Kayden Kross wants to be your Ultimate SPIKE Girl

I think by now we all know I’m not a fan of voting of shit but that’s mostly because most of the shit people want us to vote for is fake. Give the girls something like a cash prize or a pink diamond Rolex watch and then I can see justifying the whole “vote for me” shit because fuck the girls actually get something out of it.

But as well all know, most of this vote for me sites are so fucking fake and stupid.  It’s nothing more than a way to trick these girls into promoting their sites for free.    After something like 7 different “vote for me” type contests going on one month   It’s just so fucking stupid.  But again that being said, I don’t have a problem promoting a REAL voting contest where it is from a real company or the girl gets a real prize and today we have such an event.

Kayden Kross

Kayden Kross blogs on her MySpace page …

OK as a porn chick I usually only get excited about things like sets actually wrapping on time and good make up artists but this one is in it’s own league. I’m one of 50 girls in the running for Spike TV’s search for the Ultimate Spike Girl. It’s open voting once a day and the winner lands a job as a host for Spike TV. From the 50 girls they will narrow it down to 10 and then obviously down to 1. I’m in that 10 right now but the voting doesn’t close until the 14th of Sept.

So this is my desperate plea for help and I heard from a pretty reliable source that if you don’t vote it could be bad for your health.


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