Plethora of Adult Film Stars To Feature Around the Country This Weekend

The Lee Network Brings a Plethora of Adult Film Stars To Feature Around the Country This Weekend

LA Direct Models (, the largest and most prolific agency in adult entertainment and The Lee Network (, has announced this weekend’s dance schedule for all of their contract Adult Film Stars who will be taking the stage around the country this weekend.

  • Puma Suede Gold Club Centerfolds January 19th through January 22nd
  • Courtney Cummz Treasures Canada January 20th through January 22nd
  • Brooke Haven Spearmint Rhino West Palm Beach January 20th through January 22nd
  • Kagney Linn Karter Penthouse Club Houston January 20th through January 22nd
  • Audrey Bitoni Stiletto Carlstadt & Nanuet January 21st through January 22nd

Nothing to do the weekend before the big game? Now, thanks to The Lee Network, you have some choices…

  • Juelz Ventura Diamond Royale/Lodge January 26th through January 29th
  • Ann Marie Rios Spearmint Rhino Toronto January 27th through January 29th
  • Michelle Maylene Spearmint Rhino Lexington KY January 27th through January 29th
  • Breanne Benson Déjà vu Saginaw January 27th through January 29th
  • Jenna Presley Rockstar / Hollywood January 27th through January 29th

Breanne Benson, who was recently crowned Penthouse Pet for the month of January 2011, discusses what drives her to become one of the elite features in the country. “I have been dancing for ever since I was comfortable enough to get on stage and perform in front of an audience. Feature dancing is an incredible erotic experience for me, and I always get excited to meet my fans around the country. I’ve yet to dance in Michigan, and I am looking forward to this trip.”

Juelz Ventura is excited for 2011 and her upcoming feature gig. “Featuring so far has been amazing! I’m brand new to the game, so I’m still finding what works for me, but so far it’s been so much fun, and what I’ve done so far seems to be working. I love one-on-one connections with fans, it’s a rush, and featuring is definitely bringing me closer to them, as well as continuing to put my name out there. I’ve had a great time thus far, and I really hope this year I’m able to get out to even more cities and spread the love… My main motivation is pleasing my fans and just having a great time.”


Fayner Posts: So Bianca Dagger comes over this morning all sweaty from the gym. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

Along with her cute self she brought along a copy of Vivid Alt’s “The Bad Luck Betties” ’cause she wanted to check out the flick.

So we all sat down to watch it. Frankly, what I saw of it wasn’t bad at all.

That is, until Bianca’s scene came up.

Some guy named Tommy Pistol (I hear Tommy Gunn is suing him over the name) comes on the screen and he’s slicking his hair in the mirror and checking himself out and flashing a switchblade around.

Then he takes out some lube. Or was it hair grease.

Doesn’t matter, ’cause whatever it was he was using it to rub his penis as he looked at himself in the mirror.

Totally gay.

Luckily, it stops, and Bianca kicks the dude’s ass all over the shitty bathroom.

Thanks, Bianca. We almost felt for a second that we were watching a gay porno.

And that folks is the problem with these ALT projects: they’re gay.


Fayner Posts: So Bianca Dagger comes back from a little vacation to see her folks up in the Bay Area, stops by our house to say hello. As always with her, I asked Bianca if she played with her vagina while away.

“Of course I did!” she shouted. “What’s funny is my batteries ran out on my vibrator and I went and got new ones. But with new batteries my vibrator it was way too loud to use ’cause my mother was home! But then she went out and I went to town on myself!”

But then Bianca became sad.

“When I was leaving, I couldn’t find my vibrator! I looked everywhere! I think my mother stole it like she stole my massager a few years back! And this from a Christian woman?!”


Fayner Posts: Bianca Dagger found out we have a pool. Now she won’t leave. We keep asking, but she refuses to budge.

Just kidding. We love her. Her stories, too.

“My first time with another girl? I was at a Sober Living Home at around 17. Some other girl was rubbing my feet. Slowly, she moved her way up my legs, to my thighs, got to my pussy.”

“Don’t stop!” I begged.

“I stopped her, took her into the bedroom and asked her what was up. She said she didn’t know, that it just felt right. Okay, I said, and let her go to Munchie Town on me. Damn it was good! That chick really knew what she was doing! Oh, God, I wish she was here right now!”


Fayner Posts: The lovely and talented Bianca Dagger came over for dinner last night. Her real name is Robin, and at one point in the night I called her “Robin Red Breast.”

“That was my nickname in eighth grade,” Bianca tells me.


“Well, I made the mistake of wearing a red bra under my white Gym clothes. They were horrible that year. Robin Red Breast! Robin Red Breast! Damn!”

And so you have it.

Any other porno chicks have some funny nicknames of the past? Let us know at