Hustler Anniversary party sucked balls?

I heard an interesting rumor today. I heard that the Hustler 34th anniversary party which was held last Saturday at the Highlands nightclub was a big fat bust and even more juicy is that I heard LFP Talent Coordinator China Barbor was fired over it. Well “had a parting of ways” as a direct result of the party she organized.

China Barbor was quoted as saying “I really wanted to throw a good party to celebrate Hustler, what better way to say ‘thank you’ than showcasing why we are No. 1?” I guess that didn’t work out so well for her now, did it?

We gave the boys over at LFP a call to confirm this rumor but as expected couldn’t get very far. What we do know is that China Barbor “hasn’t been in the office this week” but one person we spoke to thought she may come back while yet another party claimed they had no idea what was going on and indicated everything was wonderful over at LFP and there was absolutely no truth to the rumors … that the anniversary party was great and everyone was happy.

So I went over to the AVN photo galleries to see just who was at the party, because in an earlier press release they indicated that “celebrities” would be there. What I didn’t find was one photo of anyone really famous. Unless we are now counting Ron Jeremy as a celebrity. And for that matter, I seen no A list porn stars either. There was Marina Maywood, Samantha Sin, and some girl named Whitney there. AVN reported that “Larry Flynt made an appearance in addition to celebrities and behind-the-scenes members of the adult industry.” But the closest to A list porn insiders besides Ron Jeremy you could get would be Holly Randall, daughter of photographer Suze Randall.

I don’t know if the party was really as great as they LFP are saying or a big ass mess as others are saying but what I do know is if these famous people where there, I sure didn’t see them in the pictures and wouldn’t you think that they would have been able to capture, I don’t know ONE celebrity in a photo if they were there?

Where is Tera Patrick whom LFP recently won an award for distribution of one of her titles? Where is Nina Mercedez who distributes her new line of movies? Where is the chick that is on the May cover of Hustler Magazine? Even Meggan Mallone didn’t show up? I checked out Meggan Mallone’s myspace and she showed off her cover of Hustler for May 2008 but she didn’t make any mention of going to any Hustler party. I realize that Adam & Eve contract girl Ava Rose is in the July issue (albiet not the cover girl) and she was there, but what about May (current issue on stands at the time of the party) and the June cover girls for Hustler?

I don’t know but it sounds like to me that someone fucked up somewhere.

One thought on “Hustler Anniversary party sucked balls?

  1. What I’m hearing is that the party itself wasn’t terrible but the organization was severely lacking. Security had LFP employees waiting just as long as fans for entry, they weren’t checking industry credentials, and the wait was in the 1-2 hour range. LFP employees weren’t notified about the party until just a couple of days before, and employees of the casino and studio divisions didn’t get notification at all. There weren’t really any A-list celebs to be seen, but lots of adult industry stars were there, so it wasn’t a complete loss. And the wait at the bar was ridiculous, like an hour. It seemed like a good idea but was handled very, very poorly and China Barbor likely quit (according to her myspace page, she quit) because she was getting lots of flack about it. I think everyone except those in the VIP area would say it was disappointing, at the very least.

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