Sky Lopez is in Labor

Someone is reporting via a post on her MySpace page that Sky Lopez in her labor.  The person from her camp doesn’t identify who they are or what their relationship to Sky Lopez is but clearly close enough to have access to her MySpace account to make a post no her behalf. Some sources have said that Sky Lopez turned over the maintaining of her MySpace page to her “religious friends”, if you can call them that. These same people of course are also the ones who said Sky Lopez was not out pimping her sex tape with the Baywatch kid.   LOL

Date:  Sep 21, 2008 11:15 PM
Subject: IN LABOR!!!!!
Please say a little prayer for Sky…. She’s in labor this very moment.
Thanks everyone!

Her MySpace page in regards to the Baywatch sex tape has this to say …

Ok… So there is no question that Sky has some what of a colorful past.  I’m sure the news of her and an old baywatch actor making a sex tape is not shocking in the least.  However, I will make very clear that in terms of distrbuting and publicizing, she has nothing to do with.  She told me this morning “I tried getting the tape back, but it didn’t happen”.

The tape was made in mid 2,000 before her experience with God and she doesn’t want anything to do with it.  She is currently married, pregnant, and working hard on becoming a good wife, mother, and servant for Christ.

However an article from AVN tells us otherwise.  It’s very clear in the fact that Sky Lopez has not only been on talks with Vivid about it, that she wants it out.  I mean how can you vouch for the quality and say it is some of the hottest sex you’ve ever had and still claim you have nothing to do with it?  LOL

Hirsch has not yet seen the video, but he told AVN that Lopez personally vouched for the quality.  “When I spoke to Sky about this last week, she said that this is some of the hottest sex she’s ever had,” Hirsch said. “From what she told me, it’s really over the top.”

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