Christian vs Mike South about Kayden Kross … OOOPS!

I was reading a great story about how Kayden Kross hired Mike South to be her personal career adviser and it was actually from Christian.   Now I was with up at first. It was pretty damn good reading. This story from AdultFYI goes on about how Mike South is a little dated and out of touch with current happenings in the industry. For one the man doesn’t even live in LA, nor has he really done anything remotely relevant to the LA scene in years.

I’ll give Christian that. I’ll also agree that Kayden Kross probably didn’t make the best choice in advisors when the man on your payroll is going around making threats saying you bow down to him because without his okay he isn’t signing off on dick.

So basically if you are his enemy or he doesn’t like you for any number of personal reasons Kayden Kross can’t perform with you despite it possibly being good for her career. That’s not good business sense. That’s someone with some serious personality issues.

But then we come to the part of his story where he continues to try and discredit Mike South. There are many ways to do this without having t0 flat out lie. Because when you lie and people catch you in that lie it makes you look like a dumb ass.   What I’m getting to is the part about Christian talking about Mike South’s blog. In this rant he claims to have 15,000 visitors a day and talked about how his blog gets more traffic than Mike South’s blog.  Or maybe he really just doesn’t know better.  Maybe in his mind he really has 15,000 people view his blog a day even though really it’s probably more like 1,500.  Oh, or maybe it was a typo and he really mean 1,500.

AdultFYI – Lets review. Kayden Kross hires Mike South to “advise” her. Kayden knows my blog is read by 15,000 people daily. Kayden has had some negative press lately. Mike South then PURPOSELY ANTAGONIZES ME ON THIS VERY BLOG, when he knows I am going to respond. So the dude she hired to advise her and garner her positive publicity just purposely garnered her NEGATIVE publicity. Does that make any sense at all to anyone? Holy hell that was dumb.

This got me thinking. Man how the fuck does Christian’s blog get 15,000 people a day? That’s damn impressive. I’m not going ot lie – that’s damn impressive, especially considering the fact that there are some decently known porn stars whose websites don’t get that much traffic a day.

Taking what the man said at face value, I went to do some digging to see what kind of traffic Mike South gets in comparison.

I know how much traffic gets each day because I can see my server logs. So using that as a base comparison I thought I would do a three way Alexa report on the three websites –, and

What I found is that the three were very close on the chart – so much so that you could barely tell the three sites apart across the bar line.


So I ran a report over at They actually have a very nice site analystics tool that some say is more accurate than Alexa. I don’t know if this is true or not but what I do know is that, at least according to them gets the most traffic, gets about half of what gets and gets slightly less than that. And even more interseting is that they are reporting Mike South’s traffic is up 23% this month, well for the month of November while seems to be down by 56%.


So our lesson today is this ……. if you are going to call soemone out for being a dumb ass and saying their blog sucks and yours rocks, make sure their blog isn’t more successful than your own.

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