Before I left to mexico I directed my third movie for defiance films. The normal, gonzo, 5 scenes, start at 8am, all girls got cream in there assholes. Its was a great fuckin day.

First scene, tory lane and her hubby rick shameless.   She was on time, before her call time.  That was cool! Got her in makeup by 8:10am. Right on shedule. Got her in wardrobe and right out to pretty girls and bts. Then hubby shows up! I say “Sweet lets shoot some fuckin porn”. THINK NOT! Yup that’s right shameless couldn’t get his dick hard. When you have a normal job and your good at it stick with it! That mutha fucker wasted the first three important hours out of my day and my crew. fuck you shameless and Lane. Tory is AWESOME and has always done awesome scenes, but i hope she realizes her husband is going to wreck her career for sure. When she left she didn’t even say goodby, i was kinda mad and pissed at that but now i think it was because she was embarassed by limp dick and just wanted to high tail it out of there.

So I did some research on tory. I was very interesting too because the first thought comes to mind when you first meet her is WHORE (and i guess i mean that in a good way because at least she’s honest about it)! She might as well tattoo WHORE on her forehead because that is what she is. I have PROOF! HOLLA!

Before she tried to do her scene with her Lane hubby she did a little interview for me. Thanks tory if you read this! Makes for great gossip!


Interview with torri Lane and Jason silver:

She has here coffee, cig, and tit hangin out of her bra.

Jason: what’s up?
Lane: chillin
Lane: got my COFFEE AND MY CIGARETTES! laughs
Jason: so are u married?
Lane: NO!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lane: it’s a long story! Laughs, spills her coffee on her wardrobe
Jason: how did you guys meet?
Lane: we met at a bachelor party, I was with shy love that night! (wow, shy love is a whore too, who would have ever guessed)
Lane: laughs again, I WAS HOOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wow, shy love hookin too??… shocker)
Lane: that was a bad comment. Says it again “I WAS HOOKIN! I WAS HOOKIN!”
Jason: laughing says “ I was there”

More gossip………..

Lane: everyone hates me right now! People are pissed.
Jason: why?
Lane: cuz I only work with my husband.
Jason: you work with your husband? That’s not being a smart whore?
Lane: yup and hes not in the BUSINESS! Laughs! (that’s not funny)
Jason: do u do girls still?
Lane: yup!

Starts talking about there marriage………

Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Not going to last!

Then starts talking about how she took over the mutha fuckin business and her website is under contruction! Typical! Blah! Blah! Blah!

The point to this story is that a whore is a whore and let her make money. I hate when guys get involved with girls work. Stop being jealous and let her make her cheese. If she comes home to you why would you trip? Guys are so fuckin Lane! OH YEAH, STICK TO YOUR DAY JOB SHAMELESS!!!!!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!


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