Cindi, oh Cindi

Someone recently questioned my opinions and views regarding a specific porn star and wondered why on one hand I was calling her a spammer and then on another congratulating her on finding true love and then wishing her a happy birthday. Normally I wouldn’t address the issue but to be honest, I like the chick who runs Luke is Back. I think if nothing else she brings a breath of fresh air to the world of porn gossip. So it is for this reason I wish to respond.

First I will address the comment about my original story in which I referred to them as MySpace whores.  I think my exact phrase was, These three are the most spamingest myspace whores there are. Use of the word “whore” is probably where most of the confusion comes in and it is perhaps a word I use far to freely and don’t associate it with the actual meaning that some do.

But do let me be clear here.  I do not think Nina Mercedez is a “whore” as in a slut or hooker.  I actually meant, if you read the entire story that the company that she hired in association with her MySpace marketing along with Tera Patrick and Gina Lynn makes them look like frauds or spammers or board whores, which is actually a real term in our industry in which a company will hire a person to post on message boards in which their banner is displayed as the “signature”  so that each time that person makes a post on a message board, even if just to say happy birthday to someone, their banner is displayed.  There are a lot of people out there who make good money being professional board whores or post whores.  In fact, $500 to $700 a month depending on the board and product / site, is not unheard of.  And that was the context that I used the word “whore”.

Now as far as the story about Nina Mercedez goes, I must confess, I was watching one of those Vivid reality shows where I caught an episode starring Mercedez back when she was with Vivid.  I don’t even know the name of it, but I think it was called porno valley or something of that nature.  It was nothing specific that was said or anything specific that happened but you can just tell the person she was with wasn’t meant for her.  Clearly that turned out to be the case because she married someone else years later.  Seeing those photos on her myspace page show a very different Mecedez from that which was in that reality show.  She just wasn’t happy and no matter how much of a dick anyone thinks I may be, I don’t want to see some chick with a guy she wasn’t meant to be with.

I do wish her and well everyone for that matter the chance to find love and all the happiness in the world, even if they made the mistake of hiring a company that takes advantage of them. I don’t care what you may think or say about me, my past articles made it very clear what they were doing. In previous posts I outlined exactly what each girl said and showed how the exact same quotes were rotated between them and how the company would make posts as if it was the porn star in question speaking to the fans. I don’t care how anyone wants to spin it, that’s flat out fraud in every way and while I’m sure most fans know that porn stars have their people handle shit for them, it doesn’t make it right.

What’s funny to me is how this company defends its actions by saying they help these girls get more fans. I don’t know about all of that. I think girls like Tera Patrick and Nina Mercedez are pretty damn famous on their own and doubt all the spamming in the world is going to generate the some 30,000 extra friends that this company claims to have helped them get. These girls are a force in their own right and their name alone has strength behind it. If these girls have 30,000 new friends then it’s because of work THEY did in their photos, magazine layouts, Internet photo shoots or feature dancing. I don’t think in any way shape or form, they got more famous or somehow got more friends because of something this company has done. These girls are famous porn stars. They get MySpace friends because of that reason alone.

What the company gets out of the deal though is free marketing for their other clients. The real winners here are all the girls that aren’t famous that signed up with this company. I have no doubt each of them benefited greatly from the free advertising (THE MYSPACE SPAM) they got having their names plastered by big stars like Gina Lynn, tera Patrick and Mercedez. Who wouldn’t benefit from an endorsement from those three? And daily endorsements at that!

So in the end I don’t really give a fuck if you think I’m a dick because I posted my opinions about some company taking advantage of some porn star’s name. Call me a dick all you want. Doesn’t change the fact that what that company was doing was wrong. And instead of calling me out on speaking out about it, I would hope that you would join me in looking out for the best interest of these girls because all to often in our industry that isn’t done for these girls.

Oh and as for you comment about me “backing down” because I seen a photo of her husband.  No, I applaud him for speaking out publicly to defend her.  That’s what a real man should do for his woman. I fucking respect the hell out of him for that shit.

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