scene

Flourish XXX Reese Robbins Gangbang Scene Also Out Now

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Amateurs has a hot new release out today. The star goes by Lani Rails, but most know her as HotSouthernFreedom. HotSouthernFreedom VS Brick Cummings stars petite but top-heavy blonde beauty Lani, enjoying herself on Brick’s thick prick! By the end of the shoot, the talented lover was ready to permanently turn in her amateur card and go pro!

“I loved shooting with Brick and hope to do it again real soon,” HotSouthernFreedom said. “It took us sometime to organize it but so glad it came through. He really knows angles and tempo. I read off my shoot partners energy and his was intense but controlled at the same time. I am also glad that The Flourish’s TJ took an interest in me because I am ready to go to the NEXT LEVEL!”

Costar Brick insists the scene went so well because the two shared perfect sexual chemistry.

“This shoot we did for our platforms was amazing,” said Brick. “HotSouthernFreedom was out of this world. Once we started it was about a 50 min nonstop and we took one 2 min break. Our chemistry was on point. Everyone should go checkout this scene in both our OnlyFans and/or Flourish Amateurs!”

“These two are characters, in a good way,” said TJ. “They are always joking and laughing when I am talking to either one of them. Then I look at the video to master it and they both were in and out of zones so effortlessly it was amazing. It actually made the trailer hard because I literally came up with 2 completely different versions and offered 1 to HotSouthernFreedom for her to use if she wished. Look for her to have her first mainstream shoot on our parent The Flourish XXX site in the very near future.”

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The Flourish XXX loves to drop hot new scenes on Friday and this week is no exception! Reese Robbins Texas IR Gangbang hit their site, ManyVids, Clips4Sale, and LoyalFans today to the delight of fans!

The scene came together organically, with Reese Robbins sending The Flourish XXX word that she needed to up her game by performing her first IR gangbang. TJ and the crew obliged her sexy little ass with a no rules, “TEXAS” style, get-in-where-you-fit-in, nonstop, free-for-all that left the young slut soaked and satisfied. No lie! it was the first time the gorgeous coed ever squirted on camera!

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Official Site –

ManyVids –

Clips4Sale –

LoyalFans –

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Savannah Bond & Troy! The Flourish XXX Releases Captured Episode 8

New BDSM Scene with Brand Ambassador Daisy Diva Also Out Now

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX released a new episode of their wildly popular Captured series today. Episode 8, Savannah Bond and Troy, starts off with big boss Marsellus Flourish congratulating his team on their successful crime wave.

And because they’ve got his organization running on all cylinders, he’s got a special surprise for them – a former colleague who didn’t get out of town while he still had the chance! Keith tries to resist but he’s tied up and both Troy and Savannah rough him up a bit to teach him a lesson.

After, the two sexy performers find themselves relaxing upstairs, in the lounge of the warehouse office. The sexual tension between the two of them is palpable as Savannah tells Troy it’s been months since she’s been fucked and how bad she needs some good dick in her life. Troy knows just how to help!

Talk gives way to hardcore slapping action as the two have intense sex in over eight positions until both are drenched in sweat and panting for breath. They fuck like super stars all over the area, including on a stripper stage on a pole. The two take turns sexually dominating each other and blissing out in the extreme sex session. Hottie Savannah earns the massive cum shot Troy unloads on her at the end!

In the post scene interview the two assure viewers that the acting stopped once the sex started!

“Shooting with Troy Francisco for The Flourish XXX was so good,” said Savannah. “I didn’t know what to expect. After that shoot I told TJ I will sleep like a baby. It was just what I needed!”

Her costar was quick to agree.

“My mood was fantastic,” said Troy. “The action with Savannah was great. TJ and crew were a pleasure to work with!”

“I had a really fun night and can’t wait to come back and shoot with The Flourish XXX again,” Savannah enthusiastically added, high fiving TJ.

TJ knew this scene was just going to hit different when people saw it.

“The sex was insane,” TJ said. “They took turns as if it was a boxing match. I had never seen two people sweat like that it was such fire and passion. I know our shoot was the first time they actually ever met and I think the BTS that we put out sort of began a wave of Savannah and Troy, which is dope in itself.

So, everyone needs to see what set up the dynamic pairing of those two. Also shout out to Talon who was scene support and has many years of experience. He shot another scene support coming out soon as well!”

See it now at

Meanwhile, over on their fetish site, Flourish Fetish, Daisy Diva gets BDSM Chamber by MrFlourish is getting attention and racking up new views! The scorching hot new BDSM scene features the hottest new blonde in porn showing off her submissive side in a scorching hot new scene that dropped over the weekend.

“The BDSM Chamber was so much fun,” said Daisy. “I loved working with TJ on that production as he really knows how to bring my sub side out.”

“Daisy is one of our brand ambassadors,” explained TJ. “She reigns over the BDSM power-exchange space. She has never been to a chamber before, and we love giving her first-time experiences. Her travel schedule is insane so to be in a place where we could be creative and pleasantly destructive at the same time was awesome!”

See it now at

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