Where the fuck has Carmella Bing been?

I’m watching a video earlier today featuring Carmella Bing and I’m like damn that fucking bitch is hot.  What the fuck ever happened to her ass?  She hasn’t really been heard from all year that I know of.  I went to her myspace page and a few months ago she did update it with a blog posting.  Turns out some dip shits have been going around saying she was part of the talent pool infected by HIV.  Turns out that rumor is not true.  Just so there isn’t any confusion here ….

The rumors of Carmella Bing having HIV are FALSE

So then where the fuck is she? Well it turns out one rumor about Carmella Bing is true. She got herself knocked up.  No big scandal or drama really.  She just got pregnant as most chicks do and that is where she has been … of doing the mommy thing.

So as you may have heard for the last year or so there have been some awful rumors spreading around about certain talent being infected with HIV. I am requesting an interview to clear my name and advise anyone feeding into it or not monitoring their sites to take immediate action. I am very hurt over these accusations and I am taking my own action to regain my reputation. I figured It would just pass, but if you google my name all you see is HIV this and carmella bing HIV that. It has affected my relationships, friendships, I have been confronted and embarassed, and it has affected my networking in the industry as well as my family. Do you know how it feels to walk in a room and everyone look at you like youre unclean and distructively careless? I do. I am 8 months pregnant, totally healthy besides the ever frustrating stress if this evil rumor. I am in the process of requesting my entire AIM history to be publicly displayed and end this madness. I am seriously concidering requesting a spot on Larry King Live to broadcast my frustration in this matter since it is such a wide spread slander case. I will fight this to the nail, not for money, but for the respect I had to earn, back. If in fact I did come into some money, I have thought to myself it would be nice to pay off some taxes, but I honestly am capable of earning my own money and not sueing for it. I would donate it to an appropriate cause, Like AIDs research and or treatment for those infected. I dont expect for the world to stop for me, but this is a crude and terrible world for anyone who suffers the punishment of the HIV virus and AIDS. I can only imagine and I deeply sympathize for them.

So theres my story, lets finish this once and for all.

Trouble in Rio Valentine’s Paradise?

A regular visitor to the site sent me a MySpace tip today and it’s a damn good find.

Digital Playground has always been know for staying on top of new technologies with their MySpace page, YouTube Channel, iPhone website, iTunes downloads of their movies and so on.  That being said, isn’t it interesting that the Digital Playground MySpage page which was updated as recently as October 9, 2009 doesn’t list their contract star Rio Valentine who is on MySpace all day long.


Yet the Digital Playground top friends list does include a link to one of their newest contract girls Raven Alexis.  Wonder why Rio Valentine isn’t listed?  Could it be trouble in paradise for Miss Rio Valentine?  Are things not going as well for her as she would have us all believe?  Could Digital Playground be having 2nd thoughts about signing her in the first place?


Kayden Kross wants to be your Ultimate SPIKE Girl

I think by now we all know I’m not a fan of voting of shit but that’s mostly because most of the shit people want us to vote for is fake. Give the girls something like a cash prize or a pink diamond Rolex watch and then I can see justifying the whole “vote for me” shit because fuck the girls actually get something out of it.

But as well all know, most of this vote for me sites are so fucking fake and stupid.  It’s nothing more than a way to trick these girls into promoting their sites for free.    After something like 7 different “vote for me” type contests going on one month   It’s just so fucking stupid.  But again that being said, I don’t have a problem promoting a REAL voting contest where it is from a real company or the girl gets a real prize and today we have such an event.

Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross blogs on her MySpace page …

OK as a porn chick I usually only get excited about things like sets actually wrapping on time and good make up artists but this one is in it’s own league. I’m one of 50 girls in the running for Spike TV’s search for the Ultimate Spike Girl. It’s open voting once a day and the winner lands a job as a host for Spike TV. From the 50 girls they will narrow it down to 10 and then obviously down to 1. I’m in that 10 right now but the voting doesn’t close until the 14th of Sept.

So this is my desperate plea for help and I heard from a pretty reliable source that if you don’t vote it could be bad for your health.


Hanna Hilton on MySpace

Hanna Hilton has had her MySpace page since long before becoming a porn star.  In fact, Hanna Hilton was discovered on MySpace and became a very popular nude, Internet model for years before making the jump into hardcore.  But recently we noticed her MySpace page was gone and I wondered what happened.  Turns out her page was deleted, and according to her messages on Twitter she isn’t sure exactly why or if she’ll get it back or why it was even deleted in the first place.

Right now she is in the middle of a big move and won’t even be going back to work in LA until September so perhaps once she is settled into her new home she will get back to work on a new MySpace page so for now you can find and keep up with Hanna Hilton at her official website, www.HannaHilton.com or via Twitter at www.Twitter.com/hanna1hilton.

Hanna Hilton

Bree Olson in Long Island

Bree Olson blogs on her MySpace page … I am in Long Island NY!
I am at “The Scene” gentlemens club performing tonight (Friday June 26th) and tomorrow night (Saturday June 27th). Be sure to come out and meet me! I will be performing as well as taking naughty polaroids and giving private dances! Lets have fun together this weekend! xoxo Bree Olson

Times: (Approx) 10-3 Both nights
Address: 70 Motor Parkway Commack Long Island NY 11725
CLUBS Phone Number for Questions: 631-543-4177

Bree Olson MySpace

Devon Responds to the Drama

Devon made another blog post about all the drama around her last post.  I don’t know if this newest blog post from Devon is in direct response to the letter from Shane’s  World or the overall nasty comments coming her way from her original post.


Devon blogs Telling the truth, really seems 2 have caused a stirr…& honestly the reason ive distanced myself from the whole porno scene, is BECAUSE of the incodences that occored on that unimaginably awfull trip 2 mexico, nearly 2 years ago…come on…would that not make sense……thats all i have 2 say on this subject rt now. Except, Thank u, 2 all friends, n fans who have sent me many messages of luv, & support! Thank u. xoxo, Dev.

In the mean time, thanks to a cute little birdie, I came across another interesting rape related story regarding Shane’s World over at PornNewz. Count just how many times the word “rape” is used in this one very short story.

From PornNewz Post -Girlfriends Films has hired industry veteran Megan Stokes as the new VP of New Project Development. I heard the “new project” is a weapons-grade plutonium factory in Northern Lithunia. But now that Megan has departed from Shane’s World, I feel safe to air our dirty laundry. Here it goes. On more than one occasion…Megan raped me. She wasn’t pleasant about it either, it was a love-less rape, almost like being in a Max Hardcore movie where I was playing the role of Catalina complete with speculums and she even had her own Yellow Couch of Doom. She was brutal and her rapes were meticulously planned out to humiliate me to the highest degree. Her rape-style was a combination of Max Hardcore and Khan Tusion mixed with Eli Roth and Celine Dion. And she kept me chained up in the basement of Shane’s World where I was forced to watch Disney movies and read catalogs about shoes. Megan also would randomly slap people at Shane’s World for no reason whatsoever, she’d just backhand ya right in the middle of a conversation. She had a penchant for going all “Jerry Springer” on us on more than one occasion. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pull her and Valerie See apart as they argued over which one was going to rape me next. It was pure hell. So that being said…I’d like to wish Megan all the best in her future endeavors, which I’m sure will include raping Moose and TJ over at Girlfriends. Watch yer cornhole guys.

Sunny Leone in Miami

Porn Star Sunny Leone blogs on her myspace page about a trip to Miami she is about to take and hopes her fans will come out to see her. In addition to seeing her in Miami she also hopes that her fans take a moment ot vote for her at the FAME awards.  Also don’t forget Sunny Leone has her first movie out from our newly formed studio SunLust Pictures and it includes her first ever internal cum shot.  Her new movie is called Dark Side of the Sun.   Although I personally haven’t seen it yet, I hear it’s getting great reviews and there is a scene in it with fellow former Vivid girl and Penthouse Pet Brea Lynn that is not to be missed.

Sunny Leone



Hey everyone. So its time for the FAME awards and I need all my fans votes to win….
Please got to the link below and paste it in your browser bar.

Vote for me where you see my name or you can choose OTHER and add me in to the group..




GO HERE :::::>>> http://www.thefameawards.com/vote_email.aspx

Tweet Tweet Goes The Love Twins

The Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey Love have found their way over to Twitter with the rest of all the hottie porn stars doing their thing in cyberspace including Eva Angelina, Jesse Jane, Stoya and Teagan Presley.  Porn Stars on Twitter are THE hot thing right now.

Lacey Love tells us that exclusively that although they are taking a small break from filming right now they still want to keep in contact with their fans which they do from their official website, facebook page, myspace page and now through Twitter.

They’ve also recently added a Twitter app on their official website, that lets people who visit their website see their twitter updates in real time.  (view app here)

Lacey Love said that her and her sister will be doing a couple web and email interviews as well for fan sites over the next few weeks and if anyone is interested they can contact them through their official website.


Since I had the Love Twins on the line I took a moment to catch up with them and find out what is going on their their lives.

So what have you been up to lately?

Well,  we’ve taken a small break from filming for right now.  We finished going to school and our internship and have started looking for work in mainstream.  But with the ecnomy the way that it is, it’s not so easy.  You would think in the medical field it wouldn’t be that way too but right now things are bad all over, in every field.  Even in the adult industry.  Prices for shooting scenes have plumeted and even being a porn star isn’t as profitable as it was even just a year ago.

That’s so true. I hear about girls doing scenes now for as little as $500 and that is from a girl who is really pretty decently well known, not some new no name talent! I’m floored myself at how cheap people have gotten when it comes to paying girls for work lately.

We got an invitation to work on a scene from a very well known company just yesterday from our MySpace page and the price was $200 to $300 for each of us, so that’s like $400 to $600. I couldn’t believe it. I was really nice but wrote back to the guy and was like sorry but we live in Ohio and what you are offering wouldn’t even cover our travel expenses to LA for the shoot. Thanks but no thanks.

I don’t know if I would have been as nice as you is someone would have offered me $200 to blow a guy. That’s just down right insulting.

LOL! People want the best price they can get and the only way they can get it if they ask. There is no harm in asking for a good deal. Doesn’t mean we’ll be interested but they can’t be faulted for trying.

You girls are so sweet.  You have such a good attitude about things.  I couldn’t be more impressed.

Being negative doesn’t really get you anywhere.  My sister and I know we are really lucky to have even gotten to work in one movie let alone all that we have and then things like the magazine covers are just a bonus.   We are truly honored.  And the fans we have are really the best.  We can’t say in the past few years we’ve really had any bad experiences with even one fan.

So that really is you on your website talking away to your fans?

We have a friend who helps us.  We met her through a contact through Vivid just after we ended our contract with them.  She’s most of the technical stuff for us because that’s not really our thing but every word you read is ours.  And all those messages we send out from our MySpace page, all of those are us too, 100%.  Nobody has ever logged into our myspace page ever but my and my sister.

There is a lot of talk right now about the Twistys Treat of the Year competition. What do you think about it and why in the world have you and your sister never shot for Twistys yet?

I don’t really know much about the Twistys thing but now that we do we’ll be voting today. As far as why we haven’t done anything for them yet, I guess they just haven’t ever asked us too. We would love to be in their site. We’ve seen it before. It’s very nice. We like it a lot.

Who do you think will win?

I don’t really know. I asked Lyndsey and she said she doesn’t know either. They are all really pretty. It’s hard to tell who will come out on top. I guess whoever has the most fans voting for them.

So you are taking a break from filming adult movies for how long?

It really just depends on the economy.  It doesn’t pay for us to fly to work in LA for a week if the money is not there for us to be made right now.  It just doesn’t make sense to spend more to go to work than you could make, know what I mean?  But we are not out totally.  We still do things here and there.  We are keeping up with all of our fans on our website, facebook, myspace, and through twitter now as well.

I heard you were going to try out for the Jamaica shoot for the Sungoddess XXX movie with Teagan Presley, Eva Angelina, Gianna Lynn, Bree Olson and Sasha Grey.  What happened there?  Why did you and your sister back off from that?

When we first heard about it we were both so excited.  The thought of going to Jamaica was great but at the time we were going through a transition, trying to do our internship and with all of that going on things got pushed back and well you know how all of that goes.   I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for us but maybe some time in the future my sister and I will be having sex on the sandy beaches of Jamaica.  Can you imagine?  How great would that be?

I couldn’t think of anything better to look forward to. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. It was as always a true pleasure. I hope that you return to filming soon.

The Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey Love

Bree Olson Promises to Donate Prize Money to the SPCA

Bree Olson blogs on her myspace page ….. I have been so fortunate to have received such positive recognition in the adult industry for all of the work I have done. Once again I feel so lucky because Twisty’s (A website I have worked for) has decided to put me in a contest for Twisty’s Treat of the year. This is an awesome opportunity for me and I am really thankful for this. Best of all, the decision of who wins is in the public’s hands. Anyone can vote! It’s free, fast and easy!

Bree Olson

Twisty’s has also been generous enough to offer prize money but when I reflect on how blessed I have been it makes me think of the less fortunate. One of my deepest passions is animals and if I win this contest I am donating a portion of the winnings to the Fort Wayne Indiana SPCA!

So please go to www.votebree.com and vote for me! And PLEASE consider checking out your local SPCA before purchasing an animal from a breeder or pet store!  Thank you all so much for all of your love and support! And don’t forget, you can vote once a day! So be sure to vote for me everyday 🙂 The contest goes until May 31st!

xoxo Bree Olson

Party with Bree Olson and Ron Jeremy

Bree Olson blogs — I’m going to be at Shangrila East this Saturday! (April 4, 2009) This Saturday the 4th we are celebrating Kats birthday. She’s a super good friend of mine. Us and a large group of friends are going to Shangrila East to enjoy ourselves. Its a wonderful coincidence thast Ron Jeremy is gonna be there as well doing a signing and what not. So come hang out with us! Its gonna be a blast! There are supposed to be some really hot new dancers there too so we are all pretty stoked! I’m not going to be dancing but I will be hanging out and I’ll be available to talk to or whatnot. Well can’t wait to see ya’ll there!  xoxo Bree Olson

Bree Olson