Nina Mercedez MySpace Fuck Up!

I recently posted about three myspace spammers … you may know them as Tera Patrick, Gina Lynn and Nina Mercedez.  You can click here to read about their antics and how they are pissing off their fans but I wanted to add a little piece to the story.  Today Nina Mercedez posted that she wants you to add her friend, Nina Mercedez.  Oh yes I actually just said what you think I said.  Can anyone says Ooops!  Nina Mercedez could not be reached for comment on this story but rumor has it that the company she hired to manage her myspace page said “I wished they would stop posting untrue stories about us”.  Dude untrue?  Are you really that fucking retarded?  You are the dumb asses spamming up myspace.  Maybe if you stop committing fraud, we’ll stop telling people about it.

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