Erica Ellyson on NBC’s Momma’s Boys

Erica Ellyson blogs on her MySpace page about her appearance on NBC’s Momm’as Boys.  You may remember Erica Ellyson as the 2008 Penthouse Pet of the year.  I think also sometime last year, if I recall she was selected as a Twistys Treat of the Month.  She’s pretty cute.  I can see why NBC picked her as one of the contestants.

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Hey yall…. Momma’s Boys, a brand new series from Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest that asks the question, “Who really is the most important woman in a man’s life?” The show premiers December 16, 2008 on NBC so if you wanna see more of me (yes, i’m on the show) and see what is to be a GREAT show, you should def tune in!

xoxo Erica Ellyson

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