The Flourish XXX Entertainment Bows Pair of Hot New MILF Scenes

Lolly Dames & Rob Piper After Dark + Sarah Jessie Anal w/ Jamie Knoxx

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX Entertainment is a factory of hotness, churning out incredible new content week after week. This time they offer their hardcore fans two new scenes: one featuring two strong performers going natural after dark and another with a sizzling hot anal scene with a MILF superstar!

‘Pornstar Lolly Dames Romantic Rendevous with Rob Piper’ from the Flourish XXX After Dark series, features the titular performers getting sensual as they share their supreme lovemaking skills with one another outside in the dark, enthralling all the wild animals of the night with their blissful coupling.

Lolly said, “This was more impromptu than anything but that is what makes working alongside TJ and TheFlourishxxx fun and adventurous. Rob and I have genuine chemistry and I wanted TJ to capture it above and beyond the work we did during the day as it was a gorgeous place, and the evening added a sensual vibe.”

TJ added, “These two, Rob and Lolly go at it every time they are together, and it was a pleasure to see it in different forms on that day, afternoon /pool versus evening / romantic.”

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The second amazing MILF scene released by the Flourish XXX this week features gorgeous Sarah Jessie taking a huge cock in her pretty mouth, her sweet, pink, pierced pussy, then right up her tight little bung! The inked blonde beauty turns in an award-worthy performance as she rides a hard cock in her ass, milking her lover for every last creamy drop!

“I had shot collab with Sarah before, so we fit like a glove. This was anal so I was geared up for it. Anissa was cool and we all checked in with TJ from afar as he wasn’t in Vegas,” Jamie said.

“I was happy working with Jamie again and Anissa,” Sarah Jessie said.

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The Flourish XXX Entertainment Bows Two Intense New Scenes

New Episode of ‘The Pro’s’ ft. Katie Kush Out Now + Sage Pillar’s 1st Anal!

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX Entertainment continues to release an impressive stream of amazing new content. This week they have a hot new release from one of their most popular series AND a brand new scene featuring a stunning first anal scene, both filmed in Vegas.

‘The Pros Episode 12 Katie Kush and MassagebyBlack’ stars MassagebyBlack playing a sports agent out chilling out poolside relaxing at a casino when a gorgeous, brown-haired vixen played by Katie Kush approaches and flirts with him. Soon after the pair stroll through the casino before returning to his Vegas high rise where they engage in nonstop intense sex in ever more inventive positions. MassagebyBlack is in pure heaven, even after he learns she’s a reporter using him for a story!

Katie enjoyed the entire experience from start to finish.

“Working with The Flourish was fun and exciting,” Katie said. “We didn’t know if we could pull off what TJ wanted to outside due to people and circumstances, but we managed to. Love the media stuff that we did and MassagebyBlack was extraordinary. Cannot wait for more to film with TheFlourishxxx had a great time!”

Her costar offered similar sentiments.

MassagebyBlack said, “Katie was out of this world, her vibe, her presence she was so sexual and knew when to take charge and when to let me lead. Working with TJ who is my brother from another mother is always great.”

TJ added, “this may have been the best sex when I was editing that I had ever seen. MrsFlourishxxx took over filming when they were inside, I covered outside, so I didn’t see everything until I was editing, and I called Black and told him nobody had ever reach a high level of sexuality like Katie did that day with him.”

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But the Pros wasn’t the only mind-blowing new scene this week from the powerhouse content creator. They also dropped ‘Sage Pillar 1st Ever Anal’ which features the young beauty losing her friends in Vegas and finding Jon Jon. She came ready for her first anal experience and already has a butt plug in her ass, which her new pal learns when she begs him to be her first. He is more than happy to comply!

Sage knew from the start she wanted to give her backdoor cherry to TheFlourishXXX!

TJ said, “Sage reached out us and said she loved The Flourish XXX and wanted to give her first anal to our platform. It was a testament to how far we have come and grown. We talked to our friend Jon Jon about doing the scene as I wanted a Pro’s Pro to handle her first anal ever.”

“I was so excited and still am to work with TheFlourishxxx,” Sage added. “Jon Jon was so gentle with me and communicated a lot with me. I really hope TheFlourishxxx brings me back for more scenes!”

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