You just gotta love Jenna Jameson

Fayner Posts: So now I see why it’s called the Jenna Jameson Crossover or whatever they’ve been calling it: Because Jenna Jameson is all over mainstream television.

Many may already know the silliness that is Tito Ortiz on Celebrity Apprentice. Yeah, I know, I know, but what are you gonna do, right? He’s far to big to make fun of, too, which is a bummer ’cause it would have been fun.


But on last night’s episode, the wonderful and talented Jenna Jameson made a surprise appearance as Tito’s porn star girlfriend who happened to have $1,000 cash in her purse to give to him for a carriage ride through some park in New York City called Central Park. Ever heard of it?

“What park is this?” Jenna is heard asking Tito as their horse and buggy take off down the road.

Only a porn star could go to the most popular park in the United States and not know where she is. Only a porn star could announce her cluelessness on national television.

Unless of course if the whole thing was scripted. In that case, I think it is hilarious that Jenna should allow herself to made in to a dumb porn chick. Either way, I for one am disappointed.

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