Evil Angel Unprofessional?

Porn Star Jayden James called out Evil Angel for their unprofessional behavior on the set of their latest production, on her official blog and while normally I would just scan the story she posted  and go on about my business, there has been a lot of news lately about porn companies and how shitty and unprofessional they are in business.   Either they aren’t paying, beating up the girls, treating them like shit and now this …. It’s like they forgot the BUSINESS side of the adult business.  Sure they want girls to work for less and less money per scene nowadays but what do they give in return?  Do they treat the girls better? Apparently not.  Do they act more professional?   Bother to show up to shoots on time?  Apparently not.  So what the fuck is the problem?  While it’s true times are tough right now, keep this kind of shit up and it’s only a matter of time before you are left shooting with no name, fat whores because the A list girls don’t want to work with the likes of you.  Girls talk and stories get around.  Nobody wants to work for jack asses and when times get better and we all know eventually they will get better, these girls will remember what dumb fucks you are and I promise they will tell everyone they know so the next time you come calling, asking them to be in one of your new DVDs they may not be so quick to say yes.

Jayden James

I spent my Saturday (yesterday) on set. Ugh! I HATE to work Saturdays, but it was for Evil Angel and I don’t turn down DVD shoots. (My goal for the year was to shoot more DVDs.) But, I probably should’ve turn this one down. Originally, I was hoping I’d have an early call time of 9am or so, but my call time ended up being 1pm! Okay… so I was hoping the other girl would already be there and ready so we could be out of there earlier. Nope. I was the first one there. Whatever. The makeup artist got there soon after I did and she got to work on my face. By 1:30 or so, the director got there with the other female talent (it was a girl/girl scene) who, apparently, is his girlfriend. First thing they starting doing: Rolling joint, packing bowls, opening beers… WOW!!! For such a big named company, this was sure a lack of professionalism. Don’t get me wrong, smoking is relaxing sometimes, but this is WORK, not a PLAY DATE! I was PISSED! After my makeup was done, I stepped out side to get some FRESH air. I called my agent and complained while I was at it. They made a call to the director about my complaints and he said they’d tone it down and get to work. Yeah, right! After apologizing to me, they continued! It took almost 5 hours for 2 girls to go through makeup and take pictures! It should’ve have taken more than 3 1/3 hours. I just sat there, grumpy, not talking to anyone. But, when it came time to shoot the scene, I fucked the shit out of that girl! Funny, the director kept telling me how much she loves girls and everything, and she was soooooo QUIET during the scene! Even when she ‘came’… hardly a peep! Whatever. I rocked it! Then I packed up my things and got the hell out of there!

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