Jenna Jameson wants to get pregnant

It comes to no surprise to those who know her that Jenna Jameson recently told a interviewer that Jenna Jameson wants to get pregnant and soon and that they are trying to get pregnant right now, at least according to the National Ledger, which seems to be in response to an interview she did in US weekly and all of this seems to have come out with the release of the new book from her man Tito Ortiz and in a talk about how Jenna Jameson wants to be just like Angelina Jolie and stay unmarried yet get knocked up.

She says she is looking to get pregnant soon and is trying with now boyfriend and Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) and UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. The report notes that Jenna says she would like stay unmarried (just like Jolie) and just go for the babies.

She actually said, “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps,” and told the weekly entertainment magazine that they are trying right now to get pregnant. “We’re trying for a baby so hopefully in the next couple of months!” she added.

There are no reports if Jenna Jameson has stopped partying with Paris Hilton or started eating to make the possibility of having a baby a reality, but we will keep you updated when more news on the Jenna Jameson pregnancy comes our way. In the mean time here is a great video clip of Jenna in a hot threesome to remind us all why it is Jenna Jameson is famous in the first place.

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