“this whole movie has got to be one of the best ever to come out of the all-girl genre”.. Gene Ross


Porn Valley – Back in the day, no one did a better girl-girl scene than Bianca and Debi Diamond. When those two were on, it was insane. There was this one time they mixed it up with ass cracks, junk yards and motor oil. At least everyone thought it was motor oil going into someone’s asshole until the truth eventually came out. But by that time it didn’t matter. The legend had grown.

You would have figured that to be the sapphic coupling for all ages- that is, until Vanessa Lane and Tory Lane tangle in Aurora Snow’s Dirty Dykes. In fact, this scene, this whole movie has got to be one of the best ever to come out of the all-girl genre that Bruce Seven molded and nurtured and in which Aurora Snow’s apparently now marking her territory.

The extraordinary Lane-Lane scene is part catfight and total mayhem. The fight is over a boyfriend. Tory’s taking a piss and Vanessa, slamming into the bathroom like John Wayne with an imminent barroom brawl at hand, is asking if Tory fucked her boyfriend. Tory’s going what if I did. Which is apparently the wrong thing to say because quicker than sanitized flush, Vanessa has Tory’s head in the toilet and the games begin with the lady’s shitter as the arena. Channeling the spirit of Dillon Lauren, who had a similar real life brawl with Ava Vincent, Tory’s practically putting Vanessa’s head through a mirror.

It’s obvious that Vanessa’s giving up a couple of pounds in this calorie-burning squawk. But that doesn’t matter because she’s all lioness, and her butt cheeks fill the big screen as Tory finds the mark with a vengeful red rubber dildo time and again. Vanessa also manages to land a count of four fingers in Tory but take particular note of the bidet early on. Because that’s the prop that trademarks this event. A fountain of water begins watering the tiled floor and pretty soon this place looks like the boiler room of the Titanic with Vanessa and Tory soaked to the gills with no possibility of glamour shots after the encounter. This thing is raw, wild and positively exuberant with its spirited energy.

Part of this wonderful package directed by Snow also includes a mini-violation of Kelly Wells as Cindy Crawford, Holly Wellin, Kathy Ray and Deja Daire have Wells in a basement and take turns abusing her, working her asshole over with high lesbo theatrics. Cindy’s buttcheeks also get a good mauling which is the scene’s bonus. So, if you’re into multi-girl carnage count the bodies. And there’s three more beautiful ones in a scene featuring Melissa Lauren, Cassie Courtland and their captive, Victoria Sinn. Sinn is blindfolded and bound with duct tape in a restraint and dominance free-for-all that’s a perfect compliment to the wild and wicked antics provided by the two Lane’s; plus Cindy and company.

In the feature’s opening scenario which also features foot worship, Bobbi Blair and Paolo Rey have a romantic interlude in a bedroom that begins with a girlie pillow fight and continues with Paola eating Bobbie’s ass in the 69 position then testing the chemical content of Blair’s Monsanto fibers, i.e., her rug. Moment’s later, Blair’s using this dildo with a light on the tip to find her way into Rey’s Brazilian love tract. You’ll discover this to be an extremely well composed, sexy and gorgeous scene with beautiful window slat lighting lending a warm, Harlequin feel.

Shot in similar manner with warm, window slat lighting, Crissy Cums and Barbara Summers are on a living room couch as Summers moans the loss of a boyfriend. She’s obviously Cums to the right place as Crissy proves that a lesbian kiss goes a long way to short attention span when it comes to men. Pretty soon Summers and her ass are on the floor being pile driven with a number of unique play things.

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Cindy Crawford On The Web, ClubCindyCrawford Launches. 

The Official Website of Cindy CrawfordPorn Valley – The ClubHardcore Network, which launched last month with its’ first website, has launched its’ next website is the Official Website of blonde porn goddess Cindy Crawford. The one time Jill Kelly contract star has found a home on the web. From her journal on ClubCindyCrawford, "I’m so happy to finally have an official site that really represents me. It’s classy, elegant and nasty all in one."  Cindy is off and running already. "I’m having so much fun already. I get to write in my journal, have live one on one chats with my fans in my chat area. Oh ya, and I’m adding all the content to my website. I update the site daily and I add photos and videos each week of me and other hot pornstars. I love this!!!"  

Why now? Why ClubHardcore? Cindy adds, "I’ve dabbled on the web now and then but never found my place with a website. Now I have. I get to partner up with Kelly Erikson who runs the website, so we get to work together and spend time together. ClubTaylorRain is part of the network and I saw her site first. I like the way it’s done. The focus is on the one girl, BUT they add so much bonus content that it will do really well to keep members. For every one photoset of me, there’s 100 of other top pornstars and that’s important to keeping members."

Cindy’s enthusiasm has already begun to pay off, as traffic to her site continues to sky rocket.. "I’m just so happy, because I can come home from a day on set and start posting on my journal, or if I have any energy left, I can turn my camera on and start having a live chat with people who are members on my site. Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll take a shower, put on my makeup and something really sexy, turn my camera on and just give the people logged in a show they’ll never forget. This is what I always wanted." 

Cindy Crawford at ClubTaylorRain.comCindy’s website also includes a Personal Store where she sells clothing, autographed photos, polaroids and videos, plus she takes requests to make Custom Videos. Live Chat, Live Video, Schedule and Appearances, Video On Demand, Photo Galleries, Bonus Photo Galleries of hundreds of Pornstars, Video Clips, Bonus Video Clips of hundreds of Pornstars, Full Movies for download and streaming. Cindy answers all her email for fans and she schedules one on one chats via Live Video.


ClubCindyCrawford has been added to the CashOnClick affiliate program of ClubHardcore, so webmasters can start promoting now. Webmasters make 50% on all signups AND for the life of the membership. New features are being added to the cashonclick program weekly, such as Hosted Galleries, Free Content for TGP’s, Banners


Trantastic…from Defiance Films

a review

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Only in a tranny movie can you have a boy-girl-girl scene and only two people on camera. And another thing: Vince Voss isn’t a name that you generally toss into the same sentence with the words tranny movie, but Voss as director and cameraman of Trantastic from Defiance Films authors a superlative job in what’s been one of the most talked about adult movies this year so far. Talked about at least in one sense that assembled here is an A-list cast that includes Cindy Crawford, Cytherea, Dana Vespoli, Roxy Jezel and Deja Daire – ripe, nubile broads who are put in firing range of swinging tranny dick. And there’s plenty of star power from the waist down as well with the likes of Vanity, Johanna B, Carmen and Kayla Coxx. What this all adds up to is a startling parade of controversial sexual activity that beckons you seductively to the dark side, with it leaving you gasping for imagery to contemplate. All of this being said, Trantastic is an amazing show that should continue do amazing numbers.

To anticipate the obvious question, yeah three of the porn girls in the cast take it in the crapper, but good. On all fours on the living room floor, Roxy Jezel is plowed in the ass in a pile driven pairing with Vanity which is comparable to any hetero turn for raw physical expression. Vanity’s hard and Roxy’s howling. At the outset, Vanity’s deep in Roxy’s throat, T-bagging her while, in the wide shot, the viewer’s provided a good interpretation of tranny ass. The smaller built Roxy’s manhandled in a variety of positions that includes a resoundingly good prison fuck, a saucy up & over and porn’s ol’ standby, the cowgirl. Vanity strikes us as a pretty, uh, woman but the suspicion is, she’s not buying pumps off the rack at Payless. At least in her size. Then, amusingly- and you’ll see it time again in this feature, Vanity rides Roxy in the reverse cowgirl and is popping major wood. So she politely nestles her dick to the side to keep it from flopping out of turn. Technically, anal and Cindy Crawford are twains that never meet in her pairing with Carmen; however, this is not to mitigate the fact that Cindy’s ride on the forbidden love express can be considered quite memorable as far as her controversial career is concerned. Then, armed with a strap-on, Cindy rams Carmen whose cock and balls amazingly dissipate then come to life again when s[h]e breaches Cindy’s lap for the reverse cowgirl. Judging from empirical evidence presented thus far, is the reverse cowgirl the key to a tranny’s heart you might ask?

Whatever that key is, it didn’t go into Cytherea’s ass. In a smooching sequence, Kayla Coxx could be Cytherea’s blonder twin but those forearms and wrists in the dick sucking sequence are all Martina Navratilova. Cy is on top of it with the strap-on but her pussy and vagina pretty much stay clear of the Internet gossip sites because it’s Coxx who’s generally on the receiving end. For the most part, Coxx displays the packaging of a semi-aroused Doberman but springs to life when Cy wraps those magical lips around Kayla’s shaft. On the other hand, Dana Vespoli’s ass takes it in three positions including the pile driver from Johanna B. But you wouldn’t get the impression the scene would have gone that way when, at the outset, Dana’s cocksucking lips are met with a sac the potato farmer forgot to fill. However, in the progression of events, Johanna B. swells enormously in size. So much so that B. appears to be coming at you live in 3D during a reverse cowgirl romp.

And, in an encore scene with Deja Daire, Vanity’s balls are more than up to the task as Deja’s wrapped in a ball with her cute Asian ass getting the 3 point tranny lube and inspection.






























MARCH 9, 2006 – Porn Valley, California

It’s like a full-on contact sport, only with hot chicks and no bright-colored helmets to distract from all the slapping and hair-pulling.

Aurora Snow, along with Defiance Films brings to life the result of many years in the Lezo Trenches chewing, screwing and black-and-blueing anything that’ll react when stimulated.It’s making me hard right now just thinking about it.

I should have just kept that to myself.

That’s how exciting this is.

But back to Dirty Dykes.

It’s what every man believes happens between two female college roommates on a rainy afternoon when the cable television is on the fritz and a “wow, those panties are so adorable” turns into an all-out Three Ring Circus of twisted twats and tushy toys a plenty.

But those coeds would be required to don helmets if they were doing anything to the extreme of the what Aurora’s concocted together as a cast for Dirty Dykes.

Nothing amateur about the Lane Girls – Tori Lane and Vanessa Lane – bringing dirty back to its purest form by sharing the spotlight with a toilet.

We won’t give away the ending other than one toilet becomes three.

A sure-fire girl-girl nomination if there ever was one.

This Girl-Goo extravaganza also features Paola Rey, Bobbi Blair, Melissa Lauren, Cindy Crawford, Cassie Courtland, Barbara Summers, Victoria Sinn, Crissy Cums, Holly Wellin, Kelly Wells, Deja Daire and Kathy Ray.

140 minutes of Dyke Debauchery. Shot in True HD bitch.



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For questions about Defiance product, for interviews with performers or directors, for screeners please contact Scott Fayner at 323.397.2890 or

Distributors and Buyers order now, Dirty Dykes is now available. Contact Anthony Simone to order at 818-577-4575 ext 400 or through email at This high-end gonzo DVD is packed with hot lesbian action and includes behind the scenes footage, a photo gallery, trailers and web access, all packaged in the most eye-catching foiled box art.

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Defiance Films delivers the most Socially Unacceptable Behavior in every hardcore, explosive scene produced.

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Cindy Crawford has launched her official website as part of the Taylor Rain and Kelly Erikson driven Network of websites… and she starts off with a bang. Lots of photos, videos and some inside info into her life… such as her growing a big hair bush now.

From Cindy Crawford’s journal at

I started growing my pussy hair out this week. I have never shot a movie with a massave bush so I hope you like it! From the feedback from everyone around me, they absolutly love it!   


Worked for Cash Markman and did a rockin’ scene with Jack Lawrence! Wow, he really knows just how to make a girl cum from fucking my ass nice and hard, just like I like it! After my scene, I met with Marc Kramer from Teravision and picked up my script for a movie called Gold Digger. I am to play the lead and will be shooting it on 2-22-2006 and 2-27-2006.


Fayner Posts: Looks like Cindy Crawford is the latest porno gal complaining about “webmaster” Kenny Knoll.

Word is she’s thinking about suing Knoll for $3,300 ‘cause he did a piss-poor job creating a web site (that’s a real loose term for what he did) for her, basically taking Aurora Snow’s site and just changing the top banner to say Cindy Crawford instead of Aurora Snow. Then she paid him an additional $300 to do some updates… NADA… and no return phone calls, nuthin!!

This is the same dumb fucker who filed a restraining order against 120 pound Scott Lyons!!

That’s pretty shady if you ask us.

And you did ask us.

So there.

We’ll keep you posted on the developments of this. We promise.

ANYONE else have any Knoll horror stories email them to


Defiance Films Trantastic…

A Fantastic Fuck Flick Where Boys Will Be Girls

Defiance Films Trantastic.Where Boys Will Be Girls

Roxy Jezel, Cindy Crawford, Cytherea, Dana Vespoli and Deja Daire. 5 of today’s top female performers cross over the taboo line and do the unthinkable. Don’t miss this sure hit, one of a kind 2 Disk Collectors Edition DVD.

Defiance Films latest hot new release, Trantastic, is an extraordinary she-male film loaded with gorgeous chicks with dicks fucking gorgeous chicks without dicks. This film features some of the hottest A-list female stars paired with the most beautiful transvestites – a pairing that is truly not an easy thing to do! This over-the-top sex fest features a stellar cast including cover girl Cindy Crawford who takes the plunge and gets fucked by big dick Cameron Cruz. Vanity pairs up with Roxy Jezel and they both fuck each other in the ass. Then Vanity comes back to fuck young one Deja Daire in the ass and then Deja returns the favor and pumps Vanitys asshole. Cytherea and Kayla Coxx hook up for a wild scene filled with ass fucking and squirting. And finally Johanna B and Dana Vespoli pair up for a wild all Latin sex fest with both fucking each other in the ass ending with Joanna squirting a hot load on her belly and Dana licking it all up. Directed by Vincent Voss, Trantastic is full of the wildest sex scenes that you can imagine. Watch gorgeous girls cross over to the transsexual world for the very first time.

See these 5 hot sluts make trannies huge cocks pop loads deep into all of their nasty holes. These dick stroking vixens love to be fucked in their tight asses and get sprayed with sticky tranny cum.

Trantastic features some of the best tranny fucking ever captured on film. You’ve never seen anything like this! Not in your wildest fantasies can you imagine a wild pairing of beautiful A-list stars with hot, sexy trannies. You must see it to believe it!

Click here for the hardcore photo gallery and hi-def trailer.

As an added bonus, Trantastic is offered as a 2 Disk Collectors Edition DVD. The 2 nd disk filled with bonus features such as Behind The Scenes, Interviews, Photo Gallery, Trailers and Web Access.

Get this hot, wet, taboo hi-def trannie release now! Trantastic ships February 14th, with a street date of February 21. This high-end gonzo DVD is packed with shameful trannie dick fucking action and includes a slew of nasty extras all packaged in the most eye-catching foiled box art.
Note: This collectors edition 2 disk title is being sold to distributors at $15.00.

To order, contact Anthony Simone at 818-577-4575, ext. 400, or via email at

For more information about Defiance Films or information about being in a Defiance Films movie contact Keith O’Connor at 818-577-4575, ext. 402, or via email at

Be sure to visit our website at foror the latest information on upcoming releases and to check out the high definition trailers, along with an added bonus feature of clicking on any performers name to download their photo. 2257 compliance information for every title released by Defiance Films is also readily available for immediate download.

Defiance Films delivers the most Socially Unacceptable Behavior in every hardcore, explosive scene produced.

Images from TRANTASTIC

Trantastic from Defiance FilmsStarring Cindy Crawford, Roxy Jezel, Cytherea, Deja Daire and Dana Vespoli

Trantastic from Defiance FilmsSee more exclusive Bailey photos and videos at

Trantastic from Defiance FilmsSee more Exclusive Content at

Don't miss Vanity with Roxy Jezel and Deja DaireSee more exclusive Eve Laurence photos and videos at

Trantastic from Defiance FilmsSee more of Vanity and Roxy Jezel at

Trantastic from Defiance FilmsSee hardcore tranny action at

Trantastic from Defiance FilmsDefiance Films Trantastic.Where Boys Will Be Girls

Defiance Films Trantastic.Where Boys Will Be GirlsDefiance Films Trantastic.Where Boys Will Be Girls


I just heard that Cindy Crawford has just sold her home in Las Vegas and is moving back to the Valley. She’ll be continuing her Feature Dancing here in LA, as well as touring. But more importantly, expect her to start shooting scenes regularly now that she’s back in the Valley and she’ll be directing too.

You can book Cindy through the Modeling Matrix talent agency run by Taylor Rain and Kelly Erikson, just email TMFR at to book Cindy, Winston Burbank and see who else is available.

Cindy Crawford photos courtesy of and ClubHardcore.TV

Cindy Crawford at ClubHardcore.tvCindy Crawford at

Cindy CrawfordCindy Crawford

Cindy CrawfordCindy Crawford

Cindy CrawfordCindy Crawford

More than 10,000 photos and 50 Gigabytes of Video available to members on ClubHardcore.TV. And to catch a peek inside the life of Taylor Rain, visit her official website at where you’ll find her daily rants, plus tons of exclusive photo and video content of Taylor and her friends.