Someone has their panties in a bunch

I got a funny as fuck letter today from this idiot with an AOL email address. Of course I didn’t think it was real at first, I mean what professional seriously uses AOL, let alone a professional in the adult industry, right? Well sure enough the letter was legit. It was from this company pretty much calling me a fuck face for calling them out the other day in one of their lies. They had said …

August is one of the top female stars in the adult industry today.

In his letter to me he proudly proclaims “IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY WE DO OUR SPIN, JUST DON’T POST IT!” I wondered if this dumb ass has ever read the Luke website before. It was then I looked up and realized this isn’t the first time I had spoken with him. He had recently wrote me requesting I interview another one of his starlets and after that interview was complete, he wrote back asking if I wanted to interview more. So now I’m really fucking confused. Has this guy seriously never been to this website before? I mean since 1998 I can probably think of no less than 2,000 insults that has been thrown out to porn stars and studios alike.

Luke Ford himself made his fame off of trashing people and future editors to the site after Luke Ford left are no different. Here we have Scott Fayner talking shit about Cassidey’s fake eye, here we have Winston Burbank smoking a bong and defending rumors that he’s not fucking Tory Lane (actual pictures of the drugs included), and here we have Taylor Rain making fun of Naudia Nyce, and this is a great one, here we have Taylor Rain telling Tory Lane to stick to her day job. I personally think Tory Lane is hot as fuck but it doesn’t change the fact that this website is about adult industry news and porn star gossip and that is exactly the kind of story that gets posted around here.

And these are just a few of the many examples of the trash talking bullshit that gets posted. So some ass is surprised that we call him out on a lie when he calls some girl one of the top female stars in the adult industry today? Seriously, what the fuck?

But I’m not a total dick. I didn’t mean to make some chick cry so here is what I want to say in regards to that.

Dear August,

I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings. My public rantings about the way your PR company handles their business was in no way meant to reflect the actual accomplishments you have made in your career and quite honestly, some of them are impressive. I would like to note that although I have not previously heard of you, apparently I have seen some of your movies. This is in no way a negative reflection on your beauty or talent, I simply just can’t keep up with the more than 85,000 porn stars there are out there. Your name just doesn’t come up enough in the things that I do to make you a household name yet. That does not however mean you are not a beautiful young girl, with a lot of potential and talent.

I sincerely apologize if I hurt your feelings. I just wanted to point out that I hate when people in marketing lie out their fucking asses and think nobody will notice or care. I noticed, I care. It annoys the fuck out of me.

One thought on “Someone has their panties in a bunch

  1. I fucking hear ya man. It is fucking annoying how marketing execs take liberties with what they say. I guess it’s not really hurting anybody but it doesn’t make it any less annoying and down right insulting to our intelligence.

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