What the fuck? Is there a full moon or something??

Is it a full moon or what?  Damn.  Lost of shit going down right now.  Look at all the crazy shit going on in porn right now.


Briana Banks arrested last week for DUI.  [source]

Then a few days later (last Thursday apparently) Fabian over at Manwin has been arrested and has been sitting in jail for days over a big tax evasion bust and the entire company is now subject to a tax evasion probe. [source]

Then we hear that adult model Katie King kills herself [source]

Next we hear shit is hitting the fan over at Elegant Angel with a nasty divorce in the works and the wife is wanting more than half … she wants the entire company!  [source]

Next we have Larry Flynt say fuck the AVN show.  According to the story he will not be exhibitng at the AEE show in Las Vegas this year, he will not be buying ads in AVN magazine or their website and he will not be going to the AVN show for the first time, ever.  [source]


They say no press is bad press ….

They say no press is bad press and apparently that holds true when it comes to former porn stars getting a drunk and running their car into a pole.  If you don’t know what I’m taking about you can click here to view the full story about Jenna Jameson getting arrested for a DUI here on TMZ.

So what came of this arrest?  Apparently a whole hell of a lot of free press and it has gotten so much attention that Jenna Jameson became one of the top 10 most searched for things today on Google.  Considering the millions of searches that happen each and every day on Google that’s pretty damn impressive.