Booble Sucks — No Really It Does

A press release came out today that informs us all that Booble redesigned their website. To be exact the press release said “The Internet’s top adult search engine and porn directory, has officially launched a fresh new look for their website.”


Only thing is, there are two problems with that statement ….

1) The website looks pretty much the same as before. It’s a little bit of text with a lot of ads. So what exactly is so new that it requires an entire press release to tell us about it?

2) And last but not least, the new website, like the one before forgot to upload any content. In their press release they claim this website is a “adult search engine” yet when you actually enter the names of famous porn stars you don’t actually come up with any real relevant results.

Booble claims they are the best adult porn search engine and sex search directory online, only how can it be a search engine when you can’t actually SEARCH for any actual porn stars? I’m so confused on this website and even more confusing to me is why sites like XBIZ and AVN continue to post any press releases these guys submit?

Booble describes themself in their press release as a search engine. They claim this shit, not me. What they say exactly is, “Since its humble beginning as a parody of a popular search engine, Booble has since grown into a powerful porn search site“. So you know what I did? I used their site to search for some of my favorite porn stars.

I did a search for Chasey Lain and found not one link to any Chasey Lain content.

I did a search for Hanna Hilton. I found 6 links come up including 1 for the Paris Hilton video “1 Night in Paris”, yet no links to anything actually relevant to Hanna Hilton.

What you will find at is a bunch of paid ads, that may or may not be relevant to what you are searching for.

I did a search for Casey Parker.

Sorry, no results were returned for your search; you could have misspelled your search term, or you are on to a new porn craze that we have yet to catalogue.

Okay so let’s search for Sunny Leone. Surely they couldn’t claim her to be some new porn craze, right? WRONG.

Sorry, no results were returned for your search; you could have misspelled your search term, or you are on to a new porn craze that we have yet to catalogue.

Now seriously, how the fuck can you claim to be an adult search engine and not have one single link to anything relating to Sunny Leone?

In the end all I really have to report is this has to be the worst search engine to ever exist.

Casey Parker Live and In Person

There are a lot of “pretty girls” in this business but you know who I think is hot as fuck? Casey Parker.  I don’t know what it is about her, she just fucking makes my dick hard.  She’s not really the typical mold of a porn star.  Sure she obviously does porn on the side but her real passion is her love of surfing and skateboarding.  Porn isn’t the thing that defines her and that is what makes her hot as fuck to me.

When news broke that Casey Parker parted ways with her contract company last month you didn’t really hear much else about it. We had heard a few idle rumors about some money and management problems at Shane’s World but as far as Casey Parker herself goes nobody really know what was going on with her. Some wondered if that would be it for the little surfer girl that fans have really started taking a liking to, most especially after her appearance on the Fox reality show My Bare Lady 2.


But parting ways with Shane’s World won’t keep this little blonde cutie down …. not only did she make an appearance at the XBIZ awards show last weekend, looking hotter than ever but she is also spending this weekend deep in the heart of Texas.

That’s right … Casey Parker is doing a two day appearance in Houston of all places. What’s unusual about this is that you almost never hear of any feature dancers getting bookings in Houston. When I asked a few club owners about this I was simply told that they don’t need to bring in feature dancers to their clubs simply because they don’t need the gimmick to drum up business in their city. That Houston has long been one city that has enjoyed a very profitable dance circuit on its own. Some dancers report making upwards of $1500 a night. You may recall that Danni Ashe founder of got her start dancing in Houston, as did the infamous Anna Nicole Smith.

Casey Parker can be seen at the ALL STARS Gentleman’s Club in Houston February 19th and 20th. I am told she will be doing a minimum of two shows a night, at around 9 pm and 11 pm. For directions or other relevant details please call 713 266 4012. Do remember that in Houston their clubs require proper dress and typically ladies need to be accompanied by a gentlemen, so ladies do keep that in mind if you want to head on over to the club to meet Casey Parker yourself.

So what else has Casey Parker been up to since her major news about her contract?  She blogged about just that and said to her fans ….

-I’ve enrolled in College…again as a FULL-TIME student! wooohooooo…
I’m taking some pretty interesting classes…and in about 2 years I will be done!!! YAY!!
-I’m looking at different options in the adult industry…but mostly just laying low, surfing, going to school and having fun.–life’s hard for a girl…huh?
But don’t worry…there will be some interesting stuff coming up that I am working on…..but it’s still shhhhh….so stay tuned!

Shane’s World makes it official about Casey Parker

Shane’s World releases Casey Parker from contract.

On January 13, 2009, 3 days after I told the world about hearing it in Vegas Shane’s world issues a short press release regarding the subject to say …

Shane’s World has released performer Casey Parker from her exclusive contract. After citing creative and artistic differences, Shane’s World CEO Andrew S. stated that the company “felt it was time to go in a new direction”.

We had a great run,” added Andrew S. We appreciate everything Casey did to promote the Shane’s World name and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Casey Parker gives some sex advice to co-eds

Shane’s World contract star and “girl next door” Casey Parker has been tapped by CO-ED Magazine to be the magazine’s resident sex advice columnist.

“I am very excited to be able to help college students with any sex questions they might have. I remember when I was first discovering my sexuality, there was a lot of stuff I had questions about, but I was too shy to ask. Now, it feels great that I am going to be able to help someone else out.” Says Parker.

Robert, President of CO-ED Magazine was equally excited. “We featured Casey on the front cover of CO-ED Magazine and have always had a great relationship with her. We wanted to do something that was both fun and educational, but also very interactive. We figured, with Casey’s appeal and bubbly persona, she’s the perfect person to give advice to college kids, she gets it, she’s in college, she understands what these kids are going through and can relate to them.” Says Robert.

“I always say that our generation should be more open about their sexuality. Everybody has sex. We might as well talk about it, and improve ourselves so we can get the maximum pleasure out of the act, and please our partners as well.” Adds Parker.

To submit your own sex question go to and click “Sex-ed with Casey Parker.” Or just write her directly at:

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