Hanna Hilton taking a break from hooking

I notice the official Hanna Hilton hooker website recently got updated.   This is the website that handles all of the Hanna Hilton escorting business, which I am told is run by her pimp, former porn star Pamela Peaks.  This site is where she will tell you about who she is and how you can book her for escorting / hooking gigs.

Hanna Hilton Hooking

The first thing I noticed was that she moved from Houston when her man Jack Venice went to jail. Jack Venice you may remember was recently sentenced to life in prison for rape.  So what is this update?  Well it seems that our Hanna Hilton has decided to take a break from hooking and is on vacation until further notice.

Hanna Hilton Escort

Previously I reported about her rates of $750 an hour but I was later informed that I was sadly mistaken.  Her rates in fact start at $1,500 an hour.  But hey apparently she does take credit cards.

I personally don’t believe this shit is real but everyone keeps telling me how fucking wrong I am. That I’m naive and stupid to think that just because she’s a Vivid girl doesn’t mean she isn’t hooking on the side. I don’t know but the site has been confirmed to be owned and operated by Pamela Peaks who is a known escort / call girl and has for years helped other young, budding starlets get into the prostitution game.

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