Mike South speaks out about Kayden Kross

For days now porn bloggers across the net have been posting up a shit storm of information (true or not) about the pending Kayden Kross legal matter. In addition to the facts or so called facts they dig up they tend to throw in a sling of mud or two per post at other bloggers. “OMG YOU POSTED 10 HOURS LATER. YOU SUCK” or “YOU ARE A PIMP BECAUSE SOMEONE PAID YOU A CONSULTING FEE. HA HA LOSER” or “YOU ARE A DRUGGIE SO LIKE ANYONE CARES WHAT YOU SAY.  GO SMOKE SOME MORE CRACK”. Most of the posts have been slightly insightful with a side order of weirdly placed bitter resentment.

Mike South has been closest to the entire mess because Kayden Kross blogs for him on his website and has ironically had the least to say. However today he has decided to speak out about it and address a person or two slinging some of the mud.  Well to be more specific to the what he calls attacks but the likes of Scott Fayner. And he brings up a good point …

Mike South blogsWhat nobody seems to comprehend is why a second rate, drug addled trust fund baby has such a grind with Kross?  Or maybe it’s Adam and Eve…who knows.

I understand reporting on a story, and giving the facts as you see them but that isn’t what’s been going on here.  As I pointed out the other day, in my story about telling the truth, Scott Fayner and others have gone out of their way to try and gain sympathy for one of the prosecution’s witnesses in this case.

Some sources are calling him a poor, disabled vet, in an attempt to show how evil Kayden Kross is for what she did.  But in reality this man was no more injured in war than I was.  He had a accident at work and was on disability as a result of that accident from work NOT A WAR and that is why he fell behind on his mortgage payments and as such the bank was going to foreclose on him.  This man may have been in the Marines but he sure the fuck isn’t a disabled vet.  However some people are calling him that so that you have more pity for him.

But truth is we don’t know to what extent Kayden Kross was actually involved in any of this mess.  We know she had some involvement, sure but how much?  We don’t know if the person they are all interviewing is telling the truth or just speaking out of anger and bitter resentment and maybe like any normal person would when they are hurt and pissed off, skewing his recollection of the story toward his own benefit.  It’s only human nature to do that.

So why are people who love to brag about what great journalist or bloggers they are, go out of their way to employ such tactics?  Do they have sort of secret thing against Kayden Kross that we don’t know of?   Clearly there is some hidden issues here, that hopefully will come to light soon enough.

What we do know for a fact is that the government has some sort of case against Kayden Kross for fraud but we know almost none of the FACTS.  We can assume based on a few things provided to us or based on stories told to us by ex boyfriends, and jilted business partners but those don’t make them FACTS.  They make them assumptions and in some cases down right slander.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t like the fact that Kayden Kross is playing the I was young and stupid card while every day for the last 6 months we’ve had to hear her boast about her brilliant and independent she is through her many blog posts.  You have to pick one side of the fence or the other.  She clearly wants to play both and that just annoys the fuck out of me.

It also annoys the fuck out of me that she OR SOMEONE that may or may not be Kayden Kross took some stupid fuckers rent payments and then didn’t pay the mortgage with them.  That is wrong no matter how you look at it or how you twist it and if it was Kayden Kross she sure as fuck better do the right thing by this guy no matter how this criminal case turns out.

I don’t care if you were “young and stupid”, give the man his money back.  Not because you have to legally but because it is the right thing to do.

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