Myspace Ooopsy

If you visit a porn star’s website and take the photos from her pages, do you think she would be pissed off about it?  What if you take one of the movies that she made and post it on your own website?  Think the studio would be pissed.  If you go around telling people you are the lifesize Nina Mercedez do you think she might be pissed? Of course!!!  But more than being pissed off, in most cases they would have some powers in the realm of copyright and trademark infringements.

Well porn stars are not the only people in the world with these rights however they don’t seem to understand that.

See awhile ago I reported about Nina Mercedez, as well as a few other porn stars like Tera Patrick hiring a company to handle their MySpace pages. I got trashed to no end about reporting on this.  Some people even say I got some threats (which isn’t actually true). But it was such a hassle I just stayed quiet about the subject and would just post images of their mistakes. I figured instead of me blabbing about it, a picture was worth 1,000 words.

Well despite the evidence to the contrary,  some people came out and said that I was wrong.  Nina Mercedez being one of them claimed to run her own page.  That’s all well and good but let me be clear here ……. either the company she  hired to run her myspace page or she herself while running her myspace page, committed a little oopsy today by infringing on the Matel trademark by using the name “Barbie” to describe some naked chick they want you to add to your friends list on MySpace.

Previous porn stars have been sued for such things, with the biggest name lawsuit being that of Lexus Locklear, who now goes by the name of Lexi.  There is also Katsumi and a few Barbie lawsuits over the years.  Let’s just say Matel doesn’t like their CHILDREN’S brand being sullied by naked chicks claiming to be a “lifesize Barbie” and as with previous lawsuits in the past, sometimes these companies go over the people who post such claims and in this case, it’s the Nina Mercedez camp.

Now I’m no lawyer but I smart enough to guess that if anyone were to go steal content from Nina Mercedez’s official website, she would be one pissed off porn star and probably have her lawyer send some nasty letters.  So then why would she think it was now okay to infringe on anyone else’s trademarks?  So deny hiring some company running your myspace page all you want, but if I were you I would have one serious ass talk with these fucktards, because clearly the previous fraud they were perpetuating wasn’t enough.  Now they are making you look even better.


6 thoughts on “Myspace Ooopsy

  1. I run my own myspace page, but only because I have the time from being a stay at home mom, I try to answer all emails but the stupid ones and will only kick you off if you annoy me in some way or creep me out. It’s Ruby Adultstar, check it out. I’m such a myspace whore!

  2. Ryan, it must be hard to be that closed minded! If you knew anything about myspace you would know that is what the other girl calls herself!!! Now listen up!! Stop talking shit!! It is border line slander and You are starting to piss me off. Instead of writing about some of the dumbest shit in the world, why don’t you write about something worth while, like how 99% of tube sites are stealing everyone’s content and profiting from the traffic?? Or something nice like that some of the webmasters on GFY have raised over $3000.00 for a kids charity in just a couple days. Or just something of actual value.
    Thank you, Raymond Balboa

  3. I figured I would write here for once just for the hell of it. This latest post of yours is truly one of the most moronic things you have written yet, “Ryan.” First, Ray is correct. It’s what the girl calls herself, so how on God’s green earth is Nina responsible for that? Second, Nina does her own page. If you did your due diligence you would find that out. You certainly spend enough time dragging up statistics, graphs, site analytics, etc. Why don’t you spend some time on getting facts instead of your little senseless posts. Oh, and it’s Mattel — two T’s.

  4. Wait … let me get this straight. You want me to report on the illegal activities of other webmasters, but demand that I don’t do the same when your wife or someone that your wife hired makes a mistake or does something wrong.

    Dude threaten me all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that your wife or the company your wife hired infringed upon Matel’s trademark. Nothing you say to me changes that fact in any way shape or form.

    Just as you are pissed off that Tube webmasters are stealing your content without your permission, don’t you think the people that make Barbie might be slightly pissed that you are associating or even tainting the name by identifying it with a nude model and/or porn star?

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