Video Interview with Jack Venice from Jail

Today Hanna Hilton posted a link today to a two part video interview of Jack Venice from jail, ending in a short message “I Love You baby”.  She’s trying to get his side out.  In the video clips, Jack Venice tells his side with obvious signs of bitterness towards the justice system.

Video clip One

Video clip Two

One thought on “Video Interview with Jack Venice from Jail

  1. Dear Hanna,
    Why didn’t the convicted rapist tell his side in court? Couldn’t be because he is guilty and his testimony would make him look more guilty right? Another cunt in porn giving all the porn girls a bad name. Another cunt with a child who allows rapists around her child. You’re a whore Hanna and a disgrace and an unfit mother. Whoever the guy is that got you pregnant, I hope he sues for soul custody of that poor child. Or do you even know who the biological father is? Keep on defending a convicted rapist. It just reminds everyone what a fucking cunt you are.

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