Actor Corey Haim shows up high at Scott Fayner’s House

It probably wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to hear that someone showed up high at Scott Fayner’s house. I mean from what I hear it’s a pretty common occurrence or at the very least if they aren’t showing up that way they sure the fuck are that way when they are leaving. That being said, the newest druggie to show up at his front door did actually surprise me and that was none other than former teen idol, Corey Haim.

Apparently the speed freak or so Scott Fayner says, showed up to pick up one of the chicks that stay at Scott Fayner’s place.  I guess what is so funny about the story is that Scott Fayner who we all know has his own problems is so quick to talk shit about Corey Haim who had significantly less problems and at least has former fame on his side.  Perhaps Scott Fayner is just a tad jealous of the former child star.  For what reasons i have no idea.  It could be a looks thing.  It could be because Corey Haim is still getting a ton of chicks.   Or it could be the better quality of drugs the boy gets.  Who knows.

You can read the full story about Corey Haim showing up at Scott Fayner’s house high by clicking here.

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