Associated Press (AP) February 22, 2006

A popular website writer for the adult industry was arrested early Wednesday morning while trespassing on private property in Woodland Hills, California.

Scott Fayner, who writes for LukeFord.com, an on-line news and gossip site that spotlights the ups and downs of the sex business, was approached by police officers responding to noise complaints from neighbors as he sat naked in a ditch just before dawn.

Fayner’s two female accomplices, who neighbors say were engaged in sexual activity with each other while being videotaped, managed to escape through a hole in a fence before authorities arrived.

During a search of the property police uncovered five vials of cocaine, a syringe filled with heroin and a glass pipe used to smoke cocaine.

Fayner had $7,200 cash in his jacket pocket. The serial number for the Sony video camera he claimed was his later proved to be that of one stolen from an area home last month.

Known for his clever  – and well-read – drug-induced writing and excessive partying, a calm Fayner told jokes to the officers during questioning, offered them pornographic DVDs in exchange for his release and even requested “one last hit of coke” before being taken into custody.

Fayner refused to relinquish the names of the two females, informing the arresting officers that he was alone the whole time “exercising my American right to sit in a hole smoking coke without clothes on.”

Fayner is being charged with Class A narcotic possession, misdemeanor trespassing, filming without a permit and possessing stolen property valued over $3,000. He was released Wednesday afternoon on $20,000 bail.

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