Did Jenna Jameson Ditch Husband and Kids?

According to a recent tweet by husband Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jameson has ditched him and the kids for a 3 day bender.  Where has Jenna Jameson gone?  If her husband knows he isn’t telling but apparently by what he is saying via twitter, this isn’t the first time Jenna has done this.  Here are some of the tweets by Tito about Jenna leaving her husband and kids behind for days.

6 thoughts on “Did Jenna Jameson Ditch Husband and Kids?

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  2. That’s really sad that she would ditch her kids for days to do God only knows what. She talks about how much she loves her kids but when is the last time she has seen them?

  3. The next day they kissed and made up I guess. She has now tweeted a few times to him or about him in a friendly manner. Here is a recent one where she calls him her partner.

    “@peterclose @titoortiz uuuuh… That was my partner Tito, not me, get it straight numbnuts”

  4. She also tweeted the other day that she was taking care of her sick baby. Don’t know how much of what she says is true or not or if by take care she means pay the nanny, but it does sound like she is back at home now.

  5. Seen a pic of her the other day posted by some doctor. Unlike this pic it was a recent one. She doesn’t look anything like this pic, that’s for damn sure. Her real face looks all bloated and swollen from botox. She looks scary. Really all fucked up.

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