Jenna Jameson to Co-Star with Mini Me

Found an interesting story on Adult FYI today. It says that Jenna Jameson will be making a movie with Mini Me. No, not a sex tape. That’s just to fucked up to even think about. It’s actually a real movie.

Las Vegas Sun- Former Las Vegas adult film star Jenna Jameson will star in a new mainstream movie after giving birth to twins early in the new year. She and her boyfriend, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, celebrated the news of her being signed to “War of the Dragon” when they visited Vegas a few days ago for the Oscar de la Hoya-Manny Pacquiao fight.

Director and producer Stan Derain told me that Jenna will start filming as soon as she’s recovered from the birth of her first children — and that he’s also cast Verne J. Troyer as the main villain. Stan, who previously produced “Kung Fu Assassins” and “City Dragon,” hopes Jenna’s stork arrival will be on time so the filming isn’t delayed and that the movie can still be released on schedule next summer.

Previously, Jenna appeared in the 2005 horror flick “Evil Breed” and this year’s Sony Pictures release, “Zombie Strippers.” The world-renowned former porn queen still claims the highest-rated E! Entertainment “True Hollywood Stories” episode.

Jenna Jameson typically blogs about such news but so far her camp has been silent. Let us hope she reveals more information soon about her upcoming movie. Sounds interesting to say the least.

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