Briana Banks is no longer a Vivid Girl

Briana Banks dropped a bombshell on Sunday night via her MySpace page, announcing on her myspace page that after many years of a long and profitable relationship she is leaving the loving arms of Vivid to start her own line of movies of which she will call it “Briana Banks Entertainment”.

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Briana Banks Entertainment
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I have such groundbreaking, awesome news to share with alll my loyal friends and fans. I by choice have decided to leave Vivid and start my own company called Briana Banks Entertainment.. The launch of the company will take place in Vegas at AVN 2009… Finally my own boss, what a thrilling ride Im about to embark on.. My first movie will be shot the third week of Novemb

er, and I dont wanna give to much away yet but Brees been in the gym two hours a day and its Briana Banks vision and style all wrapped into one movie with many more exiting titles to follow.. Lets just say the industry will be forever changed in a good way.. Contract girls are in negotiation, they are only the best ofcurse. Well thats all I can tell u for now….. This new chapter in my life will bring a smile to all our faces as well as other places. HeHE xooxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxo Bree

I don’t know why but I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming. I love Briana Banks. Always have. I mean who doesn’t, right? But this is such a huge step and she only recently returned to Vivid after taking an extended leave of absnese.  One can only wonder what caused the split and what the hell is going on over at Vivid or if this is another movie deal like that of Savanna Samson and Sunny Leone.

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