Ricky’s Room Drops Fire New Kayley Gunner Release

Hot Blonde PAWG Shares Night of Passion in “Fucking A Perfect Package”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Ricky’s Room has another amazing new release! “Fucking A Perfect Package” features award-winning stud owner Ricky Johnson with hot blonde PAWG Kayley Gunner! The irresistible star is a vision in red lingerie as she teases and pleases in the red-hot new release!

Kayley deeply enjoyed the experience from start to finish.

“That was one of my favorite sets I’ve been on in a long time,” Kayley Gunner said. “Ricky and all his crew keep it fun I forget that what we’re doing is considered work. He’s one of my favorite performers right now so getting him one on one was amazing. Ricky’s Room is the best room to be in.”

Ricky instantly felt her sexual power and fell under her spell.

“When this total package walks into a room, she owns it, from her beautiful tits to her perfect ass and all the way down to her shoes,” Ricky admitted. “On that note, this isn’t Ricky’s Room anymore after the way she handled me. Let me welcome you to Kayley’s room!”

See it now https://rickysroom.com/videos/fucking-a-perfect-package.

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The Flourish XXX Entertainment Bows Pair of Hot New MILF Scenes

Lolly Dames & Rob Piper After Dark + Sarah Jessie Anal w/ Jamie Knoxx

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX Entertainment is a factory of hotness, churning out incredible new content week after week. This time they offer their hardcore fans two new scenes: one featuring two strong performers going natural after dark and another with a sizzling hot anal scene with a MILF superstar!

‘Pornstar Lolly Dames Romantic Rendevous with Rob Piper’ from the Flourish XXX After Dark series, features the titular performers getting sensual as they share their supreme lovemaking skills with one another outside in the dark, enthralling all the wild animals of the night with their blissful coupling.

Lolly said, “This was more impromptu than anything but that is what makes working alongside TJ and TheFlourishxxx fun and adventurous. Rob and I have genuine chemistry and I wanted TJ to capture it above and beyond the work we did during the day as it was a gorgeous place, and the evening added a sensual vibe.”

TJ added, “These two, Rob and Lolly go at it every time they are together, and it was a pleasure to see it in different forms on that day, afternoon /pool versus evening / romantic.”

See it now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Pornstar-Lolly-Dames-Romantic-Rendevous-with-Rob-Piper.html.

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The second amazing MILF scene released by the Flourish XXX this week features gorgeous Sarah Jessie taking a huge cock in her pretty mouth, her sweet, pink, pierced pussy, then right up her tight little bung! The inked blonde beauty turns in an award-worthy performance as she rides a hard cock in her ass, milking her lover for every last creamy drop!

“I had shot collab with Sarah before, so we fit like a glove. This was anal so I was geared up for it. Anissa was cool and we all checked in with TJ from afar as he wasn’t in Vegas,” Jamie said.

“I was happy working with Jamie again and Anissa,” Sarah Jessie said.

Watch her in action now in ‘Sarah Jessie Anal Delight with Jamie Knoxx’ at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Sarah-Jessie-Anal-delight-with-Jamie-Knoxx.html.

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The Flourish XXX Bows ‘Bella Scorpion in The Rapture with Brick Cummings’

Picture Perfect Pair Share Hot, Oiled Up, Nonstop Sex in Spicy New Scene

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX has a brand-new scene this week with Bella Scorpion and Brick Cummings. The picture-perfect pair appear in ‘Bella Scorpion in The Rapture with Brick Cummings’, getting oiled up and fucking their brains out in a nonstop no brakes all gas scene that’s sure to blow fans away.

The inked scorpion goddess threw her precious booty around and Brick’s muscular frame took it all in. Brick answered the stamina question as he lasted all night long! When it came time to describe her scene with the muscular stud, Bella kept it simple.

“Yeah, we fucked the shit out of each other,” she giggled.

Her costar elaborated on their erotic encounter.

“Bella Scorpion had me on edge from start to finish,” Brick said. “She’s very professional and her accent does wonders!”

“We’re going to work with a lot of inked models,” promised Flourish CEO TJ. “Our audience loves when we present them, and we have multiple platforms for them.”

Experience it now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Bella-Scorpion-in-The-Rapture-with-Brick.html.

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And over on Flourish Amateurs, fans are encouraged to catch Leah Michelle in a 30 plus minute BTS clip with the elite tag team duo, Black and Brick!

“Black and Brick were absolutely amazing,” raved Leah Michelle, “and Mark Canon did an exceptional job!”

See it now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/BTS-Leah-Michelle-BBC-Threesome.html!

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Flourish Fetish Drops New Meela Clothespins BDSM Scene

Also MILF’s 3some RedHotWife88 & Haute Teacher Enjoy BBC of Brick Cummings

HOLLYWOOD – Flourish Fetish has a hot new scene out, Meela Clothespins BDSM POV then gets BBC. Redhead Meela came to Mr. Flourish looking for a BDSM bondage session. She had no idea he had Clothespins in mind, with heavy flogging and paddling. But for a BSDM sub queen she is, her blowjob was probably top 10 of all time as well as her THROWBACK game.

“This scene was everything that I had hoped for and more,” said Meela. “I have been on the BDSM scene all across the USA and lost my Twitter and fell out of place but reached out The Flourish Fetish and asked for a special hardcore flogging spanking with some surprise. The Clothespins by Mr. Flourish was totally a surprise and he made it turn out so great. Then the orgasm control and I think I was in the mood to give the best head that I may have gave in the past year. Great scene and glad I am back.”

“Meela and I fit right in,” said TJ, aka Mr. Flourish. “There was some funny parts in the main scene that you have to see it in full. It’s not in the trailer due to controlling the length of time. And when we really got ACTIVE I must say we bought the best out of each other in how we challenged each to reach a higher FREQUENCY.”

See the amazing forty-minute clip now at https://tour.theflourishfetish.com/trailers/Meela-Clothespins-BDSM-POV-then-gets-BBC.html.

The fun doesn’t end there. Flourish Amateurs dropped a hot new threeway scene this week with Brick Cummings enjoying both a blonde and a redhead at the same time. In Milfs RedHotWife88 and Haute Teacher with Brick the lovely ladies are in the mood for some muscular BBC and tag team the hung stud. The action-packed amateur gonzo scene has it all, even unique new positions not seen in previous threesomes.

“RedHotwife asked how good Brick was when I met him over the summer,” explained Haute Teacher, “and when I told her how many times I came she immediately wanted to join in a threesome. We really took turns on him and gave him all he can handle. It was over 35 minutes of pure joy!”

RedHotWife88 replied “I love my girl Haute Teacher and now love Brick. This was my first shoot after a hiatus of sorts but this was the perfect scene for me to get my groove back. And appreciate the outreach of Flourish Amateurs and Brick in showing our talents worldwide.”

“They called me, wanted a one-on-one again, and also a threesome, and I felt obliged to deliver,” said Brick. “The mood this time was easier as I was already familiar with Haute Teacher as we did a scene previously. I am glad they wanted to include me in RedHotWife88 first shoot in a long time.”

See it now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Milfs-RedHotWife88-and-Haute-Teacher-with-Brick.html.

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The Flourish Releases New Katalina Kyle Birthday Threesome

Brick Cummings and Massage by Black Slide into a Slice of Something Super Sweet

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish has another hot new threeway scene out called Katalina Kyle BBC Birthday Threesome, this time from their pro-am site. There’s no sex better than birthday sex. So, it comes as no surprise that on her special day, all Katalina wants is to double her dirty pleasures with a hot threesome.

But not just any two stiffs off the street will do for this naughty girl. She’s going to need two well hung studs who know how to make a girl scream with pleasure. Lucky for the birthday girl, she gets the perfect present in the form of The Flourish’s resident tag team experts, Brick Cummings and Massage by Black.

What started out as a sexy game of cards between two studs to see who would get her first turns into a sizzling threeway scene chock full of action. She gets stretched to the limit and glazed and they get a slice of something super sweet!

Starting with a double blowjob, the action quickly doubles in intensity as these experienced studs take the breathtaking beauty through a plethora of pervy positions. Like dueling sherpas they deftly guide the birthday babe up pleasure mountain to climax peak before baptizing her gorgeous face in their creamy white loads.

And, according to costar Brick Cummings, the entire erotic adventure was her idea.

“I had reached out to Katalina early June, and she told me skip the romantic stuff and she wants edgy content,” said Brick. “I was like okay, let’s do this. Working with her was simply amazing.”

“It was very easy to collaborate on ideas as she is very intuitive,” added Black. “Also, her body is amazing and after the threesome we immediately decided we want to do a follow up one on one collab. She is a dope content artist.”

“I told the boys I needed a BBC threesome for my fans and wanted to put it out around or on my birthday,” said Katalina. “They were quick to oblige. The card game concept was unique and the detail around whomever wins gets me but, in the end, I had both of them. On another note, TJ of TheFlourishxxx shot me for a big scene on the series the Pros, to get released later, and had a birthday cake for me, which was a total surprise and made this birthday threesome collaboration even more amazing!”

Don’t just take their word for it. See the steamy trio in action now at https://tour.theflourishamateurs.com/trailers/Katalina-Kyle-BBC-Birthday-Threesome.html.

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The Flourish XXX Drops Juicy New BBC Squirt Scene

‘Ebony YumTheeBoss vs Brick Cummings’ Available Now

HOLLYWOOD – The Flourish XXX has another hot new scene out in their ever-expanding catalogue of scorchers. In the sizzling new release, Ebony YumTheeBoss vs Brick Cummings, Brick plays the role of a photographer who is doing a midnight photo session of YumTheeBoss. The two share a spark as he oils up her smooth brown body, turning her own with his firm but gentle touch.

He starts a fire that she puts out over the course of the next forty minutes with her tight, wet, squirting pussy. The whole scene is nothing short of pure sexual bliss from start to finish, according to the beauty herself.

“I loved working with Brick Cummings,” YumTheeBoss explained. “He’s so professional and has some amazing dick. I squirted many times. I’m telling all my porn star friends about him!”

This wasn’t the first time Brick had worked with the hottie, which worked to their advantage.

“I worked with Yum on BangBros and it was awesome,” Brick recalled. “She hit me up that she wanted to shoot trade on a trip of hers and I couldn’t wait to see her again. We made magic and this time we knew more about what each other wanted and could craft it better. She squirted like a million times in this one!”

Experience Ebony YumTheeBoss vs Brick Cummings now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Ebony-YumTheeBoss-vs-Brick-Cummings.html.

Follow YumTheeBoss on Twitter at https://twitter.com/yumtheebossxxx and check out her OnlyFans at https://onlyfans.com/yumtheebossxxx.

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Double Stuffed! The Flourish XXX Drops DAP DP Double Punch

Gia Lov3ly and Lydia Black Crank Up Summer Heat in 2 Steamy New Scenes

HOLLYWOOD – Summer just got a whole lot hotter with the release of two scorching new scenes from The Flourish XXX. The rapidly rising label just broke the top 15 list of worldwide producers and with content like this, it’s no wonder people are starting to take notice.

Both Gia Lovely and Lydia Black get double penetrated, take double anal, and basically get stuffed and used then blasted with cum in these wild and juicy no holes barred scenes that are sure to stick with you long after you’ve stopped watching.

Gia Lov3ly DAP and DP BBC Threesome stars the eponymous performer taking a double stuffing up her tight ass from renowned tag team duo Brick Cummings and Massage by Black. The inked PAWG with he big, juicy bubble enjoys a hot threesome that starts with ball sucking, pussy licking, and rimming, but ends up with an anal creampie in her double stuffed tushy.

According to Miss Lov3ly, it was like discovering a whole new world she can’t wait to visit again.

“It was great to have my anal fantasy fulfilled!” Gia said. “For the second time with Brick! This was my first DAP ever and I hope to have more in the near future!”

Costar Massage by Black said he was left speechless.

“No words can describe how shocked I am by Gia,” Black confided. “She owes me nothing, definitely a trooper. She took it all and asked for more lol what else can I say?”

Witness the magic now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/trailers/Gia-Lovely-DAP-and-DP-BBC-Threesome.html.

The Flourish XXX is also excited to announce their newest release featuring Lydia Black doing double anal penetration, DAP. Lydia Black DAP and DP Bukakke Gangbang features the extreme performer paired with Brick Cummings, Brian O’Mally, Jay Bangher, and James Angel.

Lovely Lydia first fists herself before her quartet of cocks join in the frisky fun for a blowbang and some rimming that’s followed by filling up her every juicy hole. The double vaginal and double anal penetration gangbang ultimately ends in a well-crafted bukkake facial with a surprise twist you’ll have to see to believe. It’s a wild scene by any standards that tests all the limits.

Hell, they even broke the damn couch!

Experience it now at https://tour.theflourishxxx.com/updates/Lydia-Black-DAP-and-DP-Promo.html.

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