The Love Twins Go Gold … Goldstar that is.

As I reported last month, The Love Twins’ manager now heads up Goldstar’s New York office and as everyone expected the girls have now officially made the move from LA Direct Models to Goldstar.   That’s right, The Love Twins are now with Goldstar.   They are in good company because just last week Sunny Leone also left LA Direct Models and signed with Goldstar and of course Goldstar also reps another former Vivid girl, Devon, although she hasn’t really been active in making movies since late August (when her AIM test last expired).

This announcement was made the day the girls got home from their last trip to LA.  I tried to reach the girls for common but understandably they were tired and only gave me a short statement which said that they are happy with all that Derek (aka Ben English) has done for them after they left Vivid but they also look forward to the new adventures that they will have while with Goldstar.

The Love Twins official website

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