Taylor Rain Closes Official Website – Again

While not a big shock to many industry insiders, Club Taylor Rain is now closed.  Well at least for now it is.  As many know Taylor Rain tends to change her mind rather often, so is that the case again?

They forwarded all the traffic to another one of their websites called “Fresh Bitches of Bel Air”.

Will the site return?  Is it gone for good?  Nobody knows for now but I heard a rumor something else might be in the works.

I’ll let you know what I can dig up!

Who really is Taylor Rain?

Hello!  My name is Stacei and I am new here to this site.   I was invited to post astrological profiles for porn stars.   Someone I work with, who recently helped me develop my own website (www.stacei.com) thought it might be fun to let us get to know some of our favorite porn stars in a cosmic sort of way. 🙂

Everything in the Universe is connected to each other – that means every person, every being and every object.  That cosmic connection, that flow of cosmic energy that in part makes us who we are.  The alignment of the stars when you were born can play a big role in determining several parts of your personality.

Taylor Rain was born on August 16, 1981 in Long Beach California .  This makes her a Leo.

There are two schools of thought with astrology …. eastern and western.  The western astrology readings are defined by the zodiac which is basically based on planetary alignments and they base them on the month and day of your birth.  The cycle resets itself every year so every person born on January 5th are defined pretty much with the same celestial attributes.  The western zodiac uses signs like Virgo, Leo, and Taurus.    When someone says “Hey baby, what’s your sign?”  This is what they are asking you.

Then there are Eastern astrological readings which are defined by planetary alignments as well, but they have a 12 year cycle.  What this means is, you can take 12 people, each born on January 5th, it is very possible and most likely, that each of them will have very different personalities and celestial attributes.   The eastern zodiac uses symbols such as Rat, Snake, Tiger and Dragon.   Beyond the 12 years there are also elements such as wood and metal and then polarity stems which are negative and positive.   This seemingly complicated system is what makes up personality traits based on the Eastern school of thought, which is also called Chinese astrology.  It is based on a lunar calendar, which is made up of five cycles of twelve years each, with a complete cycle taking sixty years.   The current cycle we are in now began in 1984, and will finish in 2044.

Taylor Rain was was born during the year of the Rooster.

Roosters have keen sense of observation and likes to be noticed and flattered. It is not easy to fool a Rooster and they make good trouble shooters. They are conscious of their appearance and what they wear. They are funny, witty, brave, enthusiastic, efficient and honest. A Rooster is very intelligent, a good thinker and has an excellent memory, alert and organized. They are intelligent, entertaining and strong willed but generous to friends. Roosters are clever at finance, confident and an outstanding performer. They make great hosts and enjoys entertainment. They always keep their promises. On the negative side, roosters can be boastful, critical and have strong opinions. They are Notoriously picky and easily misunderstood.

Taylor Rain’s element is Metal.  A Metal Rooster seems to walk around with their head in the clouds. This rooster struts around with peacock feathers and they never ruffle. So much arrogance can make it hard to get along with others, especially when the Rooster is also intolerant of those who are less talented and a bit slower than normal. On the other hand, the Metal Rooster is extraordinarily talented. Of all twelve Zodiac signs, this one is probably the most high-minded of them all, with a very clean line of thought. The Metal Roosters can distinguish right from wrong very clearly and it doesn’t matter which direction they pursue, they always wind up going the right way. If they confront a maze, or big problem, they will immediately see a solution because of their analytical, logical way of thinking. Through their perseverance, any hurricane becomes an orderly thing of beauty, just like that! When it”s time for romance, the male Metal Rooster has no trouble at all, love just abounds; the female has a tendency to keep to herself, making connections less freely, but lastingly when they happen.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little more about Taylor Rain’s personality keep in mind that you can visit my site any time for your own personality profile and for your own Divination reading as well.

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Taylor Rain is getting new boobies?

I heard a great little rumor today and that was that former porn star Taylor Rain is getting a boob job. Apparently she doesn’t plan on going to big, maybe a cup size bigger than she already has which will give her some more size but mostly just make them perkier.

She recently told her fans via her website “I don’t want to look like a crazy blow up doll stripper HAHA. I just want to do it to make myself feel better.”

Taylor Rain hasn’t made a movie in years but she continues to hold on to her very large fan base and continues to run her official website Club Taylor Rain.

You can find several of Taylor Rain’s movies here.

Kelly Devine CLAIMS to be the first BUT ….

I noticed today on Adult FYI that Kelly Devine was laying claim to be the first porn star to run her own VOD site (that wasn’t hosted by a 2nd or 3rd party).  Well, I am not sure where she gets that.  Has she never seen sites like Club Taylor Rain?  That site has offered Video on Demand for years and is self run / hosted and is really nothing more than “video on demand”.

I guess the one difference is that one charges their fans to view per scene while the other changes one flat fee for all videos … but in the end, pay per minute, or pay per month, it is still video on demand.

Los Angeles, CA- Kelly Divine has unveiled something new that has never been done before—she is the first performer to have her own VOD website that is not hosted by a second or third party.

KellyOnDemand.com went live today and features exclusive content from her flagship site, KellyDivine.com. The site features such top performers as Phoenix Marie, Alexis Texas, Taylor Wane, Sara Sloane, Sara Jay and Tara Lynn Foxx.

There are no membership fees—Customers can simply purchase individual videos or photo sets, pay one low price for each item, download and enjoy. You pay for only what’s in your cart and nothing more. New Content will be uploaded twice a week and currently features a multitude of content in a variety of genres, such as girl-on-girl, interracial, blowjobs, domination, group sex and more.

“This has been in the making for quite awhile,” says Kelly Divine. “The cool thing is that users who are leery about joining membership sites can get access to all of the content available on my official website, KellyDivine.com. With the economy being in shambles, this is a great way for my fans to enjoy my videos with out breaking the bank, and still get instant gratification. The best part is, you can watch the downloaded videos as many times as you want, because it’s right on your desktop. How’s that for easy access?”

Anal Sex

Apparently when you have too much anal sex, you asshole no longer closes properly. Beware!

This is a picture of Taylor Rain when she was just starting out in the porn industry.


And here we have a picture of Taylor’s asshole much later in her anal fucking career. Can you see the difference!


Just thought I’d share!

The Cream Always Rises to the Top

It seems the new Fame Registry list is out for this month’s top porn stars. I didn’t see any major shockers there but a few little quirks do have me curious. Let’s start towards the top of the list.  Obvious winners are Tera Patrick, Jenna Haze and Briana Banks.  No big shockers there.

Somehow Taylor Rain who hasn’t really been active in quite some time inched out Jesse Jane for the #4 spot, despite the fact that Jesse Jane has a new movie out, and not just any more either. Pirates II is a mega hit so I’m quite surprised to see her drop a spot while Taylor Rain who has done nothing lately goes up.

Mary Carey as #6? Really? How is that even possible that anyone in their right mind would search for her name on the Internet? It has to be that dumb ass VH1 rehab show.  The only other major change was with Vivid Girl Sunny Leone who had a sharp rise from last month to now going from #15 to #9 and Amy Reid who went from #23 to #14 this month.  A very impressive jump for both girls.

  1. Tera Patrick
  2. Jenna Haze
  3. Briana Banks
  4. Taylor Rain – Last Month #5
  5. Jesse Jane – Last Month #4
  6. Mary Carey
  7. Gina Lynn
  8. Eva Angelina
  9. Sunny Leone – Last Month #15
  10. Krystal Steal – Last Month #9
  11. Brittney Skye
  12. Carmen Luvana
  13. Aria Giovanni
  14. Amy Reid – Last Month #23
  15. Nikki Benz – Last Month #16

Fame Registry tracks to date 132 porn stars and ranks them based on their populairty, which is based on things like how many awards they have won from AVN, XRCO and F.A.M.E., how many times per day someone uses a search engine to search for the porn stars name, how much traffic their official  website gets, and things of that nature.   The scores are updated once or twice each month and a new list of “top stars” is formed each month.  It’s a pretty nifty reference if nothing else to see who’s hot and who’s not.

Taylor Rain has a child and Scott Fayner may retire

Not Luke from LIB is reporting that Taylor Rain has given birth to her child and that Scott Fayner is not the father and he may be retiring his blogging ways.  Scott Fayner (for those woh don’t know is the former editor here at LukeFord.com) His comments are below and just below that is a Taylor Rain threesome video with Jenna Haze and Bobbi Blair to remember from back in the day.

Scott of Scott Fayner.com writes-

hey, as you may know my site is down, since I’m teeter-tottering around the notion of giving up once and for all. I’ll be making my decision by the end of the week, so on Monday my site will either be back up or I’ll be done for good and everyone will rejoice!

Anyway, the reason for this email is to announce that Taylor Rain had her beautiful baby girl Emma yesterday afternoon at 5:38 p.m.! Both TR and her baby are doing just fine.

And no, I’m not the father; I’m just cool uncle Scott!

19 1/2 inches long and 7 lbs. 11 oz with a full head of hair.

She’s beaultiful!

Mike South Calls Jesse Jane a Fraud

I love to keep up with other bloggers as from time to time they have some interesting things to say. I will be the first to admit, that Kayden Kross morose than anyone else seems to draw my interest. But today I find myself going WTF?! At what I am reading … first and foremost I read that Mike South claims that Imitation, The Sincerest Form of Flattery, and that is perhaps true but to be imitated you really have to be the first at something.  Right?

In the body of his post he goes on about how people are imitating him by getting others to blog for him. Someone should perhaps tell him that the entire WordPress software was built around the very premise of having contributing editors / guest bloggers and hundreds of sites have been doing that very thing for years. So maybe he thinks he was the first person to have a porn star blogger with the addition of Kayden Kross. Maybe he thinks that our addition of celebrity and guest bloggers here at Luke Ford is somehow copying him?  Nope, that can’t be it because other sites have beat him to that, even here at Luke Ford. I’m sure you all remember some of the Taylor Rain posts and well, she’s not only a porn star but one of the most famous and has been blogging for years before Kayden Kross did it.  And although I can’t say for sure, hasn’t Pop Porn had pornstar bloggers for awhile now too?

Now here is where it gets really interesting. In that same post he also calls out Bree Olson and Jesse Jane on being frauds.  Oh yes!  He went there.

Mike South says : Now we have publicists though who write what are really press releases and advertisements in the name of their contract girls, I have yet to read Bree Olsen’s column in Genesis Magazine but I will bet my last dollar she doesn’t write a word of it, Ditto columns written under Jesse Janes name, let’s be honest here if these pornchicks could write they wouldn’t be porn chicks.

Why is Mike South calling Jesse Jane a fraud?  How does he know she doesn’t write her own shit?  And even if she doesn’t, why call her out on it?  What’s he have against her to try and harm her reputation?  Same with Bree Olson? But here is the best line of them all from his little rant ….

let’s be honest here if these pornchicks could write they wouldn’t be porn chicks

That line speaks volumes about his feelings towards the women in this industry and it’s to bad really because I’ve met some smart ass bitches in this business that have no problem writing their own shit.

Get your slightly distorted fantasy celebrity

Ok, blowup dolls for me never did it. I mean, its obviously plastic. And I’ve seen TV shows where men go over the edge and believe that that is their actualy girlfriend/wife who they want to share their life with and find this to be natural. Of course, you are creating the perfect dream girl and your mind is just filling in the blanks of what she says when you talk to her.

Now, as sad and pathetic as that is, I got an email regarding this company and their inflatables. Look, I’m all for robot sex slaves, I cannot wait for the day that I can drop 9 grand on a complete cyber skin, partial AI, lips and pussy and ass that can get wet or lubed automatically by the robot and have it actually try to grind back and forth with me. When that day comes and I model mine into either Taylor Rain or Aria Giovanni (I haven’t picked yet), then I’ll truly be happy and can say fuck having a wife. Until then, anything you actually blowup is just too fake. Look at the pictures on that page. Does that REALLY look like J.Lo, or “J.Ho” as they call her?

I just don’t get it. Yes, I’ll buy the fake pussy to put on my dick and rock it up and down so that instead of my hand it feels like a pussy. But the whole doll? Wouldn’t it be more effort to set them up in positions unless they have some AI so that when you say “doggystyle” they know they are going to get on their hands and knees and my cock is going right up their ass? And it isn’t even a problem cause hey, its a robot.

Some credits to Rob Phaneuf for e-mailing me about these monstrosities. People, serious, if you want sex toys, you go to the Pornstar.com store. Why? Because pornstar.com… I mean come on…. its PORNSTAR.COM. You know they are the best because they went out and got the right name – PORNSTAR.COM. Second, go to the actual pornstar.com main site whereupon entering you will see a lovely double dicking of the gorgeous, almight Taylor Mother Fucking Rain. Let it be known now that, given the chance anywhere in the world, I would strip and fuck her. In the middle of walmart, in the middle of a freeway, halfway up Mount Everest, whatever. I think Taylor is fucking insanely hot and lukeford.com still backs her as long as I’m writing for it. You rock Taylor! And Fayner isn’t half bad either. Truth be told, I admire the fact that he got into the industry and got through it as he did. Seems like a pretty chill life to me. Ok, the point is though, there is some excellent porn on pornstar.com. Tons of high quality images, videos, anything you want or need. The site is a one-stop-shop for all your porn needs and desires. Thats why we advertise them. I don’t advertise shit I don’t believe in (ok, once I did throw an ad up for the Jack LaLane Juicer…). So seriously, go get all your porn needs there. No need to buy a weird plastic doll that is going to probably be rough against your skin anyway. Get the sculpted pussies with real cyber-skin that vibrate and cum or something cool before you blow your money on a poor representation of a celebrity on a balloon.

But please people, remember, Fayner he has his own website now. I’m taking over here at lukeford.com. Please keep sending in cool shit to ryanrayzer[AT] gmail DOTcom. Anything you would have sent to him I’m more than happy to take, read, possibly disprespect it, or possibly post it if I find it cool enough, In fact, the next post is going to be some good release news.