Actor Corey Haim shows up high at Scott Fayner’s House

It probably wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to hear that someone showed up high at Scott Fayner’s house. I mean from what I hear it’s a pretty common occurrence or at the very least if they aren’t showing up that way they sure the fuck are that way when they are leaving. That being said, the newest druggie to show up at his front door did actually surprise me and that was none other than former teen idol, Corey Haim.

Apparently the speed freak or so Scott Fayner says, showed up to pick up one of the chicks that stay at Scott Fayner’s place.  I guess what is so funny about the story is that Scott Fayner who we all know has his own problems is so quick to talk shit about Corey Haim who had significantly less problems and at least has former fame on his side.  Perhaps Scott Fayner is just a tad jealous of the former child star.  For what reasons i have no idea.  It could be a looks thing.  It could be because Corey Haim is still getting a ton of chicks.   Or it could be the better quality of drugs the boy gets.  Who knows.

You can read the full story about Corey Haim showing up at Scott Fayner’s house high by clicking here.

Mike South speaks out about Kayden Kross

For days now porn bloggers across the net have been posting up a shit storm of information (true or not) about the pending Kayden Kross legal matter. In addition to the facts or so called facts they dig up they tend to throw in a sling of mud or two per post at other bloggers. “OMG YOU POSTED 10 HOURS LATER. YOU SUCK” or “YOU ARE A PIMP BECAUSE SOMEONE PAID YOU A CONSULTING FEE. HA HA LOSER” or “YOU ARE A DRUGGIE SO LIKE ANYONE CARES WHAT YOU SAY.  GO SMOKE SOME MORE CRACK”. Most of the posts have been slightly insightful with a side order of weirdly placed bitter resentment.

Mike South has been closest to the entire mess because Kayden Kross blogs for him on his website and has ironically had the least to say. However today he has decided to speak out about it and address a person or two slinging some of the mud.  Well to be more specific to the what he calls attacks but the likes of Scott Fayner. And he brings up a good point …

Mike South blogsWhat nobody seems to comprehend is why a second rate, drug addled trust fund baby has such a grind with Kross?  Or maybe it’s Adam and Eve…who knows.

I understand reporting on a story, and giving the facts as you see them but that isn’t what’s been going on here.  As I pointed out the other day, in my story about telling the truth, Scott Fayner and others have gone out of their way to try and gain sympathy for one of the prosecution’s witnesses in this case.

Some sources are calling him a poor, disabled vet, in an attempt to show how evil Kayden Kross is for what she did.  But in reality this man was no more injured in war than I was.  He had a accident at work and was on disability as a result of that accident from work NOT A WAR and that is why he fell behind on his mortgage payments and as such the bank was going to foreclose on him.  This man may have been in the Marines but he sure the fuck isn’t a disabled vet.  However some people are calling him that so that you have more pity for him.

But truth is we don’t know to what extent Kayden Kross was actually involved in any of this mess.  We know she had some involvement, sure but how much?  We don’t know if the person they are all interviewing is telling the truth or just speaking out of anger and bitter resentment and maybe like any normal person would when they are hurt and pissed off, skewing his recollection of the story toward his own benefit.  It’s only human nature to do that.

So why are people who love to brag about what great journalist or bloggers they are, go out of their way to employ such tactics?  Do they have sort of secret thing against Kayden Kross that we don’t know of?   Clearly there is some hidden issues here, that hopefully will come to light soon enough.

What we do know for a fact is that the government has some sort of case against Kayden Kross for fraud but we know almost none of the FACTS.  We can assume based on a few things provided to us or based on stories told to us by ex boyfriends, and jilted business partners but those don’t make them FACTS.  They make them assumptions and in some cases down right slander.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t like the fact that Kayden Kross is playing the I was young and stupid card while every day for the last 6 months we’ve had to hear her boast about her brilliant and independent she is through her many blog posts.  You have to pick one side of the fence or the other.  She clearly wants to play both and that just annoys the fuck out of me.

It also annoys the fuck out of me that she OR SOMEONE that may or may not be Kayden Kross took some stupid fuckers rent payments and then didn’t pay the mortgage with them.  That is wrong no matter how you look at it or how you twist it and if it was Kayden Kross she sure as fuck better do the right thing by this guy no matter how this criminal case turns out.

I don’t care if you were “young and stupid”, give the man his money back.  Not because you have to legally but because it is the right thing to do.

Taylor Rain has a child and Scott Fayner may retire

Not Luke from LIB is reporting that Taylor Rain has given birth to her child and that Scott Fayner is not the father and he may be retiring his blogging ways.  Scott Fayner (for those woh don’t know is the former editor here at His comments are below and just below that is a Taylor Rain threesome video with Jenna Haze and Bobbi Blair to remember from back in the day.

Scott of Scott writes-

hey, as you may know my site is down, since I’m teeter-tottering around the notion of giving up once and for all. I’ll be making my decision by the end of the week, so on Monday my site will either be back up or I’ll be done for good and everyone will rejoice!

Anyway, the reason for this email is to announce that Taylor Rain had her beautiful baby girl Emma yesterday afternoon at 5:38 p.m.! Both TR and her baby are doing just fine.

And no, I’m not the father; I’m just cool uncle Scott!

19 1/2 inches long and 7 lbs. 11 oz with a full head of hair.

She’s beaultiful!

Someone has their panties in a bunch

I got a funny as fuck letter today from this idiot with an AOL email address. Of course I didn’t think it was real at first, I mean what professional seriously uses AOL, let alone a professional in the adult industry, right? Well sure enough the letter was legit. It was from this company pretty much calling me a fuck face for calling them out the other day in one of their lies. They had said …

August is one of the top female stars in the adult industry today.

In his letter to me he proudly proclaims “IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY WE DO OUR SPIN, JUST DON’T POST IT!” I wondered if this dumb ass has ever read the Luke website before. It was then I looked up and realized this isn’t the first time I had spoken with him. He had recently wrote me requesting I interview another one of his starlets and after that interview was complete, he wrote back asking if I wanted to interview more. So now I’m really fucking confused. Has this guy seriously never been to this website before? I mean since 1998 I can probably think of no less than 2,000 insults that has been thrown out to porn stars and studios alike.

Luke Ford himself made his fame off of trashing people and future editors to the site after Luke Ford left are no different. Here we have Scott Fayner talking shit about Cassidey’s fake eye, here we have Winston Burbank smoking a bong and defending rumors that he’s not fucking Tory Lane (actual pictures of the drugs included), and here we have Taylor Rain making fun of Naudia Nyce, and this is a great one, here we have Taylor Rain telling Tory Lane to stick to her day job. I personally think Tory Lane is hot as fuck but it doesn’t change the fact that this website is about adult industry news and porn star gossip and that is exactly the kind of story that gets posted around here.

And these are just a few of the many examples of the trash talking bullshit that gets posted. So some ass is surprised that we call him out on a lie when he calls some girl one of the top female stars in the adult industry today? Seriously, what the fuck?

But I’m not a total dick. I didn’t mean to make some chick cry so here is what I want to say in regards to that.

Dear August,

I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings. My public rantings about the way your PR company handles their business was in no way meant to reflect the actual accomplishments you have made in your career and quite honestly, some of them are impressive. I would like to note that although I have not previously heard of you, apparently I have seen some of your movies. This is in no way a negative reflection on your beauty or talent, I simply just can’t keep up with the more than 85,000 porn stars there are out there. Your name just doesn’t come up enough in the things that I do to make you a household name yet. That does not however mean you are not a beautiful young girl, with a lot of potential and talent.

I sincerely apologize if I hurt your feelings. I just wanted to point out that I hate when people in marketing lie out their fucking asses and think nobody will notice or care. I noticed, I care. It annoys the fuck out of me.


Fayner® Posts: Hi, it’s me, Fayner®, remember me? Good.



So, I’ve been seeing all this stuff on MySpace and press releases and the overall internet where porno chicks are registering their names. Jesse Jane® does it. Stormy® does it, too.


Well now Fayner® wants to do it too!


As if you didn’t know how awesome I am, there’s now a ® to strengthen my awesomeness.

Actually, the act of registering your name as a porn personality is truly a joke, and I’m making fun of it. But who cares, right?

Your friend, Scott Fayner®


Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing

They were funky China men from funky Chinatown
They were chopping them up and they were chopping them down
It’s an ancient Chineese art and everybody knew their part
From a feint into a slip, and kicking from the hip

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing

There was funky Billy Chin and little Sammy Chung
He said here comes the big boss, lets get it on
We took a bow and made a stand, started swinging with the hand
The sudden motion made me skip now we’re into a brand knew trip

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they did it with expert timing


Associated Press (AP) February 22, 2006

A popular website writer for the adult industry was arrested early Wednesday morning while trespassing on private property in Woodland Hills, California.

Scott Fayner, who writes for, an on-line news and gossip site that spotlights the ups and downs of the sex business, was approached by police officers responding to noise complaints from neighbors as he sat naked in a ditch just before dawn.

Fayner’s two female accomplices, who neighbors say were engaged in sexual activity with each other while being videotaped, managed to escape through a hole in a fence before authorities arrived.

During a search of the property police uncovered five vials of cocaine, a syringe filled with heroin and a glass pipe used to smoke cocaine.

Fayner had $7,200 cash in his jacket pocket. The serial number for the Sony video camera he claimed was his later proved to be that of one stolen from an area home last month.

Known for his clever  – and well-read – drug-induced writing and excessive partying, a calm Fayner told jokes to the officers during questioning, offered them pornographic DVDs in exchange for his release and even requested “one last hit of coke” before being taken into custody.

Fayner refused to relinquish the names of the two females, informing the arresting officers that he was alone the whole time “exercising my American right to sit in a hole smoking coke without clothes on.”

Fayner is being charged with Class A narcotic possession, misdemeanor trespassing, filming without a permit and possessing stolen property valued over $3,000. He was released Wednesday afternoon on $20,000 bail.


Fayner Posts: They say that home is where the hard-on is, I mean, where the heart is. I believe I’ve said that before. I believe I’ll say that again. I’m just that lame.

The majority of the sex players within the porno industry reside under the umbrella of Los Angeles. That’s just how it works. Others, though, come from places like Las Vegas, Arizona and New York. Florida, too. Lots of porno chicks come from Florida, as abundant as grapefruits on the seedy plains between Ft. Lauderdale and Gainsville.

It works well this way. Even for the out-of-towners coming to feed on our hand-picked, farm fresh meat.

But what of when it goes the opposite direction? That is, what becomes of the California adult star that treks across our great nation, our amber waves of lube, to procure employment?

Let’s see…

First off, what I’ve come to expect from stories regarding porno babes heading elsewhere to make movies is pretty much drama-filled and deceitful. Some companies feel that by having this young lass out of her element they have the authority to change rules at their own discretion, possibly being in the unique position to get her to do something she isn’t totally comfortable with just ‘cause they can. And most of them will fall for it, as most of them either don’t know any better or desperately need the cash being offered.

Sometimes, though, through the great graces of GOD Almighty, this globe-trotting tart faces the storm head-on and refrains from being exploited. I know that TMFR has been in this situation before and told the company to go fuck themselves. And it seems so wrong to think that just because a young woman flies 3,000 miles away from home to shoot porno a producer or director feels they can talk her into whatever they feel would bring them the most cash. Bastards, all of them. Right down to their soiled boxer shorts and the crust in the corner of their creepy-smiled mouth. Bastards.

Another heroic babe, I found out this morning, is August.

August called me from her hotel room in Miami, Florida around six Pacific time. Quite early, I thought, even for someone like me who gets calls from porno chicks 24/7/365.

Here’s the story: Productions, or Bang Bros., or whatever they go by, hired August for two boy/girl scenes using condoms. One job, she would have declined, but for two scenes it seemed worth it to August. In and out, right?

Bang Bros. flew her to Miami, set her up in a hotel. The first day everything went fine. No problems, no drama.

And then…

August was informed that for the next scene she’d have to swallow the dude’s jizz, something she only does with people she knows. She didn’t know this guy. Sorry, she said. Fine, Bang Bros. said, but you’ll have to do an interracial scene then, something she doesn’t do, even with people she knows. This is a problem, said Bang Bros., but not if you have a camel toe, which she was told she didn’t.

Now what?

Does Bang Bros. honor the agreement and shoot August for another boy/girl scene?

Does Bang Bros. honor the agreement and pay August for the two agreed scenes so to cover for their stupidity in hiring someone that doesn’t fit their needs?

No. They tell her it’s her tough luck. Pack your bags.
Anyone that knows August knows she’s a ballsy chick, not one to be fucked over by half-rate porno outfits. Either pay me for the two scenes now or shoot me again, she told them. That was the deal we made before I flew 3,000 miles, that’s what I expect.

No dice.

August was pissed off, but Bang Bros. didn’t care. Why should they when the porno biz is a revolving door of dumb chicks willing to be taken advantage of? Fuck her, right?

Bang Bros. especially didn’t like how they were being told about her friendship with me and my ability to write bad shit about them if she simply asks. Upon this information, August was offered a hand job scene to help fill the $1,000 she was now out. Are you kidding? How ‘bout a blow job scene? Again, are you kidding?

August said that although Bang Bros. felt she was lacking in the camel toe department, they were thinking about shooting a white chick for their Latin series. Come again?

I’m thinking that Bang Bros. just tries to get the girls to go to Florida, instead of hiring for what they need. A dim-witted way to do business, don’t you think? Especially when it is quite easy to ask what the chick will and will not do before hiring her…

August got out of Florida without doing something she didn’t expect to do. Usually that’s standard business, but with companies like Bang Bros. many of the unexpecting women are persuaded to shed their beliefs and morals for no other reason than they’re naïve to the seediness of people too amateurish to hire the right person for the right job. I’d wager my trust fund that on more than one occasion some gal working for Bang Bros has muttered “Well, I guess so, you know, I mean I did come all the way to Florida, right?”

Kudos to August for refusing to submit to their power play.
And shame on Bang Bros. for not realizing their mistake in hiring someone not fit for their needs and refusing to compensate her for her trouble.



Scott Fayner is a huge scumbag!!!! He is not your clean cut typical LA WANABEE!

He actually claims to be a “ROCKSTAR”! So I guess you can consider him LA! ROCKSTARS WILL DO ANYTHING FOR CASH OR DRUGS OR FOR THE FUCK OF IT!

The fuckin point is I actually thought of a genius idea for Scott Fayner! He doesnt do jack shit during the day expect sleep, play with the dogs, make grilled cheese sandwiches, get HIGH and proably jacks off at some point of the day!

I thought why the fuck not, lets go put Scott Fayner on the streets as a BUM!!! He already acts like one and he complains that he’s bored. Lukeford is putting him to work!!!!


I plan to first put him at the Coffe Bean and Jerrys deli on Topanga and Ventura!!! Thats the cool porn hang out for lunch!

Next spot will be at Fallbrook and Ventura where all the beeners hang out all day begging for work!!! We will just give the beeners free porn and they will be happy!!!!

Then we will roll out to topanga and Lassen to Country Deli so he can get hand outs from porn directors and owners of porn companys.

The first date will be on Feb.24 on Friday! He will be at Jerrys deli 12-1pm, Country Deli 2-4pm, and 7-eleven 4:20 till 5!!!!

Mondays schedule will be posted soon!!!!

P.S:Scott Fayner will be wearing a green robe with slippers!!!! Hes not very hard to miss!!! I will be there too!!! Just to laugh at him and to take some pics!!!! HOLLER 420!

Peace out!