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Someone Claiming to be Mia Rose Writes: For the love of god. I have a 350z, dez actually picked it out over a year ago. I still have her, and I love her.

‘and the Mexican guy, Manny, who details my car for 20 bucks…’ zomfg.

I hit a bunny going 90 mph on the way back from Havasue this week. fucking was crying and screaming! And then saw the aftermath of the exploded bunny…. I love manny. End of story.

Fayner Says: Even though I know for a fact Mia drives a Miata (there were many people there the day she announced "I’m changing my name to Mia Miata!") I decided to post this above email just ’cause the person put in a lot of work trying to impersonate Mia. The picture was a nice touch, too.

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