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I was thinking back to something Monique Alexander said at the show after accepting her award and it was just a small comment that didn’t even register in my head at the time but it was something to the effect of how her and Paul Thomas have had their problems.

monique-alexander-paul-thomasphoto source: AVN

Don’t know why I started thinking about it but when I did suddenly my mind wondered to thoughts of the time Paul Thomas was on the set of one of the movies he was directing for Briana Banks and how he brought her to tears, as he discussed how much he hated girls with big fake boobs and how it disgusted him and how looking at them made him want to toss his lunch.  Mind you Briana Banks was about 10 feet away at the time and heard every word.

Then I flashed to the behind the scenes footage I seen once of Paul Thomas working with our very own Love Twins, Lacey and Lyndsey and while directing the girls in a scene made an off hand remark, perhaps not realizing the behind the scenes camera was nearby about how stupid they were and he hopes to never have to work with them again.  Of course I should mention that one of the twins were only about 3 feet away when he made the nasty comment.  I remember watching that footage and thinking to myself what a total douche Paul Thomas was for being so mean to those girls.  They were only doing exactly what he told them to do.  Then scolded them and called them idiots for following his direction. Years later I hear he is still bad mouthing the Love Twins.

Then I remember hearing something about Paul Thomas and Jenna Jameson having issues working together and recall something in the Vivid Valley series where he makes some nasty remarks about her.  With so many Vivid girls having problems with the same guy, did nobody over at Vivid think that maybe just maybe it’s not a problem with the talent it’s a problem with the ego of the director?

Then I let my mind wonder a little more and remember a comment Devon once made about him more than 10 years ago.  It’s been far to long to remember her exact words but I think the phrase “ass hole” was used a few times to describe him.

Is there anyone this guy gets along with?  Apparently not many of the Vivid girls.

Since he’s such a dick to so many of the Vivid girls and this has been a long standing issue going on years now, why do they continue to employ him?  Is it because he wins awards?  Because seriously wouldn’t it make sense that the movies would be better if they had a director who worked better with the girls so you would in theory have a chance at winning even more awards?

In an interview Briana Banks did in Vegas this year she makes a side little comment about enjoying drama free sets.  One can’t help but wonder if the drama she refers to is that which Paul Thomas tends to create with his hostile work environments.

Why would Vivid pay a man to work with their girls who goes out of his way to make them feel like inadequate pieces of shit?

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  1. I love Paul, he’s always been a primadonna, and he doesn’t have Vivid tastes in sex, nothing they do turns him on. Might I suggest he shoot a girl on guy strap on movie, that’s more up his alley, no pun intended. Film is dead, adapt and overcome, Paul, start doing what you love.

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