Trouble in Rio Valentine’s Paradise?

A regular visitor to the site sent me a MySpace tip today and it’s a damn good find.

Digital Playground has always been know for staying on top of new technologies with their MySpace page, YouTube Channel, iPhone website, iTunes downloads of their movies and so on.  That being said, isn’t it interesting that the Digital Playground MySpage page which was updated as recently as October 9, 2009 doesn’t list their contract star Rio Valentine who is on MySpace all day long.


Yet the Digital Playground top friends list does include a link to one of their newest contract girls Raven Alexis.  Wonder why Rio Valentine isn’t listed?  Could it be trouble in paradise for Miss Rio Valentine?  Are things not going as well for her as she would have us all believe?  Could Digital Playground be having 2nd thoughts about signing her in the first place?


3 thoughts on “Trouble in Rio Valentine’s Paradise?

  1. Looks like they read your story because they added her to their myspace page today but kinda far down. Kind of a huge slap in the face to Rio Valentine if you ask me though.

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