Jenna Jameson is not worth $30 million

While the world is going on about how much weight Jenna Jameson has gained, after seeing her on Celebrity Big Brother UK, I’m confused by something else. I could care less what she weighs. What I want to know is how the world still thinks she is a multi-millionaire. Trust me, she’s not.

Here is a comment I’ve heard many times over, or see on various news sites talking about Jenna Jameson … “I still can’t believe she cams on MFC when she’s worth $30m!”

Could it be more fucking obvious? If some chick is worth $30 million bucks you think she’s going to show you her tits and ass for $100? Of fucking course not.

Jenna Jameson is not worth $30 million. She probably isn’t worth $150,000 at this point.

I’m not being a dick here. I’m just being honest. What money she might have had for selling her company was split with her now ex-husband Jay Grdina and then she spent the rest over the last 10 or 15 years, including a mountain of legal bills, clothes, cars, trips, having two kids, etc.

She wrote a book and that didn’t go well, so there was no extra money from that.

Those few companies who will book her at her going rate of between $5,000 and $25,000 per appearance are now extremely far and few between.

The only thing she really did have to her name was a house she bought with her last husband and apparently she lost that in the divorce as well and is currently in the middle of a lawsuit regarding that piece of property.

So why people think she still has all this money and would be willing to shake her thing for pennies on MFC is beyond me but no, you can bet your ass she doesn’t have much to her name anymore. Which is why in fact she was on MyFreeCams in the first place.

Jenna Jameson rips Ortiz on Twitter Again

First he called her a druggie crazy whore and now it’s her turn … she calls him a drug addicted, wife beating, child abusing ass hat, or something like that. [source]

This of course on the heels of Jenna announcing she is now writing an erotic fiction novel ala 50 shades.

Tito Ortiz might be retired, but he’s still taking shots — this time from his ex-girlfriend.

Famed porn star Jenna Jameson went on the offensive on Twitter, accusing the former UFC champ of everything from drug use to nearly killing her. Jameson’s verbal assault seems to stem from her losing primary custody of their twin boys in April. Ortiz began dating Jameson in 2006, and Jameson gave birth to the couple’s twins in 2009.

But the couple has had a rocky history. Ortiz was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence in 2010 at the couple’s California home. Both parties later recanted the allegations. On Thursday, Jameson took to Twitter with shocking allegations against Ortiz, with the former UFC champ responding with photos of his twins (we assume playing while under his care on Wednesday), before Jameson eventually swore off Twitter altogether.

Here is how the events began.

(Jenna’s tweets in order – the last tweet being the last one listed below)


  • My ex took my poor children away from me for NO reason. He did drugs and faked drug tests for UFC. I all my time with my babies, he partied
  • And I have proof!
  • You didn’t even show your face while the boys grew, now you want to beat me up????
  • If you don’t like what I’m saying, sue me for my home your living in, sue me forfurniture YOU have, sue me for my Phantom! Keep up your lies
  • I will start posting pics of Tito and his drug use. Lets talk the truth!!!!!!
  • My children need their mother not a random drug adddict
  • Here is 1 pic of titos drawer
  • Soon the story of how he almost killed me in February will be public
  • Our kids will question you when they are old enough….. I watch them cry mon stop when they have to leave me
  • Here is more drugs Tito kept prior to fights… Scared me and scared my kids. I won’t lie for him anymore
  • I’ve been bullied long enough. I only want my kids
  • Whenever I feel abandoned, I push harder. I will not allow lies
  • No real man takes children from their mommy
  • He can say whatever he wants, but I know the truth. He beat me, and never was a father, bullied me, then disallowed my poor babies
  • I am so done with twitter
  • Somebody is vomiting on nobody givivesacrap#liar .com



Did Jenna Jameson Ditch Husband and Kids?

According to a recent tweet by husband Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jameson has ditched him and the kids for a 3 day bender.  Where has Jenna Jameson gone?  If her husband knows he isn’t telling but apparently by what he is saying via twitter, this isn’t the first time Jenna has done this.  Here are some of the tweets by Tito about Jenna leaving her husband and kids behind for days.

Jenna Jameson is a Drug Addict

In news that shocked almost nobody, Tito Ortiz is claiming the real problem with their relationship is not that he beats her, but that Jenna Jameson is a drug addict.

Here is the full story from XBIZ about it.

Tito Ortiz Accuses Jenna Jameson of Drug Use

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Jenna Jameson’s boyfriend Monday night accused the former porn star of drug use, specifically alleging that she is addicted to Oxycontin.

Ortiz was arrested Monday morning on domestic violence charges at the Huntington Harbor, Calif., home he shares with Jameson and their twin sons.

He was released on $25.000 bail this afternoon.

A weeping UFC heavyweight champion said he never struck Jameson at a North Hollywood, Calif., press conference, and that a confrontation over the alleged drug abuse led to police being called.

“Jenna will be OK.” Tito also said, “My parents have gone through addiction, and I’m not going to let my family go through that.”

Ortiz said Jameson has been battling addiction to the painkiller for more than a year now, and that he and family members have been protecting her.

“Jenna and Tito have two children together, they planned on spending the rest of their lives together,” Ortiz’s attorney, Chip Matthews, said. “They want nothing more than to work together on this.

“For Tito and her family this has been an uphill battle. Unfortunately this morning she had a relapse,” he said.

Ortiz and Jameson began dating after meeting on in 2006, shortly after she divorced Jay Grdina.

In January 2008, Jameson announced she was retiring from porn performing. She gave birth last year to Ortiz’s twin sons, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette.

Tito Ortiz Goes To Jail For Beating Up Jenna Jameson

TMZ, The Houston Chronicle … heck, pretty much all major news outlets are reporting today that Tito Ortiz was arrested after beating up Jenna Jameson.  Jenna says it was no minor incident and that she will be pressing charges.   Jenna has filed a restraining order against him and at the very least, as a result, the two will be apart for one month.

I have posted the entire story for you below from the Houston Chronicle.

Ortiz arrested after fight with ex-porn star girlfriend

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Mixed martial arts star Tito Ortiz was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence Monday at the home he shares with his longtime partner, former adult film actress Jenna Jameson.

Police Lt. Mike Reynolds said Ortiz, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, was taken to the Huntington Beach jail and was released after posting $25,000 bail.

Reynolds said police can’t make an arrest on suspicion of domestic violence unless there’s a “visible injury,” and the unnamed victim’s injuries met that standard. Reynolds wouldn’t elaborate, saying only that Ortiz and the victim have been “extremely cooperative.”

Jameson and her father spoke to and other reporters outside the home Monday. Wearing a wrap on her right elbow, Jameson described herself as “completely shocked” by the incident, saying Ortiz had “lashed out” at her, leaving her feeling “betrayed.”

The 35-year-old Ortiz is among the most decorated and popular fighters in MMA history. He was the UFC’s light heavyweight champion from 2000 to 2003 during the formative years of the sport’s dominant promotion, making five title defenses before losing his belt to Randy Couture.

Ortiz, whose nickname is the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, is a former collegiate wrestler has been competing in MMA since 1997. He has been in a relationship with Jameson since 2006, and she gave birth to twin boys in March 2009.

After his career declined amid several injury problems, including major back surgery, Ortiz left the UFC in 2008 in a bitter dispute with president Dana White, his former manager.

Ortiz re-signed with the UFC last year, losing a split decision to Forrest Griffin in his return fight last November. Ortiz is winless in his last four UFC fights since October 2006, with his celebrity and high-profile relationship with Jameson overshadowing his octagon abilities.

Ortiz served as a coach on the most recent season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” the UFC’s popular reality television show currently airing on Spike. Yet he apparently was forced to drop out of the show during its taping earlier this year, and the UFC already has announced it will replace him with Rich Franklin for the show’s traditional season-ending bout with fellow coach Chuck Liddell.

Um sorry, I did’t mean it?!

I just love it when someone has to eat their fucking words! I just learned that Tito Ortiz (a.k.a. Mr. Jenna Jameson) has signed a new contract with the UFC. This brings to mind the famous last words of Tito, “I’m done with the UFC…I’ll never be taken advantage of again by the UFC!” Well, I guess he’s changed his mind-Ya think!

The Boston Herald reported UFC president Dana White announced a deal Friday to bring back Ortiz, the popular mixed martial artist who angrily left the league last year in a bitter public dispute with White over issues of respect and money. “They just gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and made up for the things that were done before,” said Ortiz, whose celebrity has outpaced his octagon accomplishments since his last UFC victory in October 2006. “You’ll never hear about money out of my mouth ever again.”

When Dana White was asked about the new deal, he said, “Me and Tito hated each other.”  “We sat down in a room like men and worked this thing out. Tito Ortiz will retire in the UFC.”

Jenna Jameson wants to get pregnant

It comes to no surprise to those who know her that Jenna Jameson recently told a interviewer that Jenna Jameson wants to get pregnant and soon and that they are trying to get pregnant right now, at least according to the National Ledger, which seems to be in response to an interview she did in US weekly and all of this seems to have come out with the release of the new book from her man Tito Ortiz and in a talk about how Jenna Jameson wants to be just like Angelina Jolie and stay unmarried yet get knocked up.

She says she is looking to get pregnant soon and is trying with now boyfriend and Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) and UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. The report notes that Jenna says she would like stay unmarried (just like Jolie) and just go for the babies.

She actually said, “I’m following in Angelina’s footsteps,” and told the weekly entertainment magazine that they are trying right now to get pregnant. “We’re trying for a baby so hopefully in the next couple of months!” she added.

There are no reports if Jenna Jameson has stopped partying with Paris Hilton or started eating to make the possibility of having a baby a reality, but we will keep you updated when more news on the Jenna Jameson pregnancy comes our way. In the mean time here is a great video clip of Jenna in a hot threesome to remind us all why it is Jenna Jameson is famous in the first place.

You just gotta love Jenna Jameson

Fayner Posts: So now I see why it’s called the Jenna Jameson Crossover or whatever they’ve been calling it: Because Jenna Jameson is all over mainstream television.

Many may already know the silliness that is Tito Ortiz on Celebrity Apprentice. Yeah, I know, I know, but what are you gonna do, right? He’s far to big to make fun of, too, which is a bummer ’cause it would have been fun.


But on last night’s episode, the wonderful and talented Jenna Jameson made a surprise appearance as Tito’s porn star girlfriend who happened to have $1,000 cash in her purse to give to him for a carriage ride through some park in New York City called Central Park. Ever heard of it?

“What park is this?” Jenna is heard asking Tito as their horse and buggy take off down the road.

Only a porn star could go to the most popular park in the United States and not know where she is. Only a porn star could announce her cluelessness on national television.

Unless of course if the whole thing was scripted. In that case, I think it is hilarious that Jenna should allow herself to made in to a dumb porn chick. Either way, I for one am disappointed.