Jack Venice is not a rapist

Hello.  My name is Kelli and I have asked my friend for permission to post my views on this website regarding a very serious subject.   I should point out that my views are that of my own and may or may not reflect the owners of this website.  That being said, do let me begin my little rant about the Jack Venice rape conviction.

As a female intimately familiar with the concept of RAPE, I stand in protest of the Jack Venice conviction, because what he did wasn’t rape and if you are going to nail someone to the wall, I think you should do it for the right reasons.  I have asked the owners of this website to let me post my story because I feel someone from within our industry besides his girlfriend needs to stand up and say what the fuck!

I have looked over a great number of documents regarding the Jack Venice ordeal.  I have read stories, interviews and depositions that have been made public by several parties involved in the case.

First let us define what we think rape is.  To me, rape is when you force someone to have sex with you.  I think any reasonable person would agree with me on that being the defining factor of rape.   Wouldn’t you?

But apparently no in the state of WA as that is not the case here at all.  He didn’t have sex with her and yet he still sits in jail for rape.

This “victim” was passed out drunk as a sorority party.  She was possibly high, we don’t know for sure, so in court they called her condition as being in a “dream like state”.  This apparently is acceptable behavior in WA yet being a porn star is evil.

Because of her condition she couldn’t identify what anyone in that room looked like, nor could she say for sure how many people where even in the room.  She didn’t even know if she had sex.  Later a rape kit would come back negative.   How drunk or high do you have to be to not know if you just had sex with somebody.  She gave at least two different accounts of what happened that night to authorities, with a slight twist on the story during the trial.  So in all there are at least three variations of the story from the victim herself.

Again I use the word victim loosely here. I mean I get that it’s scary to wake up from being passed out cold at a party to find men in your room but how do you go from that to rape?

Well that’s where the story gets rather interesting.

See the girl didn’t know if anyone touched her or not.  So then if that is the case how is Jack Venice now convicted of rape?

Easy enough, we have a witness.  There was another person in the room that night and this is a friend of Jack’s who himself was in a world of trouble so instead of facing the music on charges they had him for, which we know was at least two counts of Grand Theft that carried the possibility of ten years in prison, he decided to turn on Jack.  I mean wouldn’t you?

Well, I wouldn’t but I know many others would.  Especially considering the fact that he didn’t really know the guy all that well so why not?

By his own account, the police asked questions, he agreed that was what happened.  He told them what they wanted to hear in exchange for a deal.  Mind you he’s already been in jail for awhile now and he wanted to get out.  He knew telling the cops what they wanted to hear about Jack Venice was his quick pass out of the slammer.

So what does he tell the cops? Well here too we have at least two versions of the story with a lot of confusion sub text.  In the end what it turns out he told them was that he and Jack Venice went to a frat party where Jack was going on about what a big time porn star he was and like a dumb fuck pulled out his penis to show some girls.  The girls got all grossed out and ran off and the frat boys kicked them out of the party.  Egos no longer in check they decided it would be easy to rip off those rich little fuckers who just made them look like fags so they made their way down fraternity row looking for houses to rob.  They found one sorority house having a party.  Knowing everyone was drunk downstairs they quietly worked their way upstairs to see they could steal.  The found a chick passed out on the bed so they decided to have a little fun with her.  Jack Venice grabbed her head and put it in his crock, simulating a blow job. Keep in mind this is what the witness was telling the cops, well my summary of his words – not a word for word account mind you   Next he said Jack Venice pulled her up again, this time from behind, simulating that he was having doggy style sex with her.  They laughed it up and she never woke up.  She was clearly “out of it”.  He may or may not have groped her breasts or her vagina area.  Either way, at this point all parties are still fully clothed.  Nobody has had any “sex”.  No blow jobs, no putting his cock in her pussy.  None of that stuff.   But the witness said at this point he was ordered by Jack Venice to hand him a condom so he could have sex with this lifeless body, aka the drunk chick passed out on the bed and it was the sound of the condom wrapper that apparently finally woke her up.

So if Jack Venice didn’t RAPE the girl, why did he get convicted of it?  I think the answer to that question is a complex one but I know a large part of it had to do with the fact that he was a porn star.  During the trial they paid a lot of attention to the work that he does as if somehow it was relevant to what he was accused of.

So in the end you have to ask yourself, if a man didn’t force a woman to have sex with him, how is he sitting in jail for rape?

And even worse, how are we as an industry not supporting him when it was our industry that they nailed him for.

I’m not saying you have to like the guy or that he’s not a total dumb ass for thinking of the whole robbery thing in the first place but nail a guy for what he did, not for rape.  It’s total and complete bullshit.

12 thoughts on “Jack Venice is not a rapist

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  2. I love this blaming the victim stuff. So because a girl is intoxicated she deserves to be assaulted? That doesn’t make much sense to me. Ever hear of date rape? There are varying degrees of sexual assault. I love the justification that it was Ok for him to be in her room because he was just there to steal stuff. What a joke. You’re blaming someone who was assaulted and violated, and defending someone who is a criminal (regardless of what actually happened he was in her room illegally) and has sex for money.

    Porn stars should take notice, you’re on the outer fringe of society (right or wrong). You are a commodity, that’s how you see yourselves and that’s how the rest of us see you. We don’t look at you as real people, you’re entertainers, a means-to-an-end. You’re legal prostitutes and our society doesn’t look favorably on people who sell themselves for money. I mention this because character issues along with aggravating and mitigating circumstances arise in criminal trials. They bear weight on a jury’s thinking. Maybe someday this will all change. But you know what will not change, will never be acceptable? Thinking it’s ok to blame a victim for getting assaulted anywhere, let alone in her own room.

  3. Dear Hanna,

    Just because you’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, low class, cock sucking cunt who will fuck anything in sight doesn’t mean that’s how all women are. There are women who would never fuck that dog you are now defending. I know dumb blondes like yourself need to have things spelled out to you and said real slowly. But what more proof do you need when the RAPE VICTIM points to that rapist in court and says he raped her and she will never forget that face?

    Why did he rent a car and drive 300 miles away? So he could rape and leave quickly. Every woman he approached that night turned him down. So he goes after a sleeping woman to rape because sleeping women can’t say no. If someone breaks into your home and rapes you while sleeping, none of us should care then because it’s your fault for being “drunk and high”, right.

    No one gave a shit about him doing porn. And he’s not a porn star. Evan Stone is a porn star. Not an amateur wannabe who travels the country begging women on camera to have sex with him.

    Instead of wasting your time defending rapists, take care of your son. I pity your son because of the revolving door of men you’re introducing him to. Rapists and criminals will influence your child for the worse. If it was up to me, he would be taken away from you and put up for adoption and sent to a real loving home instead of living with a worthless degenerate cunt who cares more about what comes in between her legs than her own child. You have porn and prostitution to fall back on so to make enough money to raise your son. Why do you need your pimp around? Was his cut as one of LA Direct’s recruiters that big? Was the “business” you and Jack ran actually pimping new girls into porn and prostitution?

    Believe me when I say I will sully your name throughout the industry as long as you’re in it Hanna.

  4. Nobody said the bitch deserved to be raped but it doesn’t change the fact that she was incapable of identifying who was in her room, or even how many peeps where in her room at the time she originally filed her report and the subsequent interview with authorities the next day.

    Let’s be real, she didn’t know who was in her room or how many or what races they even were until court and then she positively identified Jack Venice on the day of the trial. However it would be a witness for the prosecution who would later testify that would say that yes the victim was right, Jack Venice was there but it was I who finger fucked her. So this victim positively identified the wrong person as her assailant. And yes that’s okay because she’s the victim? That’s fucked up man.

  5. She pointed to Jack in court and said she never forgot that face. And how do you get DNA from a finger fuck? How did DNA get on the condom? Who came up with the finger fuck lie? Hanna and Kelli?


    “She found DNA on the condom wrapper from the victim and two men, she said. The complex mixture of DNA did not rule out the possibility of more than three individuals.”

  6. From what I heard, the DNA evidence did not match Jack Venice and considering it was the location of a drunken frat type party at a college, who is to say who that belonged to? In addition, she only pointed out that she knew his face in court. In the original arrest report and during the rape investigation she couldn’t tell you if it was 1 man, or 2 or 3 or anything else about him. She could only identify him on the day of the trial. If she can’t forget his face, why couldn’t she remember it the night she filed the police report or the day after? Or the week after for that matter? Why not can she remember what he looks like months later?

  7. According to your link they found DNA evidence on the condom WRAPPER, proving that a condom was pulled out, but not used. Again NOT USED and that the DNA on that wrapper could have come from anyone. In fact, forensic statistics show one in three Americans would also test as potential contributor. 1 out of every 3 people in America could have touched that condom. But even with that crappy evidence, you still in my opinion don’t have a RAPE, unless someone has sex with someone. He didn’t fuck her. The other guy put his fingers in her, that’s even what he testified to. Yes Jack Venice was there but that doesn’t make him a rapist. He was present at the time the 2nd person touched her sexually. How the fuck does that make HIM a rapist?

  8. Here is another point. If you think that a person who might have raped you is blonde and you are shown 5 pictures, only one being blonde. Who would YOU pick out?

  9. My Case for Chris “Jack Venince” Reid

    -The victim said on the police report that she couldn’t identify the attackers face saying ” a guys face is just a guys face”, she changed her description of him many times
    -DNA testing from the victims rape kit show no evidence of Chris Reid
    -has good relationship with mother who is even raising his girlfriends child, and went on the news to say “her son is not capable of this sort of thing”(has good
    relationships with women
    -the jury was biased against pornographic acting which is both an art form, a public service and harmless-two consenting adults should be allowed to have sex videotaped
    for the public, no matter how much people might think it is in poor taste-
    -chris reid might sound “defensive” because of insecurities he has about his job, and the fact that he isn’t always the most articulate

    additional things
    -could a lie detector test be helpful
    -are there truly any witnesses
    -what would make Schott a reliable witness, is there any biases because he is a student of WSU versus a visitor
    -how can we help appeal this verdict?

    watch all of the interview like I did…

  10. Ryan and Zach are mostly right; a couple pieces of the information/thoughts are a slightly off, but those are small details that are not critically pertinent. It is a little sad to me that there are those that either wouldn’t research all of the information of this case before having formed an opinion or they simply don’t care to explore the facts but unfortunately there is not much that can be said or done to sway an already biased viewpoint. However, a person that is innocent of the charges for which he has been falsely convicted will never stop fighting to prove his innocence or to show the problems that exist in our legal system. Chris recently addressed this in the video below. I am posting it for those that may be interested in hearing what he has to say. Thank you.

    Chris Reid AKA Jack Venice speaks out against his wrongful conviction and sentencing.

  11. I am absolutely stunned, shocked, amazed, and yet deeply disappointed. I have read a lot recently on this case. I would just like to comment on the absolute disgusting acts that the people in our country are committing against each other. No, not rape (although an atrocity) but the accusation of rape. Look at what has been presented to you. The “victim” but for my purposes I will call her the drunk college slut, woke up shit faced and couldn’t recognize a person in the room. Now, ladies and gentlemen I am not a lawyer. But, if a person accuses another person of a crime, changes their story not once but multiple times, and changes the description of the “suspect” multiple times. Are you going to believe them? Should you believe them? Rape kit came up false and no DNA evidence of Jack committing a crime. Even if you think this guy is the scum of the Earth, a terrible satan worshiping pig, and the downfall of modern life….how can he be guilty of rape if NO EVIDENCE PROVES IT!

    Were the events leading up to the “situation” questionable? Of course they are. However, for those of you that went to college (judging by some of the responses here. Not many of you) what college ever isn’t questionable. It is a shit show with young people drinking and doing drugs…end of story.

    End of story. This man DID NOT RAPE A WOMAN. She woke up in a “dream like state.” What the fuck is that? Yea I woke up from a dream like state once…hugging my toilet with puke caked to my face. Nothing fucking “dream like” about it. This was a fucking fraternity/sorority party that involved heavy drinking and dumb people. OO the main witness? Yea a guy who was already facing jail time. Does anybody know why torture is not a viable interrogation method? Because when a person is stabbing an ice pick into your balls you will say anything to avoid punishment. Trust a drunk slut and a criminal to convict an innocent man. Sounds like America.

    I had a really good college friend who was accused of rape. Want to know what he did? A girl was passed out puking on his dorm floor. He walked her home, knocked on her door, her roommate answered and took her. Never entered her dorm and was never alone with her without people seeing them (video cameras proved this). Want to know what happened to him? Ridiculous court fees, reputation tarnished, had to drop out of school to pay fees, and can never show his face at the university again. Why? He was ACCUSED and found INNOCENT of rape. So this man’s reputation was tarnished and his financial and educational future ruined. Want to know what happened to the girl? She regularly passes out on fraternity house couches and loves to have people sign her tits and take pictures. So she gets to live her life while her false accusations tarnished his good civilian reputation? I think there should be an equal reaction. If you accuse somebody of rape and the charges turn out to be complete and utter bullshit…you go to jail.

    Darrah. You quote the article saying she pointed to him and said she would never forget him. How can she say this when she was shit canned drunk? Exactly. ST94 you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. You both have said he is pathetic for “begging women to have sex with him on camera.” That makes me laugh. Mainly because you both swear it has nothing to do with him being a porn star. Yet you base your judgments against him based upon what he does on camera. Hmm let me see, I guess Matt Damon is a CIA spy.

  12. Please read about his case at this website:

    Christopher Jack Reid’s family and friends are fighting for his life and will not stop until he is released from Prison! Although the act of rape is the most horrific, disgusting and traumatizing thing anyone can endure, we strongly feel that being wrongfully convicted of rape is just as bad.

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