Fayner Posts: So Bianca Dagger comes over this morning all sweaty from the gym. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

Along with her cute self she brought along a copy of Vivid Alt’s “The Bad Luck Betties” ’cause she wanted to check out the flick.

So we all sat down to watch it. Frankly, what I saw of it wasn’t bad at all.

That is, until Bianca’s scene came up.

Some guy named Tommy Pistol (I hear Tommy Gunn is suing him over the name) comes on the screen and he’s slicking his hair in the mirror and checking himself out and flashing a switchblade around.

Then he takes out some lube. Or was it hair grease.

Doesn’t matter, ’cause whatever it was he was using it to rub his penis as he looked at himself in the mirror.

Totally gay.

Luckily, it stops, and Bianca kicks the dude’s ass all over the shitty bathroom.

Thanks, Bianca. We almost felt for a second that we were watching a gay porno.

And that folks is the problem with these ALT projects: they’re gay.

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