Roxy Jezel Officially Retires

LA Direct Models is reporting that Roxy Jezel has officially retired from working in the adult business.


Roxy Jezel has now officially retired from the Adult Entertainment Industry and has moved on to pursue a some what normal life.

She’s now working in a job that she is happy with while doing school and a multitude of other things. Last time we spoke with Roxy, she was really excited to be going back to a normal life. For the past year she has been working on her exit.

One of Roxy’s highlights of her career was become a Club Jenna contract girl. She has won numerous awards including Jenna’s American Sex Star.

From everyone here at LA Direct Models, we wish to thank Roxy for all her hard work and efforts and wish you well in your future. You are always welcome to come and say hi!

I had the best fucking years of my life in porn and im glad im leaving on a HIGH note!!” – Roxy Jezel

Roxy Jezel says Bye Bye Club Jenna

Lately Club Jenna seems to be losing more girls than its gaining and well today is no different as XBIZ is reporting that Roxy Jezel and Club Jenna have parted ways.   What’s going on over there in Jenna Jameson land?   Perhaps things are not as merry as some have been reporting.  Roxy Jezel will now handle all of her bookings through LA Direct Models.  It’s interesting that Roxy Jezel would leave Club jenna or moreover that Club Jenna wouldn’t fight more to keep her as she is one of the few true success stories of the Club Jenna lineup of contract stars.  I mean sure some of the others are quickly rising in fame but Roxy Jezel seems to have a larger fan base than most of the others.

Roxy Jezel says “I loved the time I was under contract. I never wanted to have a contract when I got in the industry, then it reached a point where being under contract was ideal for me,” Jezel said. “I had a good time with Club Jenna. Everybody was nice to me and we put out some amazing movies. I plan to retire in two years, so it makes sense for me to get out of contract.” She told XBIZ that she’s looking forward to working with some costars again. “I want to work with James Deen,” Jezel said. “I haven’t worked with him since before I was contracted.

James Deen?  That name seems to be coming up a lot lately.  I seem to recall in an interview that one of the Love Twins named him as their favorite actor to work with as well.  Roxy Jezel didn’t really cite any reasons for the parting of ways but she did say that she has a limited availability for the next two years while she finishes her degree.  She also says  “I have a lot of homework, and I’m getting a civilian job that will go with my degree. I’m also doing volunteer work.” Whatever the real reasons may be, we with Roxy Jezel the best of luck and hope her star continues to shine.

Porn Star Roxy Jezel

Part Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, Part Kobe Tai

You know between all the Madelyn Knight and Gene Simmons, we’ve had a lot of talk about hookers lately. So I thought what better time than now to sit down and actually have a talk with one. I would like to take a moment to introduce you all to a young lady by the name of Sasha Hollander of

Just off the set of her newest movie (another installment of Afro Invasion from Candy Shop I think). Much to my surprise she’s very sweet and I had a very nice talk with her. She was sober, answered all my questions no matter how nosey or off the wall and overall I must say it was a truly enjoyable experience. For those of you who don’t know Sasha Hollander is, by trade a nude model and porn star. She’s rather new to the adult industry but says she’s done layouts for magazine’s such as Hustler and Penthouse and she’s appeared in quite a few movies including:


To give you a little biographical background, Sasha Hollander was born on December 31st in Torrance, CA. Her ethnic heritage is Phillipino. Sasha Hollander began her career in the adult industry in November 2, 2007. Sasha Hollander tells me that she can remember the exact day. More than most people can say.

Measurements 34C
Height 5 feet, 1 inches
Weight 114 lbs

So when I asked Miss Hollander what made her decide to get into the business of being a porn star she began to tell me a story. One that was quite insightful and very analytical. It wasn’t quite the answer I was expecting from a girl who just finished giving three guys a blow job and having a dildo rammed up her crotch. She told me how she began researching the world’s most famous porn stars and then specifically the Asian stars. She came across names like Kobe Tai and Asia Carrera but knew they were no longer in the business. She also found names like Katsumi and Tera Patrick but for the most part realized that the big stars are mostly blonde bombshells and how there is really a open niche for the right asian girl. She wanted to be more than just another Kobe Tai and Asia Carrera though. Sasha Hollander has her sights on being the first Asian porn star to reach the heights of Jenna Jameson.

I started to point out the technically someone down the blood line Tera Patrick has some Asian heritage but then realized that the girl may just have a point, not many really consider Tera Patrick in the Asian niche anyway.

So as Sasha Hollander continues to explain her plan to be the Asian Jenna Jameson of the porn world, I began to wonder exactly how many “famous” Asian porn stars there really are right now. And just to be clear, by famous I don’t mean some chick who’s done a couple movies. By FAMOUS I mean like top 25 porn stars in the business right now like Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Lanny Barby, Jesse Jane famous. There is Tera Patrick, Katsumi (who now seems to go by the name Katsuni), but off the top of my head I can’t really think of any more.

Roxy Jezel won that Jenna Jameson thing so that puts her in the top then there is Lucy Lee but isn’t she still in jail? As my mind finishes wondering I come to realize that Sasha Hollander is ready for her next question, so I quickly rambled out the first thought from my head. It was something about who she was dating or was she married.

It was then Sasha told me that she wasn’t married but that she was engaged to the man of her dreams and they are planning for a Christmas wedding. Turns out she met her future husband on the set of a Pink Visual movie. He is in the industry and she will only say he is “male talent” and at this time doesn’t wish to tell us his name.

I asked what her future husband thought of her plans to take over the porn world as the Asian Jenna Jameson and she assured me that he was completely supportive of her plans or she wouldn’t be with him. She told him when they got together that she is very head strong and nothing is going to get in her way and stop her from achieving her plans of becoming rich, very rich.

Sasha Hollander tells me that her first movie really changed her life. She was really nervous and her first scene was with T. J. Cummings. She didn’t know what to do and she wasn’t given much direction. It was just assumed she knew what she was supposed to do but in reality she tells us she didn’t have a clue. She didn’t know if she was supposed to fake an orgasm or try and really have one. In the end she loved it. She really liked working with T.J. Cummings and joked that he was so great she never fucked another Asian guy again.

Next I wanted to know about people she admired in the industry. I expected your typical “Jenna Jameson” or “Asia Carrera” kind of answer. But surprisingly that isn’t what I got. Sasha told me that she would be happy to take the place of Paulina James any day of the week and the three people she looks forward to working with the most in the near future is Nikki Zane, Rocco Reed and Johnny Castle.

Our talk then turned to politics. I asked if who she preferred, Hilary or Obama and shew as quick to respond with Obama, saying she likes how he is more philosophical than she imagines Hilary Clinton being. I asked her about her views on the recent lift of the ban on gay marriages in California and she tells me that she is a card carrying republican but she doesn’t support the ban on gay marriages nor any attempt to legislate morality. If gay people want to marry, LET THEM! “People need to be happy and it may even change your economy” Sasha Hollander proudly proclaims.

In closing I asked Sasha Hollander about her website.  I noticed that she has listed on there an entry for escorting.  I reminded her that when this interview was published thousands of people would potentially see this and she might not want to be so blatant about her illegal activities.   Clearly that didn’t seem to phase her since her offer to escort still sits on her site a month later.   But either way, she was nice enough and not so bad looking.  Check her out.  You may just become a fan like me.

Props to Roxy Jezel!

Roxy JezelRoxy Jezel is going to be walking for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on April 6th and so far has already raised $500. I love Roxy Jezel, I think she’s one of the hottest porn stars out there, and it goes to show that there are many great people in the industry who do good things. She has talked about it a lot, for example on her MySpace page, and what it has meant to her, and its not just some publicity stunt.


She has also stated the cool thing is that 90% actually goes to the charity instead of some of the other scam charities where a ton of the money goes to “administrative fees.” So go Roxy! We love you!


And, if you really love Roxy, you may want to go check out these free videos of her. So go check out Roxy Jezel getting fucked like crazy. There’s chains, pussy, butt plugs, cum, and its all free.


Fayner Posts: Isn’t Roxy Jezel one hot, hot piece of ass? She’s also super sweet and cuddly. Oh, and then there’s that ass. Damn!

Roxy is under exclusive contract with Club Jenna, but that doesn’t mean they’ve squandered her all for themselves: she can still do softcore and magazine shoots.

You should hire her. I’ve actually been thinking about creating a fake name and photog title to hire her for myself just so I can get near her naked body. Yeah, I’ve become that creepy and gross.

Hit the “Roxstar” up on her myspace page if you wanna hire this fierce firecracker for all your non-hardcore porno needs.


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Your Daughter Has A Dirty Little Secret …


Backdoor Desires from Torrid Entertainment

MARCH 23, 2006 – Porn Valley, California

Torrid Entertainment and Director Jade Marcela present Backdoor Desires… There was a time when a woman’s backdoor was sacred and pure, and an overprotective father didn’t have to sit home worrying that his little darling was getting her pooper plunged with seedy cock from all angles in the backseat of some scumbag’s Chevy. Unfortunately for him – BUT lucky for us – the day has finally come when young women everywhere are wielding their backdoors for sexual experimentation to the fullest extent of the law.

This is a good day.

Well, not for the overprotective father, but for the rest of us who enjoy backdoor shenanigans.

Director Jade Marcela and videographer/husband Vincent Voss brings us some of today’s mightiest ass-fuckers in the new Backdoor Desires outing: Lauren Phoenix, Roxy Jezel, Katja Kassin, Brooke Haven, Holly Wellin and Sintia Stone; all dirty to the max, all eager to spread their elastic poop-chutes and all out whores!

It’s everything their father was scared of, everything the rest of us have been dreaming of since we were old enough to dream.

And now when we close our eyes, it’s Torrid’s Backdoor Desires we see.

You gotta love today’s slut…Desire to be anally abused…Desire to be shit-pipe sodomized….Desire to be butt-blasted.

This is a good day indeed.

Backdoor Desires is filled with bonus features such as Behind The Scenes, Interviews, Photo Gallery, Trailers and Web Access.

Get this fasy paced, action packed release now! Backdoor Desires streets March 29th. To order, contact Anthony Simone at 818-577-4575, ext. 400, or via email at


For questions about Defiance or Torrid product, for interviews with performers or directors, for screeners please contact Scott Fayner at 323.397.2890 or

For more information about Torrid Entertainment and Defiance Films or information about being in a Defiance Films movie contact Keith O’Connor at 818-577-4575, ext. 402, or via email at

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Defiance Films delivers the most Socially Unacceptable Behavior in every hardcore, explosive scene produced.

For images and video clips from Backdoor Desires, see the exclusive content at and


Trantastic…from Defiance Films

a review

Buy your copy of Trantastic now

Only in a tranny movie can you have a boy-girl-girl scene and only two people on camera. And another thing: Vince Voss isn’t a name that you generally toss into the same sentence with the words tranny movie, but Voss as director and cameraman of Trantastic from Defiance Films authors a superlative job in what’s been one of the most talked about adult movies this year so far. Talked about at least in one sense that assembled here is an A-list cast that includes Cindy Crawford, Cytherea, Dana Vespoli, Roxy Jezel and Deja Daire – ripe, nubile broads who are put in firing range of swinging tranny dick. And there’s plenty of star power from the waist down as well with the likes of Vanity, Johanna B, Carmen and Kayla Coxx. What this all adds up to is a startling parade of controversial sexual activity that beckons you seductively to the dark side, with it leaving you gasping for imagery to contemplate. All of this being said, Trantastic is an amazing show that should continue do amazing numbers.

To anticipate the obvious question, yeah three of the porn girls in the cast take it in the crapper, but good. On all fours on the living room floor, Roxy Jezel is plowed in the ass in a pile driven pairing with Vanity which is comparable to any hetero turn for raw physical expression. Vanity’s hard and Roxy’s howling. At the outset, Vanity’s deep in Roxy’s throat, T-bagging her while, in the wide shot, the viewer’s provided a good interpretation of tranny ass. The smaller built Roxy’s manhandled in a variety of positions that includes a resoundingly good prison fuck, a saucy up & over and porn’s ol’ standby, the cowgirl. Vanity strikes us as a pretty, uh, woman but the suspicion is, she’s not buying pumps off the rack at Payless. At least in her size. Then, amusingly- and you’ll see it time again in this feature, Vanity rides Roxy in the reverse cowgirl and is popping major wood. So she politely nestles her dick to the side to keep it from flopping out of turn. Technically, anal and Cindy Crawford are twains that never meet in her pairing with Carmen; however, this is not to mitigate the fact that Cindy’s ride on the forbidden love express can be considered quite memorable as far as her controversial career is concerned. Then, armed with a strap-on, Cindy rams Carmen whose cock and balls amazingly dissipate then come to life again when s[h]e breaches Cindy’s lap for the reverse cowgirl. Judging from empirical evidence presented thus far, is the reverse cowgirl the key to a tranny’s heart you might ask?

Whatever that key is, it didn’t go into Cytherea’s ass. In a smooching sequence, Kayla Coxx could be Cytherea’s blonder twin but those forearms and wrists in the dick sucking sequence are all Martina Navratilova. Cy is on top of it with the strap-on but her pussy and vagina pretty much stay clear of the Internet gossip sites because it’s Coxx who’s generally on the receiving end. For the most part, Coxx displays the packaging of a semi-aroused Doberman but springs to life when Cy wraps those magical lips around Kayla’s shaft. On the other hand, Dana Vespoli’s ass takes it in three positions including the pile driver from Johanna B. But you wouldn’t get the impression the scene would have gone that way when, at the outset, Dana’s cocksucking lips are met with a sac the potato farmer forgot to fill. However, in the progression of events, Johanna B. swells enormously in size. So much so that B. appears to be coming at you live in 3D during a reverse cowgirl romp.

And, in an encore scene with Deja Daire, Vanity’s balls are more than up to the task as Deja’s wrapped in a ball with her cute Asian ass getting the 3 point tranny lube and inspection.





























What to do, what to do!!!

Today Missy Monroe is stopping by to talk about her dance gigs, her new hair do, the art of squirting, her hatred of Flower Tucci and her movie Big Tit Whores. Taylor Rain’s doing the interview.

Going to get an update from Roxy Jezel about her life, her plans and her upcoming website.

Looks as if Tyler Durden (aka Tyler Wood) is about to take the plunge into directing!

Gene Ross and Luke from Luke Is Back are sooo under rated! AVN has a staff of 20, yet the one man teams of Ross and Ford have more updates daily and the updates are better quality.