Sunny Leone leaves LA Direct Models

As part of her ongoing effort to exert more control over her career, Sunny Leone has announced that she is no longer with LA Direct Models. The stunningly beautiful Ms. Leone made the amicable split from LA Direct this week and plans to represent herself from this point on.

For those that don’t remember, Sunny Leone who for years has been under contract with Vivid has recently brokered a new deal which means she will do her own line of movies to be distributed by Vivid.  Under the SunLust Pictures line, Sunny Leone will control the script, the casting – the whole shebang.  Sunny Leone however still remains in bed with Vivid and they will distribute all of her movies through their existing distribution network (aka Pulse Distribution).

“I want to thank Derek and everyone at LA Direct for all they have done for me,” says Sunny. “They have helped me immensely with my career thus far and I am truly appreciative. Big things are happening for me right now and this is a good time to make the move.”

Sunny’s first DVD under her SunLust Pictures label will be released on January 1, 2009. Vivid will distribute the SunLust titles which will feature Sunny and some of her sexiest girlfriends from the adult industry.

For Booking please contact:

SunLust Pictures
7336 Santa Monica Blvd #31
West Hollywood, CA 90046 or

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