Is Kendra Lust a hooker? I found some proof!

Yes, Kendra Lust is a low class hooker.  No, not a high class “escort” like you might assume.

Before you cry “slander” … have you seen the Pamela Peaks website lately?


To slander someone I have to make a false accusation. Well as you can see for yourself on the Pamela Peaks website, Kendra Lust is in fact a hooker.

Some of her little fanboi’s might argue, HOW DARE YOU CALL HER A HOOKER! SHE’S A HIGH CLASS ESCORT.

Is she now?

Most people think that an escort and a prostitute are the same. In some senses it can be said to be the same, but an escort is considered to be much for an entertainment purpose.

A prostitute is approached just for fulfilling sexual desires. However, an escort is quite different. An escort is a service by beautiful women and handsome men who are hired for entertainment purposes.

A John doesn’t go to Pamela Peaks website for anything more than to fuck a girl. That makes her a hooker, not a high class escort. The price also factors in this.

So let’s talk about that for a moment. A high class escort can be expensive. Kendra Lust is charging $1900 per hour for her and Pamela Peaks plus Pamela Peaks get a cut of that as the madam and possibly another cut for location fees. So that means Kendra Lust is making only about $500 or $600 for that hour.

A high class escort will work for no less than $1000 an hour and some are making significantly more than that. If you are willing to blow a guy for a couple hundred bucks, I’m sorry but you are not more than common street trash.

After doing some research, it turns out that Pamela Peaks works in a two bedroom apartment. One is her personal bedroom and the other is for John’s as they come in and out of the place.

The bathroom, or so I am told, is so nasty from all the spray tan residue that the floors are actually black. As one girl said “It’s so disgusting you want to throw up the second you walk in.”

Have I ever personally seen Kendra Lust in Pamela Peaks apartment blowing John’s? Nope. I can’t say that I have. So maybe Pamela Peaks for no good reason is just lying. She only puts Kendra Lust on the website to fuck with her.

But then tell me, why can you call Pamela Peaks right now and actually book time with Kendra Lust?


Hanna Hilton The $750 an hour hooker

Holy shit I can barely believe my eyes but turns out there may just be some truth to the rumors that former Penthouse Pet and current Vivid girl Hanna Hilton is working as a high end escort through an agency associated with the very looking scary Pandora Peaks, who if nothing else is at this point running a website claiming it to be true.  Hanna Hilton a hooker?  This is something I had to look into more ….

First I looked into a high end escort site The Luxury Companion.

This however turned out not to be the place that had Hanna Hilton listed.

I first read about the story over at AdultFYI and PS Babylon, and didn’t give it much thought.  I mean why would this girl who only recently started doing boy / girl scenes and is signed with Vivid be hooking on the side?  No way, no fucking how.  I’ve seen far to many fake escort bios to believe this shit, right?

Wrong!  It looks like something may just be true in this story.  The Adult FYI story referenced a website (Naughty Reviews), as proof of the story.  On its own I would have discounted this website all together because it’s very common for fake escort bios to go up or moreover, real escorts using fake photos.

This review site listed Hanna Hilton as only 4 out of 5 stars when it came to performance.  One reviewer who claims to have been with her said ……

Hanna is a “former Penthouse Pet” and a current “Vivid contract girl” with a “terrific body”. She has a “beautiful” face, “incredible breasts” and a “perfect ass”. This “drop dead gorgeous” country girl can be booked through “Pamela Peaks” who is a “pleasure” to deal with. While one reviewer mentioned that she probably “wasn’t worth” her “very high” price, others seemed “happy” to pay for the experience of being with a “centerfold”.

This is where I got interested. I know that Pamela Peaks is a whore who pimps out porn stars. I happened to have previously done some in depth interviews with a porn star who worked with Pamela Peaks agency.  So we know this part is true.  So I looked again at the bio and noticed the email address of  I knew this wasn’t Hanna Hilton’s official website so I checked it out.  It was actually the same hooker website that Pamela Peaks creates for all of her girls that do escorting through her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Hanna Hilton working for $750 an hour to have sex when she makes significantly more money doing movies and special appearances as a Vivid girl.  It didn’t make sense.  But despite that, everything else added up to prove the story had some legitimacy.  Here are the naughty details of her special “services”.  Despite the website saying she doesn’t offer sex, only blow jobs and pussy licking …..

Partners all reported that Hanna has “unbelievable DD natural” breasts which are great to “lick” and “suck” on. She also has a “great ass” and one partner especially enjoyed having her “bend over” while “standing” so that he could “gawk” at the “spectacular view” and “DATY” her “super wet” pussy. She has a “perfect pussy” that “tastes great” and she has been known to “moan” and “grab” her tits and “squeeze” her nipples while she is having her “kitty licked”. One partner also mentioned that he had a full “make out session” with her complete with lots of “hand roaming” and “DFK”. Hanna gives a “fabulous BBBJ” with a “great technique” that is all “lips” and “tongue” but she does not allow “CIM” or “COF”. Partners have said that they “couldn’t wait” to get “inside” her pussy and they fucked her in a number of positions including: “MISH”, “CG”, “RCG”, “ACG”, “DOGGIE”, “STANDING DOGGIE”, and even “ANAL DOGGIE”. In “CG” her “gorgeous natural” breasts look “incredible bouncing” up and down and she “squeezes” them into your face while “riding” hard. One partner asked her to get in “DOGGIE” position and then “admired” her “clam” for a few minutes before “entering”. She “asked for it hard” and he “thumped her” until her lips were “bright pink”. In “MISH”, one partner said she raised her legs up “in the air” and he “pounded” her “tight pussy” really “hard” and then “pulled out” and finished on her “beautiful breasts”. While she did allow a partner to visit “GREECE”, he “had to stop” soon thereafter as she said “it hurt”.

Sasha Hollander Makes Her Move

Up and coming porn starlet Sasha Hollander who was previously represented by Type 9 Models, seems to have made a big career move and is now represented by Gold Star New York.  Making the move over to Gold Star Modeling from her former home of Type 9 models seems to have agreed with Sasha Hollander as she seems to be pulling away from the likes of Pamela Peaks, who seems to previously had control of Sasha’s official website.  Under the control of Pamela Peaks the website focused more on escorting and “private shows” instead of her budding career as a porn star.

By the design of the old site you could tell that Pamela Peaks seemed to be more interested in pimping out the young Sasha Hollander for what they were calling “half hour sessions”.   The Sasha Hollander website is now “under construction” and I’m told the new version will be cleaned up, more professional looking and most importantly not promote illegal activities such as escorting.

Under her work with Gold Star we also get a much nicer set of photos of Sasha Hollander.  Her profile page tells us that she is not only being booked out of their NY office but that she’s now living there as well.  She is pretty much open to any type of scene – g/g, blow job, something called a blow bang (a blow jog gang bang maybe?), foot job, hand jobs, normal boy / girl stuff, fetish shoots and more.

Sasha Hollander has been in a handful of DVDs including Perverted, Miso Ghetto, and Candy Shop’s Afro Invasian 6.

I may be a porn star but I’m no hooker!!

I may be a porn star but I’m no hooker proudly proclaims Kayden Kross, stars of such titles as Be Here Now and Deeper 9. Over at the Mike South website, Kayden Kross has been blogging up a storm and today her subject is prostitution. She points out how as a stripper, hooking on the side was looked down upon and as a porn star it’s very common place to be propositioned … even by so called industry professionals.

Kayden Kross says “I just couldn’t stand the assumption that I would fuck the fat-walrus-looking man for $300 in the back. Thats all. I don’t personally have a problem with the transaction made between a hooker and a john. I think it should be legal. There is one way to solve the CA budget deficit. Tax hookers. We’ll run Nevada out of business. But when a disgusting dude asks me if he can stick his nubby little penis somewhere in me, he’s only asking because he assumes there is a chance. I don’t like it when its assumed that I’m a hooker.”

Kayden Kross’s take on the concept of porn stars and escorting is quite insightful considering so many of her co-workers do it including girls like Pamela Peaks and our newly interviewed Sasha Hollander. What’s most interesting about her rant is that she has decided to make public any man who solicits her for sex via Myspace or from her private email account and if they send her pictures she’s going to post them too. If nothing else it will be funny to see how this one turns out.

kayden kross

Part Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, Part Kobe Tai

You know between all the Madelyn Knight and Gene Simmons, we’ve had a lot of talk about hookers lately. So I thought what better time than now to sit down and actually have a talk with one. I would like to take a moment to introduce you all to a young lady by the name of Sasha Hollander of

Just off the set of her newest movie (another installment of Afro Invasion from Candy Shop I think). Much to my surprise she’s very sweet and I had a very nice talk with her. She was sober, answered all my questions no matter how nosey or off the wall and overall I must say it was a truly enjoyable experience. For those of you who don’t know Sasha Hollander is, by trade a nude model and porn star. She’s rather new to the adult industry but says she’s done layouts for magazine’s such as Hustler and Penthouse and she’s appeared in quite a few movies including:


To give you a little biographical background, Sasha Hollander was born on December 31st in Torrance, CA. Her ethnic heritage is Phillipino. Sasha Hollander began her career in the adult industry in November 2, 2007. Sasha Hollander tells me that she can remember the exact day. More than most people can say.

Measurements 34C
Height 5 feet, 1 inches
Weight 114 lbs

So when I asked Miss Hollander what made her decide to get into the business of being a porn star she began to tell me a story. One that was quite insightful and very analytical. It wasn’t quite the answer I was expecting from a girl who just finished giving three guys a blow job and having a dildo rammed up her crotch. She told me how she began researching the world’s most famous porn stars and then specifically the Asian stars. She came across names like Kobe Tai and Asia Carrera but knew they were no longer in the business. She also found names like Katsumi and Tera Patrick but for the most part realized that the big stars are mostly blonde bombshells and how there is really a open niche for the right asian girl. She wanted to be more than just another Kobe Tai and Asia Carrera though. Sasha Hollander has her sights on being the first Asian porn star to reach the heights of Jenna Jameson.

I started to point out the technically someone down the blood line Tera Patrick has some Asian heritage but then realized that the girl may just have a point, not many really consider Tera Patrick in the Asian niche anyway.

So as Sasha Hollander continues to explain her plan to be the Asian Jenna Jameson of the porn world, I began to wonder exactly how many “famous” Asian porn stars there really are right now. And just to be clear, by famous I don’t mean some chick who’s done a couple movies. By FAMOUS I mean like top 25 porn stars in the business right now like Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Lanny Barby, Jesse Jane famous. There is Tera Patrick, Katsumi (who now seems to go by the name Katsuni), but off the top of my head I can’t really think of any more.

Roxy Jezel won that Jenna Jameson thing so that puts her in the top then there is Lucy Lee but isn’t she still in jail? As my mind finishes wondering I come to realize that Sasha Hollander is ready for her next question, so I quickly rambled out the first thought from my head. It was something about who she was dating or was she married.

It was then Sasha told me that she wasn’t married but that she was engaged to the man of her dreams and they are planning for a Christmas wedding. Turns out she met her future husband on the set of a Pink Visual movie. He is in the industry and she will only say he is “male talent” and at this time doesn’t wish to tell us his name.

I asked what her future husband thought of her plans to take over the porn world as the Asian Jenna Jameson and she assured me that he was completely supportive of her plans or she wouldn’t be with him. She told him when they got together that she is very head strong and nothing is going to get in her way and stop her from achieving her plans of becoming rich, very rich.

Sasha Hollander tells me that her first movie really changed her life. She was really nervous and her first scene was with T. J. Cummings. She didn’t know what to do and she wasn’t given much direction. It was just assumed she knew what she was supposed to do but in reality she tells us she didn’t have a clue. She didn’t know if she was supposed to fake an orgasm or try and really have one. In the end she loved it. She really liked working with T.J. Cummings and joked that he was so great she never fucked another Asian guy again.

Next I wanted to know about people she admired in the industry. I expected your typical “Jenna Jameson” or “Asia Carrera” kind of answer. But surprisingly that isn’t what I got. Sasha told me that she would be happy to take the place of Paulina James any day of the week and the three people she looks forward to working with the most in the near future is Nikki Zane, Rocco Reed and Johnny Castle.

Our talk then turned to politics. I asked if who she preferred, Hilary or Obama and shew as quick to respond with Obama, saying she likes how he is more philosophical than she imagines Hilary Clinton being. I asked her about her views on the recent lift of the ban on gay marriages in California and she tells me that she is a card carrying republican but she doesn’t support the ban on gay marriages nor any attempt to legislate morality. If gay people want to marry, LET THEM! “People need to be happy and it may even change your economy” Sasha Hollander proudly proclaims.

In closing I asked Sasha Hollander about her website.  I noticed that she has listed on there an entry for escorting.  I reminded her that when this interview was published thousands of people would potentially see this and she might not want to be so blatant about her illegal activities.   Clearly that didn’t seem to phase her since her offer to escort still sits on her site a month later.   But either way, she was nice enough and not so bad looking.  Check her out.  You may just become a fan like me.

He said She said in Madelyn Night’s Death

madelyn_knightIs Porn Star Madelyn Knight Dead or Alive? You Decide …. Here is a summary of all the Madelyn Night (also known as Madelyn Knight) events we know that ………..

Someone claiming to be Madelyn Night’s cousin claims she has passed away in February of 2008 during childbirth. Specifically the cousin claims Madelyn Night died on February 5, 2008 and that her death certificate is still pending until final autopsy. He goes on to say that she died after having her 4th child (a baby girl). She died on the operating room and had uncontrolled bleeding.

Pamela Peaks claims that Madelyn Night is very much alive and is escorting in New York and that she spoke to her last Tuesday and that anyone claiming she is dead is only trying to harm her and her career. Pamela Peaks stands by the fact that Madelyn Knight is not dead. For those who don’t know who the world famous Pamela Peaks is they should visit her website at Here is her photo from the front page of her official website.

The cousin claims that the ex-husband and his girlfriend (Martin Fish and Jordan Lee) stole Madelyn Night’s identity and setup an illegal escorting company in her name and even hired porn star look a likes to pose as porn star escorts, including a girl who could have been Jenna Jameson’s twin sister.

The cousin also claims that Martin Fish and his girlfriend Jordan Lee took the identity theft a step further and filed a federal trademark for Madelyn Night and continued to use it and profit from this fraud for years.

Pamela Peaks claims to have spoken with Madelyn Night just two weeks ago.

The cousin claims that is impossible as Madelyn Night died last February.

The IAFD says she was born June 20, 1972.

The cousin claims her real name was Kimberly Rumble and that she was born on May 20, 1975.

The IMBD says she was born on June 20, 1972 in New York, NY as Lottie Rumble.

Just to avoid any confusion we should point out that Martin Fish is the father of Madelyn Night’s children (or at least the first few) and Jordan Lee was Martin Fish’s girlfriend. Jordan Lee was at one time a police officer in Dallas Texas and apparently has done some x rated movies and apparently now goes by the name of Gloria Fish now. There is an interesting article in the Dallas News about Jordan Lee (from 1999) that proves she has a long history of fraud and mental instability so there very well could be something to that part of the story.

In the article it says … Jerry grew distraught over the loss of his son and was willing to do whatever it took to get him back. He schmoozed up the owner of the Manhattan escort service, Lottie Rumble, herself a porn star, whose boyfriend of seven years, Martin Fish, was now spending quality time with Samantha and Zach. Rumble wrote a letter detailing how she observed Samantha and Fish smoking crack and how Rumble had to take a crack pipe out of little Zach’s hand when he used it as a toy.

Beginning in March 1997, she would spend several days every month in New York, Kastler says, working for a high-dollar Manhattan escort service run by Lottie Rumble. “I didn’t have a problem with it,” Kastler recalls. “She was making three times what she did filming. She had the name to do it.” It was there that she became sexually involved with Martin Fish, Rumble’s boyfriend of seven years.

By late September, Jerry Kastler had gained the trust of Lottie Rumble, who told him that Samantha had run off with Fish. She caught them smoking crack together; she also had to take a crack pipe away from Zach when he was left unattended. Kastler asked her to put it all in a letter. It might help with the criminal charges he would be filing against her for child concealment and give him more ammunition for the custody battle he knew lay ahead.

In 1996 Madelyn Night was arrested under the name Lottie Rumble, not Kimberly Rumble for Lewd Conduct. As all strippers know, you can have any stage name you want but when you get busted for lewd conduct and they arrest your ass, they use your real name, the one on your driver’s license and when the police came knocking on this door they booked Madelyn Knight as Lottie Rumble on suspicion of misdemeanor lewd conduct.

Here is a picture Jeff Goodman had of Madelyn Night in his apartment from an interview Luke Ford did awhile ago. Jeff Goodman is also known as Sammy Grubman. He pioneered phone sex for Carl Ruderman in 1983 and edited many sex magazines. Anyway the point is, he too called her Lottie Rumble. Specifically he said Lottie Rumble aka Madelyne Knight in my 12th Street apartment about 1996.

Madelyn Night

Madelyn Night Dead or Alive?

madelyn-knightIn continuation of the Madelyn Night drama from a week or two ago, our secret source (you know the long lost cousin) has this to say about Pamela Peaks who claims that not only is Madelyn Night alive, she seen her in New York.

Madelyn Night never mentioned a Pamela Peaks and maybe she’s talking about someone claiming to be Madelyn Night. But she has not lived in NYC for over 7 years and her last photo shoot was in 2005 with Warren Tang and she stayed in NYC for only 3 days before returning home to Tampa, Florida. Madelyn hadn’t spoken to anyone in the adult industry since she left and was just recently talking to a couple of the large movie companies to do 1 last movie for her fans and still looked good and in shape (if you look at her pics in Legshow 2005, March edition). Madelyn would have definitely told me that she was talking to a Pamela Peaks. We were very much alike and even mistaken for twins, since our mothers were. I don’t think Pamela was talking to Madelyn, since she died almost 3months ago; that would be a true miracle.
I don’t know what to make of this one. Is Madelyn Night dead? Is there really some creepy chick out there pretending to be here? Or is this all just a lie and some story made up in someone’s head. When I contacted this person last week to tell him that highly disputed his claim of Madelyn Night (aka Madelyn Knight) being dead and that the date of birth she gave didn’t match with any other published source, this is his response …….
Her real name was KImberly Rumble and she lived in Florida and she was half white and half -Mexican. She last went to AVN in 2004 and never had tatoos, because she was terrified of needles. She was born in 1975, May 20th. Our mothers were twins and we were one month apart. She was not close with anyone on her father’s side, they live in Ohio (a small town). She always wanted to be a veterinarian, but actually enjoyed the modeling. As her cousin i wouldn’t be prive to that info unless it was true. She also actually spoke 4 languages fluently. I will miss her especially since we were very close and was in the works of doing 1 final big movie before retiring and doing a few photoshoots with Legshow and Penthouse.
Is this an ex-boyfriend gone mad? Perhaps a crazed fan? Or is there truth to this rumor that in fact Madelyn Night (aka Madelyn Knight) really has passed on and this is the work of a loving member of her family trying in vein to get word out to her fans?

Pamela Peaks was wondering if there was more than one Madelyn Knight because the Knight she talked to certainly. was alive. Pamela Peaks also claims however the Madelyn Knight is hooking (escorting whatever you want to call it) through the Body Miracle site. Maybe this was the lookalike that this cousin speaks of? Click here to view the Madelyn night escort profile. I noticed that all of the photos they are using are more than 10 or 15 years old. Interesting that they wouldn’t have so much as one recent one? I don’t know what the truth is but I do know that I’ll keep digging and let you know what I find out.

May Madelyn Night R.I.P.

I got a very interesting email yesterday that quite a few people may be interested in. It turns out that ’90s porn legend Madelyn Night (who some of you may remember as Madelyn Knight) passed on in February. While reading this story I want you to keep in mind there are always three or four sides to every story … her story, his story, the story he tells people, the story she tells people and somewhere in the middle there may be an ounce of truth. What’s important to note is that a person died and left behind four children, one of which is a newborn infant who will never know their mother. I would like you to also keep in mind this letter was written by a member of her family who no doubt wants to remember the good things about her. Although in his later he accused one person of being a pig and another of the very serious crime of identity theft, which by the way is a very serious crime, we should try and remember it does nobody any good to trash the dead. It’s tacky because they are the one person who can’t defend themselves.
madelyn-nightI was Madelyn Night’s cousin and would like to submit news about her. Madelyn died almost 2 months ago after having her 4th child (a baby girl). She died on the operating room and had uncontrolled bleeding. She was only 32.

Madelyn Night was born Kimberly Rumble on May 20, 1975 and died February 5, 2008. Her death certificate is still pending until final autopsy. I have heard many false statements about her and would like to clear a lot of them.

First, she was never a call girl, hooker or whatever people call it these days. Her ex, Martin Fish, and his girlfriend Jordan Lee stole money from Madelyn and left her to raise 3 wonderful children by herself. When she found out she was pregnant with her first child, she stopped doing movies and did only some magazine work. She earned her Masters in marketing at Florida State, under her real name Kimberly Rumble and lived in Florida since 1999, with her children from her ex, Martin Fish.

Martin Fish and Jordan Lee stole her Social Security Number and her ID and had set up their own escort service, that Madelyn Night was not aware of, until someone informed her. They also used women that closely resembled Madelyn in order to boost their selling aspect, that they had all the adult stars (even Jenna Jameson, which they did have a girl that could have been her doppleganger) and adult magazine models. They trademarked Madelyn Night’s name and used it in the most macule ways.

To Madelyn Night’s friends and family, she worked hard and managed to buy a home and stay out of the gossip that plagues the adult industry and never mentioned things like the fact that she was forced to have sex with Steve Hirsch after she had signed with Vivid (that is why she did not re-sign). She’d tell me how he oinked like a pig, the few times that they did have sex and he would give her “bonuses” after their encounters and it made her feel horrible.

I would like her fans to remember her as the beautiful girl, inside and out, and that she was happiest with her children and doing photo shoots and still being able to be a “soccer mom”. I hope her fans can say a little prayer and know that she will be terribly missed.

Interesting side note … notice in this letter he says she was born Kimberly Rumble on May 20, 1975. This data doesn’t seem to match any of the other available data found on Madelyn Night. Hmmm ….. But then again who the fuck doesn’t lie about their age in this business? Either way I’ll keep you updated on what I find out about this story.

It seems that the fine folks over at Adult FYI, have also noticed some oddities about this little letter I got and contacted one of Madelyn Night’s friends, the one and only Pamela Peaks who states “right now she’s in NYC – she’s alive,”


In a quest to look younger, feel prettier and have better sex, women are turning to genital plastic surgery. And the look many want is that of a porn star.

By Melissa Healy, LA Times Staff Writer

SINCE the dawn of its days as a medical specialty, plastic surgery has been marching inexorably down women’s bodies, straightening, slimming, tucking as it goes, restoring the appearance of youth to features sagging with age and smoothing those marked by eccentricity.

Plastic surgery’s southward expansion has now entered territory long thought sacred. Today, the vagina and its neighbors — the labia majora, the labia minora, the clitoral hood — are the latest bit of feminine real estate considered to be blighted by age or otherwise in need of renovation, beautification and rejuvenation.

Across the country, post-pubescent and peri-menopausal women alike are having their vaginas tightened, their mons pubis liposuctioned, their labial folds nipped and their clitoral hoods tucked. Most are seeking to restore what plastic surgeons are calling “a more youthful look” to this long-secreted corner of the female anatomy and often to improve their sex lives in the process. (In some cases, women with few pretensions to virginity are surprising their partners by having their hymens surgically restored.)

Other women, bothered by the imperfect proportions of their genitalia, undergo surgery just to bolster their self-image — a boost that often pays sexual dividends as well.

“I was the type who always wanted to have the lights down low” when having sex, says Holly, a 50-year-old medical assistant who recently had surgery to trim her labia minora and who asked that her last name not be used to maintain her privacy. “Just being comfortable with my body, this was huge for me. I was able to be sexually confident.”

Even as the small but growing group of genital plastic surgeons devise new and better surgical techniques, they acknowledge the standards women hope to achieve are set mostly by adult film actresses, strippers and nude denizens of the Internet.

“I know what women want,” says Dr. David L. Matlock of Los Angeles, an obstetrician turned plastic surgeon who has been a pioneer in devising and popularizing the procedures. He knows, he says, because so many of his patients tote their husband’s or boyfriend’s magazines into his office and point to photos almost as explicit as the before-and-after ones posted on many surgeons’ websites.

More traditional plastic surgeons and gynecologists may be reluctant to endorse such procedures, but the demand is undeniable. Vulvar and vaginal plastic surgery is one of the fastest-growing areas in plastic surgery, say some in the field.

Many of the techniques have been practiced for decades by obstetricians and gynecologists to repair childbirth-related injuries, and by urologists and reconstructive surgeons who repair birth defects or perform sex-reassignment surgery. But in the late 1990s, a few surgeons began offering the procedures as a means to enhance the aesthetic appearance of women’s genital organs and, in some cases, to improve sexual function.

Today, in a field that assiduously tracks the demand for tummy tucks, butt lifts and breast implants, there is no data to gauge the scale of demand for these procedures. But there are signs that genital plastic surgery has appeared on the radar screens of social trend-watchers and the medical profession itself.

Next year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons expects to begin collecting data on the number of vulvar and vaginal procedures its members are performing. Several practitioners of the new procedures, including a pair of Los Angeles plastic surgeons, have been profiled on cable TV shows pitched to viewers hungry for news of the beautiful and famous. And members of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have begun grumbling that it’s an issue on which they need to weigh in.

But Dr. V. Leroy Young, who chairs the Emerging Trends Task Force of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, says the true gauge of these procedures’ popularity may lie precisely in the fact that, far from either coast, conservative heartland women are paying doctors like him to perform them.

Young performs about two to three vulvar procedures a month on women who “would never dare ask the question at a church social,” but who can now learn about such procedures on the Internet and on TV. “It’s right here in middle America,” says Young, whose practice is based in Creve Coeur, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis.

Porn-star standards
Southern California — the seat of the adult entertainment industry — is undeniably the birthplace of this fledgling field of surgical alteration.
In 2000, many Americans learned about a new procedure called labiaplasty when a porn star known as Houston had her labia-reduction surgery filmed and distributed to subscribers, then later auctioned off the excised flesh over the Internet.

Sharon Mitchell, executive director of the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation in Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills, says few of today’s adult film actresses are having the surgery because so many are already very young. But Mitchell, an adult film actress for 25 years before she earned a doctorate in human sexuality, says the adult film industry’s emphasis on youth, as well as its growing audience among beauty-conscious women, is almost certainly driving the upsurge in the surgery.

And many women take the standards set by sex workers very much to heart, say doctors performing the surgeries.

“I hear it time and time again,” says Dr. Gary Alter, a urologist-turned-plastic-surgeon who operates out of offices in Beverly Hills and New York City. “The woman says, ‘I thought I was normal and I watch these movies with my boyfriends and now I feel like I must be a freak.’ They feel they’re the only ones in the world.”

As the procedures have grown in exposure and popularity, a few mainstream gynecologists have sounded the alarm.