Hanna Hilton on MySpace

Hanna Hilton has had her MySpace page since long before becoming a porn star.  In fact, Hanna Hilton was discovered on MySpace and became a very popular nude, Internet model for years before making the jump into hardcore.  But recently we noticed her MySpace page was gone and I wondered what happened.  Turns out her page was deleted, and according to her messages on Twitter she isn’t sure exactly why or if she’ll get it back or why it was even deleted in the first place.

Right now she is in the middle of a big move and won’t even be going back to work in LA until September so perhaps once she is settled into her new home she will get back to work on a new MySpace page so for now you can find and keep up with Hanna Hilton at her official website, www.HannaHilton.com or via Twitter at www.Twitter.com/hanna1hilton.

Hanna Hilton

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