Baywatch Kid Holds Out for Bigger Bucks

Jeremy Jackson, aka Hobie the Baywatch kid who did a sex video with former Vivid girl Sky Lopez, was on the set of his new reality show in the making (some dumb ass VH1 reality show) and the TMZ cameras ran into them. Basically it was him and a bunch of other teen “stars” or reality show related people who today are a bunch of has beens or never has been but thinks they were something at some time.  In all honesty I couldn’t name one of the 10 “stars” and neither could the TMZ camera guys.

In between takes for this seemingly scripted “reality” show, he talked to the cameras of TMZ to discuss his sex take with Sky Lopez. It was in his chattering that it was revealed he is the one who won’t sign off on the video, so that means Sky Lopez did sign off on the release despite what her people are saying.  So it seems that the peeps over at Vivid just aren’t offering enough cash to get Hobie boy to sign off.  Specifically what Hobie had to say was ….

“It’s 45 minutes of awesomeness.  I’m proud of myself but I’m not a porn star, I’m an actor.”

He then rambles on about how the tape is hot and all but he refuses to sign off on it and so anyone who dares to try and release the tape will be in serious legal shit.  Mind you this story broke the day Sky Lopez gave birth to her child and not one signle mention of who Vivid calls the “star” of the video on TMZ.  Apparently she’s not as much of a star as some people seem to think.

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