Where the fuck has Carmella Bing been?

I’m watching a video earlier today featuring Carmella Bing and I’m like damn that fucking bitch is hot.  What the fuck ever happened to her ass?  She hasn’t really been heard from all year that I know of.  I went to her myspace page and a few months ago she did update it with a blog posting.  Turns out some dip shits have been going around saying she was part of the talent pool infected by HIV.  Turns out that rumor is not true.  Just so there isn’t any confusion here ….

The rumors of Carmella Bing having HIV are FALSE

So then where the fuck is she? Well it turns out one rumor about Carmella Bing is true. She got herself knocked up.  No big scandal or drama really.  She just got pregnant as most chicks do and that is where she has been … of doing the mommy thing.

So as you may have heard for the last year or so there have been some awful rumors spreading around about certain talent being infected with HIV. I am requesting an interview to clear my name and advise anyone feeding into it or not monitoring their sites to take immediate action. I am very hurt over these accusations and I am taking my own action to regain my reputation. I figured It would just pass, but if you google my name all you see is HIV this and carmella bing HIV that. It has affected my relationships, friendships, I have been confronted and embarassed, and it has affected my networking in the industry as well as my family. Do you know how it feels to walk in a room and everyone look at you like youre unclean and distructively careless? I do. I am 8 months pregnant, totally healthy besides the ever frustrating stress if this evil rumor. I am in the process of requesting my entire AIM history to be publicly displayed and end this madness. I am seriously concidering requesting a spot on Larry King Live to broadcast my frustration in this matter since it is such a wide spread slander case. I will fight this to the nail, not for money, but for the respect I had to earn, back. If in fact I did come into some money, I have thought to myself it would be nice to pay off some taxes, but I honestly am capable of earning my own money and not sueing for it. I would donate it to an appropriate cause, Like AIDs research and or treatment for those infected. I dont expect for the world to stop for me, but this is a crude and terrible world for anyone who suffers the punishment of the HIV virus and AIDS. I can only imagine and I deeply sympathize for them.

So theres my story, lets finish this once and for all.

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